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Apr 1

I forgot what I was going to say…

Posted on Friday, April 1, 2016 in Family, Quickie, Strange and Unusual

Easter Holidays are lovely. I get to not have to get up so early in the morning and I don’t have to make school lunches. Children just happen around the place randomly.

This time of year also means gardening.

There are weeds everywhere. I would rather stay inside either sleeping or doing laundry or some other haphazard sort of thing but the seeds are calling me, and there are bored children.


‘Here’s a shovel, lads.’

‘But I want to play Transformer Autobots!’

‘Yes, but there are worms underground that need to transform into motorbikes.’

‘How do they do that?’

‘You won’t know until you dig them up.’


Meanwhile the lady children weeded my garden while the young boys made mud pies and havoc. I wandered by later and sowed seeds.

It’s been that sort of day.

Bring on the comments

  1. Kirk M says:

    The title to this post sounds a lot like the titles to a couple of my old posts–more or less. Actually, it sounds a lot like my last bits of content.

    And while this time of year means gardening for you, this time of year means gray skies, spitting snow and rain and huge puddles (read: minor lakes) of water in the yard. Bare naked trees, woods you can see through and depressed looking grass. Gardening is still a good month away yet.

    Still, the robins have arrived along with all the other song birds, the squirrels are out and it was a very mild Winter for these parts, so all is well so far.

    Now, if only the backyard neighbor would stop being an elderly idiot things would just be all around dandy.

    Hope you had a happy Easter (and all the rest of the days as well).

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