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Jan 3

Gardening made easy

Posted on Sunday, January 3, 2010 in Family

Our kitchen doors look out on to what would be a lovely garden.  I’ve visions of all sorts of lovely herbs and climbing azaleas and nice-smelling foliage crawling all over the place, but the summer sort of… got away from me.  I have a half-finished swing intended for Laughingboy and a pile of paving stones and several bags of cement that are too wet to be of any use anymore,  I have a dead couch and a wheelbarrow full of rocks that Wouldye dug up and placed lovingly on the doorstep to make them more convenient to throw.  I have broken flower pots and a bird cage and a rake of broken rusty tools and lots and lots of mushed dog turds.

On New Year’s Day a miracle happened… everything was covered in celestial whiteness, the snow so untouched, you could see a robin’s footprints on it.  The junk never looked so beautiful.  TAT gazed out of the window and suggested we find a wholesaler that would supply us with enough cotton-wool to cover the garden up all year round… it’s not the worst idea he’s ever had.

This is my offering of how the term ‘Slush Puppy’ was first coined:

Bring on the comments

  1. I love your Slush Puppy! And covering up the dead with cotton is a wonderful idea, since we can’t install domes.

  2. Baino says:

    Haha that’s fun. My dog does the same with the hose or when we backwash the pool! Ah, I have a shed, a big shed and everything untidy and broken gets shoved behind it out of view!

  3. My garden is gorgeous. It’s so pretty and colourful and the smell from the flowers is amazing. It’s called the garden of good intentions as I see all the above through my mind’s eye! ;)

  4. K8 says:

    Sixty; It’d be handy for a wee watercress side-business too I’d imagine.

    Baino; I bet your pooch is a sucker for bubbles too… being a dog looks like great craic.

    TheRavingDave; I’m thinking a national ‘Pull Yer Finger Out’ day would help. Just as long as it’s not today.

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