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Jul 12

Barefoot bandits

Posted on Monday, July 12, 2010 in Family, Something to think about, Wicklow walks

They say that when you get what you want, you don’t want it anymore.  But what if it wasn’t yours to begin with?  What if you took it as your own and used it to its full potential, then discarded it like a used condom… bound on its path of decomposition with no regard to how long that may take?  Some people call that rape.


This is an arial view of the area of Knockree, Co. Wicklow.  I can’t describe this place because no english word would fit properly.  Past the prettiest Youth Hostel in the world lies a parking spot marked by a horizontal barrier.  Once you’ve debarked yourself from your wheels you’ll find yourself on a path lined by mysterious darkened faerie paths and wild honeysuckle and you follow this for ten minutes or so until you come upon a bit of wood with an arrow painted onto its top.  Follow this arrow, lep over the turnstile and then…

The wee hours of morning time are the best.  A haze floats below your view and hugs the river like a firstborn so that you feel like you’re either flying, or are standing on the tallest mountain in the world.  It is the start of one of those downward slopes that beckons you and casts a spell on you to make you forget the fact that you’ll someday have to climb back up again on the homeward stretch.

At the bottom of this path lies a river which shimmies through goblin groves and tree-filled troll hideouts.  On the banks of this river are various camping spots and tiny beaches for your freed sock-smothered toes to dangle from, with ropes hanging from branches (possibly put there by aforementioned trolls), so that you can swing into the centre of the river on a hot day and let go, to plunge into the guinness-coloured water below.

I walked there today with Puppychild and Sir Fartsalot and found this:



Heaven raped.  Small children denied from splashy footplay because of broken glass.  Human shit wrapped shamelessly in skidmarked bogroll and empty crisp packet carcasses gathering algae where fish should leap.  Shit from shit. 

How can a nation can gather arms and unite as a proud nation against some random French fucker on a football team, yet at the same time vomit all over this same nation’s natural wonders and rape it of its purity?

Shame on whoever partied here.  Shame on you assholes.  You don’t deserve this country.

Bring on the comments

  1. Radge says:

    A fucking disgrace.

  2. unstranger says:

    They are in the ascendancy in this country, scobes and scum-bags. No political will to deal with it. There are entire towns in Ireland populated by the kind of people who do this shit and more, and they also have a vote. My home town is awash with people who would perceive nothing awry in those images. It will get worse; unfortunately.

  3. Holemaster says:

    This calls for Litter Man – He was born to good parents who taught him to respect the beauty and generosity of nature. To leave no trace, never pollute.

    Now, he must go forth and de-limb the ignorant bastards who think only of themselves and their wants.

  4. Holemaster says:

    Do you think forwarding the photos and details to the county council would be somewhat helpful?

  5. Jo says:

    Actually yes. There are litter wardens and they do litter detective work. They go through dumped bin bags and look for evelopes and pill bottles with addresses and names, and they prosecute. Definitely call the council.

    It kind of looks like someone was coming back too, doesn’t it?

  6. This Limbo says:

    Hi K8,

    Have been reading some of your blogs (found through Fantastic writing. Made me laugh and cry.
    As for the littering, what can you say about dicks like that? They should be made to live in their own filth as a punishment.

  7. K8 says:

    Radge; I dunno why they didn’t burn the place down while they were at it.

    Unstranger; I remember cleaning up the same sort of crap in Brittas Bay, but it was an independant politician that organised the cleanups. He ran for office but never made it… the good guys never do.

    Jo and Holemaster; The sad fact is that there’s a sign at the parking area which advertises PURE which is a company that comes out and clears illegal dumping from upland areas. You call them, they come and clear up shite like this. It’s sad because they’re so used to people disrespecting the countryside. Unreal, but fair play.

    This Limbo; Thank you VERY much :) I’m not good with compliments like that! A thousand billion welcomes.

  8. paulo1 says:

    I went camping on the Saguenay river ( in Quebec) with my wife and three young daughters twenty years ago and when we went for a walk the next day we came across an abandoned camp site that was worse than the one in your pictures. My children asked me why people would make such a mess and just leave it there. I didn’t have an answer then and looking at the evidence of your photos, a generation later, I still don’t.

  9. K8 says:

    It’s a lack of respect. You can teach it to your kids, but you can’t teach it to mankind in general.

    Thanks for commenting Paulo, and fair dues for instilling the camping spark! If more parents did that we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all :)

  10. Baino says:

    Disgusting, I’d have nicked their tent. There’s big fines for this kind of thing over here but catching the buggers isn’t easy

  11. K8 says:

    The tent smelled spurious.

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