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Jan 5

Why moaning in blog posts is a good thing

Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2012 in Something to think about

It was in the giving of advice to a new blogger out there that I realized I don’t practice what I preach.  Much like leaving the light in the toilet on after I’ve used it, I can’t really afford to give out, for I do it myself.

This new blogger person was wondering if their first post was too negative (for the want of a better remembering of what the word actually was that they used to convey their naked embarrassment of having just splurged their innard thoughts on the interwebs for the first time) and if this first post wasn’t too much of a bad buzz and if it shouldn’t be taken down.

You know what it’s like though, to barf those dark thoughts into print, don’t you? Don’t you worry if people will be shocked, or will be spurned far far away from your web address never to re-visit again for fear of being appalled by how depressing your life is?

I told her to leave it there! Don’t touch it! It’s perfect as it is!

I told her that others relate to your worries in a strange sort of way, that people are more likely to relate and comment on your distress because they too feel those dark feelings. Blogging is a good thing, because it allows an anonymous person to relate in an honest way to the world. But…


I don’t do that. I haven’t the guts. I did it once, but deleted the post and also deleted it also from my memory cringe-bank though it felt good to write it down at the time.

So how much do you hold back and why? Are you afraid of offending your siblings and well-read-commentators, or are you just too yellow to tell people how you really feel? I’d be guilty of that latter, it’s far too easy to try to be funny instead and fail rather than have people judge you negatively but ultimately, who cares?

I say fair play to ye who have the balls to be honest. Fair balls. I aspire to be like you someday.

Bring on the comments

  1. Radge says:

    I found that details of my personal life were a lot less private before I met herself. Once that happened, I had a lot more to write about but it was far too public a forum. It’s trickier nowadays.

  2. Brianf says:

    I recently wrote a post when I was in a foul mood. About a week later I read it and deleted it. It accurately showed what I thought at the time I wrote it but a week later I didn’t feel the same so I canned it along with all the comments it had garnered. Was it right to delete it? I don’t know. It’s still hanging around in the trash can so if I change my mind I can reinstate it.

  3. I also wrote something quite angry and depressing and even though it wasn’t written that long ago, I am kind of regretting it… but I think its good to read back on it. I reckon it would help you solve the problem more than to trash it and it been on your mind

  4. Baino says:

    Used to say a lot on the blog but yeh…hold back on employers (until they’ve fired me) and family. Best to keep those to yourself I guess. These days, my frustrations are aired via fiction. Always some element of truth

  5. It is very complicated. I was able to keep my blog hidden from family for several years, but now they all know. So, I have to be careful in what I say which is really counterproductive. I too am afraid I might hurt someones feelings. Relationships are another no no! I learned that one the hard way.

    That’s like Facebook. I started out with 20 to 30 blogging friends and people I could trust. But, sisters and cousins galore eventually joined up and wanted to be friends. So, I have to be careful in what I say on there as well.

    It’s a delicate balance, really.

  6. Jo says:

    It’s harder when your readers are friends… and family.

    whisper: start a new secret blog*

    Or don’t – don’t tell your new blogger mentee, but it seems like blogging’s over these days.

    On the plus side, if no one’s reading, you can pretty much post whatever the fuck you want :)

  7. K8 says:

    “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” … so says Oscar Wilde. Secret blogs are a good idea. As is fictional paraphrasing! That never occurred to me.
    Thanks :)

  8. Hiya i know its been a while since i have blogged myself with recent circumstances. BUt do you know what honesty is sometimes always the best policy you know. You properly heard now that i write up music reviews and now fight for animal rights. Now now dont snigger just because im a tree hugger doess not mean i dont have a sense of humour. BUt i do have to say this i went to a gig there a little while back. i wont say names here but i saw a singer and well she was not all that great. Now every1 cheered here on and said oh my god your awesome. But me being me i just said ohh was that it. hmm i could do a better job myself and no i dont limit myself to singing in te shower. I do sing parttime at gigs that i go to and at home with friends. But you see honesty does pay and some people cant handle honesty. I mean like this what i think i could easily your the dogs tuxedo and ur awesome but that would be lying that ya. No sometimes it pays to be honest and you have every right to speak about whats on your mind.

    As for the whole social networking malarky well a few fanily members do add me but i have got rid since mainly because if i out sumthing online does not mean im insulting them in any way shape or form. it just means this is what i think you know. By the way your blog is awesome and never 2nd guess yourself and your writng just express yourself.

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