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Dec 29

I’ll have a virgin scotch on the rocks, please.

Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 in Something to think about, Strange and Unusual

“I love you like my left ovary.”

This, coming from a chick you’ve only just met, is a pretty high compliment in my book.

I’d never have heard this if I hadn’t been struck by ‘Yes Man’ – Jim Carrey’s latest film.  An invitation into town for a young wan’s birthday party on a frosty winter’s night while up the duff and unable to drink would normally have me gushing excuses; let alone the comfort-zone thing, there’s the fact that I’ve nothing pretty that doesn’t involve elastic to wear.  No energy or cash either, but hey… sometimes when you say ‘Yes’ to things, you get led to situations that can be pretty damn interesting.

She was a corset-dealer from Connemara with long black-is-the-colour hair, she wore a candy necklace and drank red wine from the bottle with a straw, and I’d never have met her if I’d been sitting around on my arse at home.

Don’t you just love films like that?


Bring on the comments

  1. I drink cider from a can with a straw…… classy bird!

    Happy New Year to you and the family and the alien

  2. Nats says:

    Yep, a good friend of mine told me to NEVER say no to an invitation coz u just don’t know where it may lead. My innocent pop in to a friends house for a girly after Christmas drinks last night resulted in me being invited out to dinner, by a woman at the party! Flattery is flattery I say!

  3. Holemaster says:

    She sounds like a rollercoaster of a woman.

  4. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I did read the book it was based on (to be honest, I’m a bit nervous about watching the film). It’s by Danny Wallace and well worth the read – light and entertaining but with lots of stuff you can take away – perfect at this time of year! Happy New Year!

  5. K8 says:

    Jelly Monster; That gets you pi33ed quicker… may as well get value for money sure!

    Nats; Sweet! Girly drinks can lead anywhere, really. Gah – I miss them so.

    Holemaster; It’s true… she’s the kind that you’d love to work for but not go camping with, y’know?

    Thanks Jenny :) I didn’t know the flick was book-based, I’ll have a look for it! Pretty darn entertaining film though I’m a huuuge Carrey fan so may be biased.

  6. Kirk M says:

    “I love you like my left ovary.”

    This is a compliment?

    Anyway, Happy new year to ya’! And don’t worry too much about not being able to “have fun” and all that. Your condition is hardly permanent if you’ll recall. :D

  7. unstranger says:

    Happy new year to you too K8, it’s going to be a wopper!

  8. K8 says:

    Brianf; I like round numbers.

    Kirk; Being called a left ovary is far better than being called a right tit! It’s like the difference between ‘bollix’ and ‘dog’s bollix’ if you will.
    Funny you should say, but this forced prohibition ‘fun’ wise isn’t so difficult this time round! Plus in four month’s time, I’ll be a very cheap date :)

    Unstranger; That’s the spirit!!!

  9. Kirk M says:

    Considering that you called my blog the “Dog’s Bollix” I take it that this is the better form? (I hope).

    Cheap date? Fine then. Put me down for a Friday dinner and a night at the pub. Or maybe a card game or 3 if you prefer? I’m fairly easy. :D

  10. Happy New Year Kate!! It’s exciting, another baby on the way, all the best for 2010! That’s some compliment by the way (hope the right ovary wasn’t jealous)

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