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Nov 28

Counting electric sheep

Posted on Sunday, November 28, 2010 in Family, Quickie, Strange and Unusual


Things were tough last Friday night.  A recent rash of local house break-ins had me edgy, and a pretty violent lightning storm boomed itself around my bedroom in surround sound and killed any chance of sleep stone dead.

I dozed fitfully and dreamed of weapons that I could use against a potential burglar, then had vivid and graphic nightmares about the various ways my weapons could be used against me.

Gradually more and more members of the family joined me in my bed as the night went on, and I woke in the early morning to find I’d been breastfeeding the dog.

THERE’s a day that can only improve by comparison.

Bring on the comments

  1. Baino says:

    Hahaha! Had a similar experience once but I aint postin’ it here!

  2. Granny says:

    I was so scared, had nightmares last night an
    me pipes is frozen.

  3. Ha! I had a full bed that night as well but not quite the same hilarious ending.

  4. K8 says:

    Baino; Oh PLEASE tell us! You just can’t leave a statement like that hanging!

    Granny; Thunderstorms aren’t too scary… it’s meteor showers that give me the willies. How is it 50,000 years since we’ve been hit by space debris? Why doesn’t that happen more often???

    John Braine; Such a sweet thing it is to have sweet-smelling small people cuddling into your armpits in the wee hours of the day :) 28kg dogs, on the other hand…

  5. Granny says:

    You just missed a biggie. Tunguska in 1908? That was quite a lot of space debris….

  6. Holemaster says:

    Tell me the dog thing isn’t true. I remember climbing into my parents bed when I was small. Then I remember the door being locked.

    Then I remember when I was about 28 realising why.

  7. Brianf says:

    K8, If you’re worried about break-ins then just go buy yourself a pistol. I reccommend a Sig-Sauer P220. It’s a .45 caliber well made handgun. It’s my gun of choice. Get it. Pracctice with it and keep it by your bed at night. Problem solved.
    Granny, were you around for Tunguska in 1908?

  8. Jo says:

    Aw,I missed this – hilarious :)

    Hope you’re sleep is better now – mine is SHITE! Haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months it feels like.

  9. K8 says:

    Granny: Yes but they aren’t entirely sure what caused that explosion. I’m personally rooting for the aliens.

    Holemaster: Ummm… okaay, the dog thing ISN’T true. (ahem)

    Brianf: I’m grand with me baseball bat… there’s no crossfire to get caught in. Might be interested in a taser gun though!

    Jo: Nope!! Cloning machine desperately needed.

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