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Oct 20

Levelling up

Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2012 in Family, Jobs

When life suddenly gets a little bit harder, it’s probably because you’ve just levelled up.

I read that once but I can’t remember where. I like it though, it’s so true.

I met Digital Darragh last night, and got the honour of meeting his new guide dog. So much respect for doggy fluffiness, patience and ability to place full trust and love in one so recently acquainted. I was humbled to be in his presence. His owner nagged me to write more so here I am, writing to you. Thanks for the nudge, man.

I met them at a table quiz, it was an hour or so away, and we didn’t win but we came damn close…

… but I still don’t know how many metres are in a hectare and I do know that crocodiles don’t carry their babies in handbags.

I got back late. I got three hours sleep and spirited away again early in the dark of this morning (and met several beautiful deer on the journey) to a Cardiac First Responder course, again, far far away. That too was a lot of fun. We got to practice saving people and when we were finished and got bored, began to boycott other’s life-saving skills by pretending to rush over and love and gush concern over  their dummies unconditionally because that’s what strangers do in those situations.  This was on a main street outside a convenience store but we were full of the energy that homemade vegetable soup gives you so we didn’t care. We fed from each other’s mojo and indulged in hyperness and love of the job.

I’m tired now.

It’s the nice sort of tiredness though, the type that happens behind your eyes and not heavy in your heart.

My neighbour has borrowed my toddler and my energetic pre-teen is away on a sleep-over and I have peace.

And whiskey.

And a new knitting pattern.

I am a happy camper.



Bring on the comments

  1. as always it was great to meet you again.

    I nagged? :)

    I never nag!

    Prod, poke, quietly suggest. Maybe. :)

  2. Jenny says:

    Digitals a legend :)
    Can’t wait to meet that dog of his. And isn’t the name brilliant? :)

  3. Jo says:

    Sounds, good, Kate, nice work. Glad you’re enjoying the course!

  4. K8 says:

    Ah Darragh as an Irish mammy I’m glad to be nagged every now and then. I’m the one doing most of the nagging most of the time so I understand that it’s an act of tough love and needs to happen. Also I think poking is illegal these days.

    Hiya Jenny, you should’ve heard the music at the table quiz, it was perfect for the mood. I didn’t hear a single oul’wan complain about the volume and that’s saying SOMETHING. Helluva digital soundsman is our Darragh. I like Mr Banks as a name, though his original name’s growing on me :)

    Hey Jo, I dunno if I’d have managed it if this mid term wasn’t coming up! How’s yours so far?

  5. Holemaster says:

    Have you ever seen a slightly shit guide god?

    I saw one guiding his owner diagonally across a junction and I sort of stalkishly followed them for a bit to make sure they were OK. He wasn’t the best of guide dogs now but seemed to get by.

    I also never cross against a red man when there’s a guide dog around. I afraid of being a bad influence.

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