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Jan 9

Officer Apollo

Posted on Thursday, January 9, 2014 in Awards!, Jobs, Rantings

Mashing spuds earlier, I got a nice phone call. It was from a dude I work with at a volunteer organisation, he was calling to leak gossip about the boss’ mumblings at a meeting the evening before, and told me that I’d been elected ‘Officer of Morale’, and that they are going to talk to me next week about it officially.

I doubt there are stripes for this, but a tattoo might not be out of the question.

Talk about tachycardia. My heart began to thump at the enormity of the job on top of my already extremely dubious title of ‘Chief Fundraiser’. An imaginary Imp popped out of the toaster and immediately convinced me that I now have the potential to let a lot of people down. But, then again that could be the DTs.

Depression (yawn) and anxiety are a pain in the ass. Why do these people have so much faith in me? it wonders. I am Eleanor Rigby, wearing my face that I keep in a jar by the door. Could be I’m a sucker for offering to do things or not saying no? Doing things is fun! That’s the irony. When a job is well done it’s a great buzz and the weight goes away.

Those potatoes got mashed very well this evening.

How does one raise morale in a volunteer workplace though?

Do we have a Silly Hats Day?

I know bowling should enter into it, a big old barbeque in the Summer maybe, but what else is there? I’ve no imagination with this sort of thing, not really being a people person per se. I like weirdness (see above) so have a large capacity for inappropriateness. Plus! There’s very little you can do around here that doesn’t revolve around booze which is getting boring.

Please let me know if you know anything about this sort of thing, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Bring on the comments

  1. Brianf says:

    The volunteer firehouses around here are big on the BBQ’s. What they do here is offer a half a chicken, cooked, with a baked potato and a can of soda for $7. They do this once a month so you can go to a different firehouse every Sunday duing the summer.
    Another idea is to make a calendar!

  2. K8 says:

    Good deal on the barbeque front, nice one! Calendars are spurious around here. Irish people tend to be aesthetically challenged generally. No offence meant to my crew, it’s not their fault that they’re pale. Maybe we could sell to the Eastern World where pale is sexy, but here the market is tough. We will not go naked. I have already discussed this but was told to sit in the bold corner. Catholic guilt etc…

  3. Jo says:

    Thanking people, or commending them when they’ve done good work goes a really really long way. Strangely, the average boss/manager etc seems to have difficulty with this concept. Open communication in the workplace also improves morale.

    I agree about time out together, that’s good. Also, Tasty Fridays – someone brings something in on a Friday. Biscuits (or sushi!) make everything better.

  4. Ginger Mick says:

    Perhaps the boss’s mumblings actually were “Officer of Morals”! You may be responsible for ensuring that there is no trysting in the stationery cupboard and that people are not photocopying their nether reasons. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!

  5. Ginger Mick says:

    Or perhaps their “nether regions”!

  6. K8 says:

    Jo; The strange thing is, the boss is brilliant for thanking people for their time. He is an artist, not specifically naming people but at the same time making everybody glad that they’re a member regardless of how much time they’ve donated. My job is more to unite members via social events somehow, I think.

    Ginger Mick; We have no photocopier, nor stationery cupboards to raid from. Otherwise I’d have fleeced it by now. The only thing we can reasonably raid is Barbie plasters and Ice Packs. The former supply has been lacking, lately, but that has nothing to do with me. *cough*

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