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Jun 7

A missed photo opportunity.

Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 in Family, Jobs, Rantings

It was ten o’clock this morning before I remembered that it is my firstborn’s birthday today. A kid in a wheelchair (how brilliant is it to have a kid in a wheelchair in Puppychild’s class?) in Puppychild’s class reminded me of the date for some reason… I was on Library Duty at the time and he had chosen a buke called ‘Time’.

I rushed home and dived into Laughingboy’s room, where he lay suffering a scorched arse and an aching belly and I kissed him a whispered happy birthday. He had been diagnosed with a bowel infection y’see, more than five days before and in spite of his antibiotics, was seemingly getting worse. If he could have clutched his belly he would have been doing so with gusto. With 82%(!) of the family in ribbons what with some condition or other, I’d completely forgotten the date.

Poor kid.

I rushed out again with Sir Fartsalot to buy copious gifts, which were presented sometime later along with a muffin, a flaming candle, and a Puppychild who led us in birfday song. We knew he couldn’t eat the muffin being a tube-fed sort of urchin, but it was good enough that his sister could enjoy it beside him, maybe, if not only for the company.

He wasn’t arsed with his new runners or his lava lamp. The Spongebob whoopie-cushion idea was lost on him… something that farts is probably not the best gift to give someone with a bad case of the squits though, in hindsight.

Well known voices turned up, as did those not-so-well-known (to the preturbinance of Sir Fartsalot) which blew me away, it felt being visited by fairy godparents and angels but Laughingboy was not in the mood.

He turned double-digits today.

That’s ten years since I became somebody’s ma!

I’ve to drop stool samples into the local hospital every day for three days now, it seems. I’m not squeamish really, but being a mother can be very graphic sometimes. And I think about how hard it is on me, and how hard it is on him, and I suddenly feel like I owe him a much better birthday someday somehow. Like a trip down the liffey on an elephant, or at least sparklers to the playground with the bucket swing and the squeaky see-saw.

I owe him so much but I yearn for ideas as to entertain a kid like him.

Does anyone have a recipie for home-made fireworks?

Bring on the comments

  1. Granny says:

    You owe him nothing at all,except to continue the unconditional love and the care you have shown for his first ten years.

    Perhaps a hot water bottle lying on his tum tum, barely heat the water though. Calpol is o.k too cause it’s not hard on the tummy.
    Well done you!

  2. Brianf says:

    Ok start with one pound of FFg black powder. you take the inside cardboard of a TP roll and duct tape one end end shut. Fill the tube with the black powder. Tape the other end shut. Get about 12 feet of slow det-cord or you can use fuse-cord. stick the fuse in one end of the bomb you just made. light it and run-alot. It will make a loud popping sound and make a mess of smoke. one can actually buy all you need to make fun fireworks but it’s not really legal or anything.

  3. Jenny says:

    I hope the birthday boy feels better soon :)

  4. Holemaster says:

    I don’t think there’s much more you could do K8. You do everything!

  5. Baino says:

    Oh Kate, hearts out. You’re doing just fine. I forgot to pick my son up on his first day at school but he’s forgiven me. We get our fireworks from some shady cove called “Thunder” who pulls up in a van behind the pub. Very clandestine!

  6. K8 says:

    Thanks Granny, music seems to be working. And sleep. Lots of hibernation is happening in there which is a good thing.

    BrianF; Pity you can’t brew potassium with vinegar and toothpaste. We’ve to travel all the way up to the North of Ireland for explosives, funnily enough.

    Jenny; Thanks, I’m sure he will, he’s a strong aul’ horse.

    Holemaster; Not at all, I feel for the poor chap stuck in his room all day… he needs a TV stuck to his ceiling at least.

    Baino; You’re right, all that’s needed are shadier friends!

  7. Jo says:

    Well… the two euro shop is great for sparklers and glow sticks. That might be a better bet than wee homemade bombs :)

    Happy Birthday to the fella, Kate. And you should be proud of yourself, hon, you know that.

  8. claire says:

    i could read your storys all day my friend,and admire very thing you do and how lucky your family is to have such a wonderful and talented mother…x

  9. K8 says:

    Jo; The bombs are for me… there’s nothing like a few sticks of C4 to de-stress.

    Hiya Claire!! Thanks for dropping in a comment, I’m was only delighted to find it. How’s your own blog going, can ya send us a link? Can’t wait to throw a few tutorials your way over a bottle or two heehee :)

  10. Wish the lad a very Happy belated Birthday from me. And, I’ll try to stash some cherry bombs in my luggage on my next trip over. They always search me and my luggage anyway. At least they’ll have a reason to detain me this time. :)

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