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Jan 13


Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 in Family

Plunged into the sudden creepy hush of a power-cut last night, my Mario Kart game crudely interrupted.  Everything died, leaving me wondering for an instant if I’d suddenly turned deaf and blind… a cry from the kid’s bedroom shattered the silence…  I wandered in with candles and put little minds to rest.

I rooted out the guitar and began to mess around, but a weird harmonic began to ooze into the chords.  I put the guitar down, and listened.  A strange noise sounded intermittantly, possibly the axe murderer who had just cut my power was trying to break the lock??  No such luck… I followed the sound into Laughingboy’s bedroom and winced as the tooth-grinding got louder and louder.  It’s a totally different sound now, more like a rusty wood planer trying to smooth the underbelly of a hedgehog than the chaffinch sound I was used to.

I brought a candle close to his bed and prized his tensed jaws open for a look-see.  The entire row of upper and lower teeth on the left hand side of his mouth are now ground to their bare minimum, his lower insisor grinding raw flesh causing pools of blood to appear on his over-effaced gum, yet he keeps grinding anyway.  Presumably pain is relative to the poor kid.

I’m working up a steady input of Magnesium into Laughingboy’s diet as suggested by Jo, but not wanting to bombard him suddenly with too much, the dose is too small yet to make a difference.  Maybe the next few weeks will show a change, I hope so.

In the meantime, necessity got me inventing… I cut a section of gum-sheild to the size of his two front teeth, then tied a cotton-covered hairband around it in the style of a friendship bracelet, stretched nice and tight so that the wee bit of plastic stays in place.  Once strapped around his head, the shield refuses to budge – it takes a bit of watching for salivary purposes but otherwise it’s perfect!

It took me a while to figure out who he looks like with the gizmo stuck to his teeth, then it hit me;

He looks exactly like Shelley from South Park:


Poor Frowningboy.

Bring on the comments

  1. Martin says:

    It’s original, I’ll give you that!

  2. ouch poor little man hope hes doing ok.

  3. Awww, poor wee dote!

  4. Granny says:

    It’s his poor mum get’s the brunt of it! Listening to the wee man grinding away all
    day would be enough to send a Saint into a
    babbling psychotic…

  5. Kirk M says:

    I come here so often and read your posts and so often I just sit here with a thousand responses in my head but none seem adequate.

    Then you throw South Park at me.

    Give your boy a hug from me and tell him that my much, much younger self can relate (after a fashion).

    You’re a good mother, K8.

  6. Baino says:

    Oh K8 I want to say something funny but it won’t come. Can’t you get a mouthguard made for him. I have a tooth grinder and she’s blissfully unaware that she does it. Poor baby boy.

  7. K8 says:

    Martin; I was thinking ‘genius’, but that’ll do ;) Heehee

    Vicky; He’s as happy as Larry as long as he has his iPod! What a great invention.

    Fat Sparrow; I wish I could grow his new teeth in a jar for him! That’d be so handy.

    Granny; I think it helps to be slightly mad in the first place… it makes psychosis seem like a walk in the park :)

    Kirk M; Thank you :) Hugs administered! It’s his school teachers I feel sorry for… they’re not authorised to use home-made grinding solutions so there’ll be a few wrecked heads in there when he starts back!

    Baino; I’ve asked a ton of doctors/nurses/dentists… but they can’t think of any type of mouthguard that won’t induce choking, most models reach too far back so that he can’t swallow properly. I just generally leave them with thoroughly scratched heads and a ‘thanks anyway’. It’s a rare case, I guess. Once these back teeth appear, the problem will go away, so that’s only another five years to go – screeech!

  8. theleapingtiger says:

    Hi K8,
    Like laughingboy I am a serious nightime grinder.I have a mouthguard/split that I wear just on my upper teeth and usually this is all you need. There are a few people in Ireland experienced in this field.I can recommend Dr. Dermot Canavan. He is based at the Northbrook clinic, Ranelagh and was trained in the US. Of course he’s private but I have my split 8 years and hey peace for everyone. Another option you could take is to be referred to the Dental hospital where they have a special oral maxillo facial clinic which I did avail of years ago. Of course they have a waiting list but take cases on a priority basis and which yours would certainly be. It’s worth a shot. Your local dentist refers you. Email me if you would like any more information. Best of luck

    btw love the blog and have for a long time.

  9. K8 says:

    Hi leapingtiger! You’ve no idea what this comment means to me – finally finding reputable names to help with this fiasco was something I’d just about given up on. The dentist never mentioned the oral maxillo facial clinic (grrr), but we’ve been looking to find a new practitioner anyway.

    Thanks for such great advice and a new place to start from :)

  10. theleapingtiger says:

    I forgot to mention the dentist who first sent me to the dental clinic was a Dr. Crotty. The most genuine and caring man I have ever come accross and who was quite aware of the expense involved. He also lectures in the dental hospital and would send you in the right direction.

    And another thing. Besides the wearing away of teeth, the grinding can also damage the jaw ligments which happened in my case from years of grinding. Literally one morning I woke up and couldn’t open my mouth (like lockjaw). Didn’t stop me from talking though !

    I know laughing boy’s case may be slightly different but I would hate to see this happen to him. So the best of luck and let me know if you need any more info.

  11. Jo says:

    Fuck, k8. Would you not go get a real guard?

    I could be wrong about the magnesium… get some advice!

  12. K8 says:

    This is good insight… I hadn’t thought of facial muscles seizing up! There could be headaches as well caused by the tension, but the kid can’t describe it to me so it’s mainly guesswork. Bonjela’s yer only man, and Opera for some reason! Beats 50cent and Beyonce I suppose. :)

    *googling Dr Crotty…*

  13. K8 says:

    Jo; No it makes sense about the magnesium… it helps the body absorb calcium and has this whole muscle relaxant quality to it too, you’re definitely on to something. It’s worth a shot, if even in tiny doses.

    I’ve tried a real guard, but they involve a person biting down to create a proper fitting and try as I might, it just won’t happen with the kid! Also it tends to separate his teeth so much that he loses the ability to swallow properly so that his lungs start to fill up with drool…

    It’s a pickle of a doozy of a skituation.

  14. Watch that magnesium; I was on it for my migraines (which it did help some) but I had a gale force wind coming out of every open orifice of body, some of which I didn’t even realize I had until then.

    I guess there’s a reason they use it as a laxative too, huh?

  15. K8 says:

    I’ll write ‘do not place near a naked flame’ on his forehead, that should do it. Thanks for the heads-up…

  16. theleapingtiger says:

    Worth the call anyway to Dr. Patrick Crotty. He’s in dorset street even though from what you’ve just explained it seems like your case is quiet rare. Ask to speak to him and explain everything in detail. Perhaps Dermot Canavan may be your solution. Worth the phone call as well even just for the advice.

    Best of luck. Will be thinking of you.

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