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Jun 27

Puppychild wrote a book…

Posted on Monday, June 27, 2011 in Awards!, Family, Quickie

…and won an award!!

I’m so proud.


She was very nonchalant about it, it didn’t seem to occur to her to be proud of the achievement at all… so much so, she forgot to tell me about it. I was reading the school newsletter when I saw her little name pop up in the section about the ‘Write-A-Book” project her school takes part in every year. She was one of two kids in her class to achieve a special merit.

I pee-d myself a little bit with excitement and shrilled scornful surprise at her for not telling me. She flushed and smiled a little bit, then returned to her own planet, and I to mine.

I grew a writer! How great is that?



Bring on the comments

  1. Granny says:

    Lucky girl, she does appear to dwell in a much kinder planet. I grew a writer what won a prize too as well also….

  2. That’s Brilliant! Kudos and two thumbs up to Puppychild. :)

  3. Baino says:

    Er clearly she has your sense of humour. Good on her. I’ve been struggling to write a book since November! Should ask the Purple Fairy for a hand eh?

  4. Jenny says:

    Well done puppychild :)

  5. Grannymar says:

    Well done puppychild :)

    Congratulations to a clever mammy for producing such a clever little girl!

  6. Holemaster says:

    Not only is she talented like her Ma. She’s also modest and not all attention seeking. Now that’s one little girl to be very proud of.

  7. Brianf says:

    That’s absolutely wonderful. Congratulations Puppychild!!!

  8. Tinman says:

    “How great is that?” Really great.

    Well done Puppychild, you’ve a talent that runs in your family.

  9. Jo says:

    Oh congrats! I LOVED that project! My daughter wrote all about her family and it was in the main, very flattering – !

    I work in bed, and I bake great cupcakes :)

  10. Careful… she may grow up to be a *spits on the ground* journalist.

    (My award winning story writer is now studying to be a *spits on the ground* journalist)

  11. K8 says:

    Granny; She brought home her prize meggle yesterday, the bling was far more boastable.

    Jefferson; Innit?? * chuffed *

    Baino; Oh you definitely have a book in you! There’s a purple fairy in all of us, it just takes a lot of wine to find her.

    Jenny; I feel an icecream sundae coming on.

    Grannymar; Thanks! She’s one of the best deliberate mistakes I’ve ever made. ;)

    Holemaster; Yes I see a bright future in the convent for this one.

    Thanks Brian :)

    Tinman; That, and stonerism. I feel sorry for her teachers.

    Jo; I love the way their wee minds work, so pure and uncomplicated.

    *GASP* @Kelley… you poor thing! There goes the neighbourhood!

  12. Well done Puppychild! And what gorgeous handwriting too!

  13. K8 says:

    Isn’t it? She’s all about the cursive writing these days. What that school does for her amazes me.

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