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Oct 23

Of Overpopulation and Things

Posted on Saturday, October 23, 2010 in Jobs, Philosophy, Rantings

If I was the Teeshirt of Ireland I would do the following two things:

1. I would solve overpopulation of prisons by putting criminals of a lesser threat to hard work in war-torn or third world countries. Fraud is such a clever felony, I’m sure such a brain would be of great use to school children in Malawi, it’s such a waste having them rot away in their en-suite (all mod cons) prison cells and chewing through so much tax.

2. I would make adoption of said third world or war torn orphans faaaar less expensive. Couples all over Europe have trouble conceiving kids of their own, yet have large houses more than capable of rooming several disadvantaged kids but they can’t, because adoption (at least in Ireland) costs roughly the same amount of yoyos as a brand new Jaguar X-type. I don’t understand why with a bit of vetting, they’re not throwing those kids at us. They should be on sale in Lidl, they should be giving them out free with Happy Meals but they’re not!! They’re leaving them to die or selling them to rich people who aren’t necessarily better parents just because they’re rich. So bizarre.

Thankfully I’m not the Teeshirt of Ireland and never will be (because the country would most likely go to pot and all the small furry animals would die because I seem to have that effect and would probably have a hard time explaining that to Ryan Tubridy).

I would however welcome the present Teeshirt of Ireland to read my blog and steal my ideas and also fertilize my crops in Farmville for me sure aswell while he’s at it by way of thanks.

Speaking of small furry animals…

Bring on the comments

  1. Jo says:

    what sick fuck was videoing that in the first place?

    As to the Ideas – well, why not put the prisoners to work HERE for a start.

    And as for the adoption business, I don’t think adoption is a clearcut thing, but I think a lot of the expense comes from corruption. People not being able to do it is awful, but so is the waiting period before people get their babies – those early days are so vital and they get well messed up in orphanages where they’re not held, or whatever. Nasty.

    I knew of someone who was adopting a Russian baby and was told they could get her earlier of they paid an extra ten grand. The father refused on principle, so it took 9 months or whatever – I don’t know if I would have been strong enough to know she was ther efor me but I couldn’t have her.

    It’s a sad one all round, really.

  2. Brianf says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. My oldest sister adopted both of her children and it took forever and a day as well as costing a small fortune.

    Go Phillies!!!

  3. K8 says:

    Jo; It’s a very creepy video with a very lovely ending, let’s not worry about the freak who made it!!! The reason I wouldn’t put prisoners to work in Ireland, is that there just aren’t enough jobs… there are too many honest people on the dole, whearas you can never have enough hands in underdeveloped countries. 9 months is disgraceful, missing that vital formative time for the sake of red tape is UNREAL!

    Brianf; That’s messed up, for such a kind gesture to cost so much while all the skobies of the world reproduce without fear of consequence. It’s free to mess up a child’s life, but costs fifty grand to save one! (Go Phillies!)

  4. Amen Sister! We should bring back the chain gangs for those that want to commit heinous crimes. We have a programme in the state in which I reside where prisoners are required to pick up trash on the side of the road. It’s good for the environment and hopefully builds character in the common thief. :)

    I have some friends that would make great parents and have tried for years to adopt. It’s very expensive in the states as well. Not to mention the long wait time. The only problem of giving over babies or wee one’s is that the parents might decide five years later that they want the kids back, then the adopted parents would have to spend money they don’t have in an insane court system proving that they are better parents than the eejits that had a kid they didn’t want in the first place. It’s a complicated issue, but well worth discussion.

  5. Radge says:

    I just saw the words ‘epic’ and ‘fail’ and got very, very fucking cross.

    Not your fault, of course.

  6. Holemaster says:

    Superb video. A good analogy for Sean Fitzpatrick and his friends in low places.

    K8 for Teeshirt.

  7. K8 says:

    Jeffo; Most excellent commenting, it DOES warrant talking about, but is otherwise pretty invisible in today’s culture. I’ve no idea why.

    Radge; Why I do believe your comment was an epic fail! Heh heh…

    Holemaster; I know not much of Sean Fitzpatrick, other than the fact that his weasel has most definitely been popped. Holemaster for Teeshirt!!

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