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Jul 1

The day after tomorrow

Posted on Thursday, July 1, 2010 in Philosophy, Something to think about

I secretly believe that some day the world will change.

Some day we won’t sue our best mates because we slipped and popped a ligament on their decking, maybe we’ll even be able to get together with a few neighbours to build a skateboard ramp for the kids for the long summer weeks without fear of being so sueable. What a bunch of whingers we’ve become! Is it so much to ask just to be a kid once in a while? We need to evolve a bit more… I can’t wait to find out what my great-great-grand children experience in the future because I will be haunting them.

I know everyone is paranoid about our big brother and is convinced that things can only get worse, but someday I know our neighbours will be re-found and doors will be left unlocked again. Where is the bottom of the barrel where evolution cries on the staircase with its bottle of gin and wonders where it all went wrong? Maybe fifty years from now? Two hundred years maybe?

Someday we will degrade plastic (BAD plastic! You call yourself HDPE?! Pathetic. THIS is HDPE!!) to such a degree that we will power our tellies with the same gunge we roast our spuds and life will be good and they will laugh at the Noughties and point fingers at our hair and our paranoid misgivings and they’ll smoke their spliffs and they’ll love again.

And so I slither back into now and I can only smirk and try not to take pictures of my hair.


In the meantime, being that we cannot grow a playground out of nothingness, I need memories. Basic games that please the most gregarious of kids. I feel sorry for their boredom, but I feel sorrier for the pretty purple flowers I’ve planted which are bound to be desecrated by young f’las this summer. If we all as parents group together to buy a supply of stuffs for our chisellers, what would they be?

So far I have:

-Ropes for skipping
-Basketball Hoop
-Various lengths of donated wood (you didn’t get them from me)

Any more ideas? I’m desperate, lads.

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Bring on the comments

  1. Grandad says:

    Marbles. I’d lend you mine but I think they are lost?

  2. Loving the chalk idea. I used to work at a nursery and we got these big massive fat chalks that they could hold easily in their chubby hands and draw enormous rainbows on the pavement. Later, they’d all get their wellies on and splash in the multicoloured water as we hosed it all away. x

  3. Baino says:

    Nothing quite as much fun on a wet day as chucking a sheet over the dining table and camping in

  4. K8 says:

    Grandad; Marbles are getting pretty close to weapon territory by today’s standards though. Good for sling-shooting naughty children though, thanks for the idea!

    English Mum; There is enormous potential for penis cartoons and unanswerable questions from wee innocents though! May stock up on the waterguns too.

    Baino; Heehee I still do that :)

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