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May 17

My sweetest downfall

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2012 in Family, Music, Philosophy, Rantings, Strange and Unusual

So there you have it! Gots me an x-ray today that says I don’t need no nasty support pins inserted into my buggered wrist. Turns out wrist is not so buggered! I started popping some homeopathic Symphytum 6c a few days ago and the weirdest thing happened… it worked. The cracks on my distal radiator have faded to thin wee lines within a week. But of course that could be a coincidence. Whatever. Four weeks left of no driving.

This wrecks my head.

No driving.

Or does it?

I’ve been pardoned from all sorts of things. Previous stresses have just… melted away. The flu that’s been farting around my chestal area has disappeared. Stressed-out-woman-flu. Gone! Baths are a pain in the ass with a fibreglass arm, but I can’t bite the nails on my right hand so they’re kind’a pretty now. Ying and yang.

I can’t look after the Accidental Terrorist in his post-operative state, though, that’s a bummer. He has to spend his birthday this weekend in an old folk’s home. I haven’t found the silver lining in that one yet, besides an opportunity for bets on aul’ones in wheelchair-races down hill-slopes.

A spare xbox would definitely cheer him up though, and I’m sure as hell not giving up mine!

Not looking at anybody.


But the worst thing of all is that I have to give up Laughingboy. He’s booked away for ten days, umpteen bags are packed in the hallway. Nebuliser meds, feeds, kangaroo bags, tubes, syringes, baby wipes, funky rocket pyjamas… he’s been there for most of the week already, he came home yesterday temporarily and I missed him.

I put Florence and the Machine on for him and spun him ’round on his roof hoist sling even though I’m not supposed to and gave him a head-scratch with my new nails. He’s a sucker for a head-scratch.

As I tucked him in, I did the usual under-cover sweep of arms and tubes to make sure one would not reef the other causing eruptions of stomach gunge (as you do), and as I did my hand was grabbed. Laughingboy has never really done that deliberately before. He squazzed my hand tightly and gazed into nowhere and purred quietly, his gaze fixed on something out the window. Or the window itself, or a far away galaxy maybe. I stayed until he loosened his grip. The chicken nuggets got slightly burned, but it was worth it. He’s going away tomorrow, I’m going to miss him so much, the sort of hurt I wish they could put pins in.

Bring on the comments

  1. John says:

    I broken my hand a few years back and totally empathize with you frustration around just how limiting it can be.

    Might i say Kate that i have been reading your blog and i wish to remind you of something, although i am sure you have heard this before ,”this is your gift”. Someone who can pore words and emotion into a very clear and honest portrayal of what is happening in your life.

    What i feel is the same sense of frustration from your words, that exists with many people.

    I am not going to bullshit you with, yes you could make a fortune and everything will be love and light with a bunch of flowers at the end. What i can tell you is that from my heart this could be used in some way to help you grow in a much deeper sense. I have seen many people come through with books that say this and that about life and i know i and many people are waiting for you to start or finish your first book. The book can be about anything, i feel there is an enormous support network already in place to assist you and are waiting to help you.The funny thing is Kate you are unaware of this, all we need do is ask. Some call it many things “the small still voice within”, “The in dweller” or whatever your connection to source is. Dare i say it you mentioned Sean and God in the same sentence earlier, perhaps this is a good place to start. Rarely in life do i get to meet a family who have a richness and love that exists that i can only begin to dream of having. I am in awe of you all and you are a shining light to many. It is my hope that you soon find the inspiration to develop this book as it is talent like yours that this sorrowful world needs now more than ever. In One Heart

  2. Brianf says:

    Yea, What he said!

  3. Granny says:

    Amen Brothers.

  4. Ginger Mick says:


  5. Jo says:

    Ah you make me cry.

    I hope JEff recovers well too, glad you’re feeling better. Sometimes you have to break something to force the world to slow down, I guess. It happens that way for lots of people. A good lesson to learn!

    But I’m sorry you have to give up your sweet boy for so long because if it :(

  6. K8 says:

    Hi John! Thanks for leaving a comment on me blog, it took me a few days to figure out what to say in return… meanwhile you’ve left other commentators somewhat speechless! Hee hee

    I would love to write a book, someday. I think I need more life experience yet, but knowing people like you gives me that. We and our kiddlers must hang around more!

    BrianF; Post me a kitten willyeh? I have a yearning for an extra thing to take care of.

    Granny; I’ll see your Amen and raise you an Halleluyah.

    Ginger Mick; High fives! But not with my right hand. T’would be an awkward left handed high five but I know you’d be down with that.

    Jo; Everything is as is should be, I think. I hope!

  7. Holemaster says:

    Ah here I am again, watery eyed and about to go into a meeting with the most unappealing of people.

    K8, you may write a book some day. Your writing now has immense purpose too though. It reminds us all who read it of what loves is.

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