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Mar 29

The savoury stage

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 in Family, Humourarse, munchies, Strange and Unusual

“no milk or sugar in your coffee? ARE YOU SURE?”

I’m not really sure I like coffee any more. It’s a morning ritual, sure, and I love it when Puppychild or the Accidental Terrorist lands me a cup of clean pure diluted granules on my bedside table every morning but usually I wind up enjoying the zephyr from it, then I go back to sleep. Microwaved re-heated coffee is nice though eventually. Is that old age setting in?

Easter though. All the chocolate.

The Terrorist brought me and a few friends out last week for dinner here in our local finer establishment. I did not wear silly shoes for it was an upstairs thing and decided to be sensible in my forethought. I ordered the cheeses for dessert much to the horror of my peers but they were good cheeses and it seemed fitting because everybody seems to concentrate on chocolate at this time of year and forget about the cheeses. I had wine too, because that’s what cheeses liked apparently.

There is a lot of chocolate here now, and wonderment as to why I don’t eat it. Because I’m a girl and that’s what girls are supposed to do, so they say. I just tell them all to shut up and make me a Tayto sandwich.

We didn’t do Mass this year. I fear that we’re entirely missing the point. Sigh.


Bring on the comments

  1. Kirk M says:

    I’ve always found the girls and chocolate theory a bit lacking of evidence So good on ya” for flying in the face of sexist choco-munchers armed with cheese and wine (what else?)

    Oh, and I had to look up what a Tayto sandwich was. Really?!?

    And why would a church want to wash my dirty wellies for anyway? Do I have to take them off first? Is the vicar standing outside the church with a garden hose greeting parishioners and hosing down their boots at the same time? It’s questions like these that keep me up at night you know…as well as our cats playing silly buggers on my head at 3:00 AM every morning.

  2. K8 says:

    Tayto sangwidges are the best.

    I’m not entirely sure as to why parishioners would be interested in dirty wellies. I normally leave them at the door and let them clean themselves eventually. Church scares me a bit. I can’t imagine wearing anything but clean converse runners to mass. Not that I do, much.

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