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May 8

The rhythm of life

Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 in Little known facts, Quickie

CPR practice. There are about eighteen other people on this first-aid course with me, and as I looked around I noticed that every single one of them was at a different rhythm as they compressed the chests of their creepy limbless dummies.

I called over the dude with the fancy uniform and put it to him that I was confused as to how many beats per minute I was supposed to be pummeling this potential victim’s chest.


“Do you know that song ‘Staying Alive‘?” he says.

“I do indeed” says I.

“That’s how fast you go.”


How ironic is that?!?


Bring on the comments

  1. How many chest compressions do you do in a row? We are trained to do thirty in a row, check airway, breathe, and then do thirty more.

    It’s creepy, all right. There’s nothing like giving mouth to mouth to a dummy that hundreds of other people have slobbered all over. It’s kind of like kissing the blarney stone, except there is no blessing of luck at the end. ;)

  2. K8 says:

    Yep, 30 compressions for us too.
    Have you seen the baby dummies?! They’re even worse.. accurately heavy and just as delicate. You’ve to put your mouth practically over their entire face because their tiny noses are too small to pinch shut.

    Lolness at the Blarney stone comparison! I’m robbing that at the final exam, shall make up for plaster arm cast with stolen Jeffo funny material!!

  3. I like that mouse photo. It is a funny thing.

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