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Aug 31

Planes, Trains, and Deloreans.

Posted on Saturday, August 31, 2013 in Jobs

The following is a bunch of photographs I took at a recent duty. The duty involved taking care of the first-aid needs of a bunch of Model Train enthusiasts. What could possibly go wrong at a model train exhibition you ask? Nothing, really. Sweeeet. I am, however very easily amused so had myself possibly a little bit more fun than is socially acceptable.

(Click pictures to embiggen them)

South end of O'Connell street

South end of O’Connell street, photo-bombed by a dubious overseer.

This is a view towards the north end of O’Connell street, with the GPO and Nelson’s Column and some more floaty heads.

Here is a St John Ambulance First Aid station on O’Connell street, circa 1949. How cute the little crashed bicycle is!

Part of a very elaborate Lego city complete with Delorean, Doc and McFly.

I’m guessing this is Rosslare harbour judging by the diesel train zooming past. I could be wrong… any ideas?

Is this Wexford? Again, I’m open to corrections. Bowled over by the tiny details though, I’m sure it’s accurate to the last blade of grass.

What amused me the most, was a little stand selling tiny people for tiny villages. In one pack was a ‘porn’ set of characters complete with five naked ladies, and a couple having sex on a bench. Because who says you can’t be a model train enthusiast and be kinky at the same time? Nobody, that’s who.

Bring on the comments

  1. Ginger Mick says:

    So damned cute!

  2. Fantastic photos, Kate. I love model trains. I remember going with my grandad to a place where grown men raced slot cars on a track similar to a train track. One of the little cars came flying around a corner on the track, derailed, and hit me square on the forhead. I was about eight at the time. So, train model tracks can be dangerous to yer health. :)

  3. K8 says:

    Train in the head!! Arrgh! The darker side of me would’ve loved to treat that as a medical emergency though. I need to stop this train of thought.

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