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Feb 1

El Duderino

Posted on Monday, February 1, 2010 in Family, Little known facts, On the box

The naming of the foetus is an epic task, especially when you haven’t met it yet.  Of course there’s always the option of naming it after its zone of conception, but who wants to live their life with ‘Ballybunion’ for a moniker?

Baby name books are pointless, especially Irish baby name books.  From Morrigan to Aoife to Siobhán, everyone has something mean to say about a name, (Siobhán your knickers, yer da’s on his way…) or somebody already knows a person by that name and doesn’t like them, or it rhymes with something rude… or maybe it’s just plain naff.  Nah, if you ask me, the only way to choose a name is to scan the credits at the end of a film – this method always spews forth interesting possibilities.

Take my friend for instance… she’s due her babby in three weeks time, and she loves the name Charlie.  She cannot name her kid Charlie, however, because her surname is Brown.  Hell, Snoopy hasn’t been aired for years, if you ask me she’s on to a winner, but her family won’t let up nagging her into changing her mind.

Then there’s my other friend, who gave birth last month and named her baby girl ‘Kitty’.  It’s not short for anything, Kitty is her name and Kitty is what she shall be called.  I love it, but it’s undoubtedly quite an eccentric name, which beautifully mirrors a very eccentric family.  My family is not eccentric, at least TAT’s side isn’t… I can imagine the multitudes of rolled eyeballs, the quick snide remarks directed towards the stoner family at the Christmas table.  It’s just not worth it.

No, The Accidental Terrorist and I came up with an idea long ago, we had a flippant moment during a private viewing of The Big Lebowski:


Why can’t I call my child Dude?  “The Dude.  His Dudeness… Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing” to quote The Dude himself.


Yeah, yeah, I know why I can’t call the child ‘Dude’, because someday he’ll grow up and will most likely want a job that doesn’t involve canvas or scripts, or burger flipping.  Such is life.  Or is it?!?!  Such is the beauty of the Irish language perhaps… like the phrase ‘Mahogany Gaspipes’, the word ‘Dude’ could be Irish – all you have to do is add a fada and an ‘i’ somewhere, and the problem is solved, as follows:

Duaid; short for Duaided, means ‘Evil Death’… who picks on a kid named Evil Death?!?
Dúid; short for Dúidín, meaning ‘Pipe’.  Grandad would be so proud.
Dóid; meaning ‘Fist’… again, schoolyard politics are in favour of this one.
Díud; short for Díthugad, meaning ‘Extermination’… a future in pest control perhaps?
Diúd; short for Diúdán, meaning ‘Giddiness’, which is fitting.
Duíd; a version of ‘David’, which my mother called me during the first three weeks of my confusing life.

But maybe the most fitting yet:

Dúd… meaning ‘Mouth‘, because his would be one more to feed.

I do so hope it’s a boy!

Bring on the comments

  1. Well, El Duderino is just the best. Dude for short. I love the way your mind works.

    Whatever you name him/her, just call it Dude.
    Mahogany Gaspipes aka Dude.

  2. unstranger says:

    It’s never easy is it? All four of mine got their current names within hours of birth.
    With a few acceptable names on a tight list prior to each birth it was strange each time that a completely different name not on any list just seemed top pop up out of nowhere!
    It was like they decided and we eventually picked up the telepathically transmitted order.
    Weird that.

  3. Jo says:

    I have no fadas but I LOVE Diudan. Or Diud for David. Do it!!

  4. Kirk M says:

    Dúid; short for Dúidín, meaning ‘Pipe’. Grandad would be so proud”

    So call him ‘Piper’?

    And are you leaving the gender as a surprise? Not going to cheat and have an ultrasound done to find out? Now that’s sticking to Tradition!

    So name him Tevye?

  5. K8 says:

    GoingLikeSixty- I shall christen it Child#3 in that case :)

    Unstranger- It’s true! Both my kid’s names were agreed in the car on the way into the hospital… exactly like an ESP thing from an inner power, very weird.

    Jo- Makes it difficult finding personlised fridge magnets and novelty birthday mugs though!

    Martin- Now you’re just showing off.

    Kirk M- There was an ultrasound long, long ago, but the child had a lot of room to boogie… which it did during the entire thing. I left the sonographer sitting on the fence.
    I had to play the violin for our school production of Fiddler On The Roof, so have had my fill of all things mazel tov unfortunately.

  6. Martin says:

    Actually, I take it back and reserve the right to use it….

  7. Baino says:

    Doesn’t matter what you call ‘it’ someone will provide a completely off the wall nickname. Can you imagine your third born correcting his mates “Don’t call me bloodnut, my name is Dude ..Dude!” and everyone will be asking him stupid questions “Dude, where’s my .. .”

  8. If you name your child “Dude” you will undoubtedly end up living in Southern California. I guarantee it.

    I live in Southern California, named my sprog “William Carrick” and now I am ending up in Prodville, Northern Ireland.

    So it’s all good if you want to live here in SoCal, but otherwise I’d recommend against it.

  9. Kate says:

    Both of mine were called ‘Bozoe’ before they emerged – 2 reasons – I looked like a clown and the letters changed round became ‘Booze’ and I must have been drunk to get myself into that state – only after I saw their beautiful faces did I give them names!!!

    I like El Duderino,,….. very cosmopolitan!!!

  10. K8 says:

    Fat Sparrow- I wouldn’t mind living in California, it must be interesting sitting on a fault-line sucking lemons all day. I like your reasoning though, might name the child Eiffel, for the craic.

    Kate; I wanted to name my dog Bozo :) That’s a great name for a world leader, if y’ask me.

  11. Boo is called Dudey McDudey but only cause ‘Bastard child’ was already taken by his sister.

    I have a friend who named her son Liam. Their last name is Neeson. True story.

  12. Jo says:

    Meh, that child will outlive Liam Neeson’s fame. My nephew is Cillian Murphy…

    Duidin is the BOMB, why didn’t we think ofthat?

  13. Holemaster says:

    The Big Lebowski is up there with my most watched. I never tire of it.

    If I ever have a child, the naming of it will be tough. But if I ever get a dog, he’ll be Brendan or Michael.

  14. K8 says:

    Baino I just noticed I missed your comment! Dude! Sorry :) Dude where’s my reply? Hahaha

    Kelley; Liam Neeson’s a sexy name!! Much better than Drew Peacock…

    Jo; You’ve got to mind the fadas though… foreeners have severe difficulty spelling fadas on ‘i’s.

    Holemaster; I’d be scared of a dog called Brendan… it’s creepily benign.

  15. Little Gabhal has never complained. Bless him.

  16. K8 says:

    Ha! I could never name a child after Bono, that’d just be mean.

  17. I like all your dudeness variations – here’s another – Dudi. (What? Girls get away with Judy, don’t they?)

  18. K8 says:

    Welcome to me blog :) I hadn’t thought of a female contingent! Fair play, we’d be bunched if it weren’t a boy, and as my mum rightly says… it could be any one of the three!

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