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Jan 25

Chasing Nirvana

Posted on Monday, January 25, 2010 in Rantings


I love the hype over legal high products… are they a good idea? Of course they are!!  So they’re not tested properly, but people will take anything to get them out of the drudgery of modern life… isn’t it better they take the ‘herbal’ stuff than real?  Robbing drug-barons is fun in and of itself, and if some of the burden and danger is taken away from the wee kids stuck in the middle with exploding baggies stuck in their innards, that’s got to be a good thing.  The whole industry needs to be wiped out or legalised somehow.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m no stranger to the odd spliff.  I’ve tried mushies once or twice… hell, I even took a whole sixteenth of an ecstasy tab once!  Yeah, I’m a real wild child.

Would I try the stuff they sell in head-shops around here though?  Not a chance in hell!  The ability to stay in control means a lot more to me now than it used to, but in different circumstances, maybe…
anyway, the point is moot, they don’t really work.  If you dig into the ingredients, you’ll find perfectly benign substances like guarana, black pepper, cocoa extracts, naughty substances that have been diddled slightly… in the right proportions they may well produce a slightly altered state, but there’s the rub… people who take them feel nothing at first.  So they take more.  And then maybe one or two extra ‘for the road’.  Next thing you know they’re in a hape in the corner begging for a cup of sugary tea and a teddy-bear.  No wonder the psych-wards are filling up.

Anyone who wants to shut those head shops down, needs a slap and a doobie.  Let the gobshites take untested tablets, Darwin will take care of them.  At least the opium cash-crops are going to rot!

Bring on the comments

  1. unstranger says:

    Sounds right. I personally believe that having the ‘drugs’ retain the illegal status is what maintains the gangs. That and absolutely nothing else whatsoever.

    The head shops will most likely become issues in the future elections, both local and national; just wait and see. Politicians have many times used ‘drugs’ as the ‘platform’ upon which they ride roughshod into office; and then proceed to do nothing but feed the greed.

  2. Baino says:

    If only the opium cash crops were going to rot. We’re being flooded with cheap Afghan brown here. More overdoses in the last year than ever before. As for the tabs. Who knows what’s in them. I take my drugs legally ‘hic’

  3. holemaster says:

    Hurricane Charlie sounds like a book written around the title.

    On the whole drugs thing though. What are the cops going to do if their income is threatened by legal drugs?

  4. As a furriner, I am obviously yet again missing something. Although I must say I did do a booming business in High School selling oregano with a leeetle bit of pot mixed in. Dumb-ass high school kids.

  5. K8 says:

    Unstranger; What with all the business the media is generating for head shops nowadays, I’d be surprised if a handful of politicians didn’t have a share or two in the industry!

    Baino; There’s the mad thing… alcohol is an enormous problem in Ire’hic’land, responsible for so many more A&E administrations than legal highs! I just don’t get it.

    Holemaster; The head shops could never take match sales of the illegal versions, more’s the pity, but at least it’ll stop a few gobshites sniffing aerosols and drinking diesel, hey. Besides, police numbers are seriously dwindling these days, free run for the runners!!

    Fat Sparrow; My but that sounds like the makings of an amazing lasagne, that does. You ship to Ireland? Heh heh…

  6. I would, but ai eeted it :(

  7. I really have to say that this whole headshop business is getting out of hand. I dont or would ever use the whole tabs side of things but i have tried the smoke and its anot to bad. in fact its quite nice. i think that the goveremnt dont really like people having fun so thats why they want to close them down. Now being in bray i have seen the fowlling been shut down over the last while

    2 sex shops no wait three sex shops (damn now where will i get my goodies for the weekend) a lapdancing club i use to work in it it wasnt all that bad.
    now they want to close down the only biut of fun that is left in this gohst of a town. me thinks that certain people should not be talking shite and have a good spliff and enjoy it.

    I would also like to say that there is an interesting atricle in the bray people this week. 1 local taxi driver has said that he is givng lifts to people who want to go to the headshop at the weekend so they can get their stuff. he said that they should be banned thses shops but i know for certain that certain people have been taking the smoke and it gives them great relief from pain.

    I say well if it works for you than so be it.

    By the way i know the taxi driver who said that piece that was wriiten in the bray people hes one dodgy mother fucker and should be best avoided. Hes usally down the taxi rank by the dart station and should be well avoided by taxi drivers and passenegers alike. Make sure to tell tat that as well.

  8. K8 says:

    TAT tells me he’s also a head-shop shuffler! Sadly the driver you’ve described could be any one of a few drivers in that town… dodgy is indeed the word BUT if you have a public service vehicle license, it means you’ve been properly vetted by the Guardaí, therefore there’s only cause for worry from a passenger’s point of view if the license isn’t properly displayed.

    I heard one such story of a cabbie delivering a passenger to a party from a head-shop and meeting a bonafide drug dealer on the doorstep who was infuriated because his industry is being undercut… he’s now being turned away from houseparties which is a brilliant thing, and is most likely why a few head-shops in Town have been burned to the ground. Therefore it proves these places are having a positive effect on the illegal trade!

    I too miss Utopia :( It’s a crying shame that place was shut down. Sex is not the enemy.

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