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Jan 10

Ten things they don’t warn you about before you get pregnant #7

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 in Little known facts

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Daddies… know your place!

He was just a small kid. I noticed he was tired at the start of the karate class, his punches were lacklustre. Throughout the Satory Dragon creed, through the warm-ups, even through the highly energetic high-kick lesson the kid was tired and thirsty much like the rest of them. Karate lessons can be hard going that way.

Ten minutes before the end of the class however, his father walked in. I could tell that this random man sitting suddenly beside me was the kid’s father, because out of the blue the kid’s attention was sidetracked from his Sensei, he kept a special reserve of backward glances for this stranger who somehow didn’t seem to notice the admiration. The kid’s activity miraculously transformed. His Katas were sharp, precise and well-timed, he was a pleasure to watch all of a sudden… child certainly knew his stuff. I donated a corner of my eye to the bloke beside me who was nose-deep in his smart phone and felt sad for said child. (What if it wasn’t his Dad?! Maybe was child’s first childhood crush??? (Ew.)) Turns out it was  indeed his dad, pops had the velcro shoe straps pre-unwrapped, ready for exit sharpish. Burger-time, perhaps.

How strange is that though? That a kid will suddenly perform amazingly in the presence of a parent who doesn’t seem all that bothered… maybe the kid’s obnoxious and this guy is used to it, I don’t know… I just wish he could’ve seen that transformation!

It was like Puppychild’s Christmas play. I and her Daddy were (slightly(!)) late, the concert had already started and as I mooched a spot just inside the main door of the crammed hall, I spotted her searching randomly through the faces in the audience. I saw it straight away, the fact that she felt alone. When she spotted her Daddy’s dodgy haircut through the crowd however, I saw an amazing transformation – she sand loud and proud, her beaming smile did her Angel costume great justice. She pulled faces mid-song and elbowed her buddy beside her…

…’That’s my Daddy.’

There are some parents out there that can’t see that magic and it kills me. It’s an ultimate sort of love and it’s far greater than any salary or smartphone, greater than anything I’ve ever known. It’s a sort of power, maybe. To leave a superpower untapped is criminal, if you ask me. It’s another thing about parent-hood that they never tell you about, the power to inspire greatness in a random dude. How do they not see it, those random few?

Bring on the comments

  1. We got into a heated discussion yesterday in my Juvenile Law class on this very subject. Parents have immense pull on their offspring. More than they realise!

    It’s a shame when parents don’t reaslise what a profound influence they have on their wee one’s.

    Studies done in Holland suggest that (what is it with the Dutch and studies?) parents have the most influence between the ages of 3 and 5. I’m not so sure about that, but my name isn’t Freud. :)

  2. K8 says:

    It just stands to reason that small chisellers need that support to launch them into independence. If they don’t get it though, does that make them worse off? That’s what I can’t figure out.

  3. Jo says:

    Ach. You should have told him :(

  4. K8 says:

    I would have, but he was that bet into his Bejewelled Blitz, I didn’t have the heart or the motivation to. I know how much it sucks to be interrupted in the middle of a good game.

    I’m guilty of the same, possibly.

  5. Holemaster says:

    Age 3, I’d stare for ages through the letterbox waiting for that moment the nose of Dad’s car turned the corner up the road from the house.

    I can remember now like it was this morning.

    Three years ago, I was sitting at this same desk cursing my arsehole business partner, just like I am now.

    Yet in three years, 40 years ago, I grew from a dot to forming a memory I still have clear as day.

  6. K8 says:

    I bet you still throw tantrums though, and break things just to find out how they work. Someone wise told me that you never leave your childhood self behind. He’s still in there somewhere, learning.

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