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Jan 18

Bloggers for Haiti

Posted on Monday, January 18, 2010 in Joint posts, Something to think about

Can you imagine it?  No, I mean seriously, can you imagine it with your eyes closed in a dark room when you’re all alone – what it might feel like to wander down a street with not an item of clothing to your name, the stench of rotting bodies all around you – everything you’ve ever known and loved, crushed under tons of detritus.  Can you imagine hearing someone you love trapped under rubble, gasping for help and waiting… waiting for help until the voice gets quieter and quieter until it is no more?  Would your kids have survived?  If they got sick how would you protect them?

I can’t.  I can’t imagine that sort of horrific chaos because I’m a seriously lucky individual and hopefully will never have to go through that.  Humanity made me remember what I have to be thankful for and there’s no price you can put on that.  Well… maybe the price of a family Chinese takeaway and a half-way dacent bottle of wine – if you’re one of the lucky ones, maybe you have more to give, maybe less.  Sometimes money is too precious to be drunk.


Anyway, here’s a link to an easy way to help Haiti:

This is a simple idea set up by English Mum, a multiple blogger effort to fund Shelterboxes.  Shelterboxes are basically containers full of basic survival equipment… tents, blankets, tool kits, stoves, colouring books, kitchen utensils etc… but they don’t come cheaply.  Each costs about £500, but there is an undying dedication to send at least one box over.  When I clicked the link early this morning, the site had raised £240.  I clicked it again just a second ago, and found the number has amazingly jumped to £1,650!

A heartbreaking interview with a bloke who voices his frustrations at being able to hear his girlfriend and several other women screaming beneath a pile of college debris. It doesn’t have a happy ending…

…but this one does:

(Found at The Lede)

Please help English Mum shift some boxes!


Here is a link for UK outsiders  – Shelterbox
An alternative way to donate – DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Bring on the comments

  1. Baino says:

    Good on you!
    Posted the links on mine yesterday and the international sites too. There’s been a healthy reaction, now we just have to wait for the gear to be distributed. Reminds me of the Tsunami in 2004. Amazing that it was so long ago but they did rebuild and those affected who survived are better off for it. Beyond imagination really.

  2. warrior says:

    I am staying away from it as much as i can. I cannot cope emotionally with watching people walk past dead bodies on the street. My thoughts are with them but feck all good that will do

  3. I can’t watch the videos. I’m sorry, but I just can’t. Being in earthquake country here myself, I have often visualized what it would be like.

    The Fledgling Sparrow’s Uni is doing a fundraiser, a swim-a-thon, and I have donated to that.

  4. Granny says:

    Well put Kate,it’s not an easy subject to write about. we will give and give again
    and we will pray, still we feel it’s never

  5. K8 says:

    Baino; Disasters have a bonding effect on a nation sometimes. I so hope that happens with Haiti, they’re down on their luck in general.

    Warrior; Linking to it helps – Baino has a pretty excellent badge on her website, I haven’t had a chance to plant mine yet!

    Fat Sparrow; Watch the second video, you get to watch a tiny kid being saved and put back in the arms of her mommy- it’s an excellent bit of news reporting.

    Granny; Such is life. The world will get the balance right eventually.

  6. hmm dont start me off becasue i will burst into tears its so awful with whats going on. i might try and sort out a cahrity even in college and donante the moeny to the red cross they are helping haiti so i will see what i can do with the rest of my college mates. I will of course thrwo a few bob for this charity. but your so right kate we are a lucky bunch of people. my thoughts are with those who have been affected by haiti and i do hope things will get better for them

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