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Nov 17

Conduit for Kismet

Posted on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 in Philosophy, Something to think about, Strange and Unusual

I thought it was all about me yesterday, but it wasn’t.  I thought the mysterious turn of events that held me in its favour was payback for a good deed I had done, but it wasn’t.  I was just a conductor for a greater power.

This is how it happened.

I got into the car to go shopping for a few bits… the dodgy CD player in the car worked first time, which never happens, normally it would quite literally drive me to distraction.  Every single one of the fifteen traffic lights I encountered on the way into the town turned green, just as I approached them.  When I got to the supermarket, there was one basket left with my name on it.  There was one jar of coffee left on the shelves which happened to be the brand I love, in the size I would normally buy it. The queues for the tills were at least five people long when I finally got to them, but just as I went to join the nearest one, a new till opened up and beckoned me forward… I went through during the supermarket’s busiest hour in less than three minutes.

Then, happiest of all happinesses, while purchasing an eight-pack of Guinness cans at the off-licence, I got carded.

Ask any thirty-year-old female out there… to be mistaken for an eighteen-year-old in an off-license is an unbelievably good thing.  They almost didn’t sell me the alcohol because I couldn’t produce identification, but I wouldn’t have minded at all.  I was grinning from ear to ear as I left the premises, which is when I got ambushed by a bloke with a sponsor card on the street.  Apparently he was an ex-heroin addict who had kicked the habit, and was cycling to Cork to raise funds for Drugs Awareness.  I was so happy, I gave him twenty euros which was slighly more than I could afford, as I discovered shortly afterwards when it came to paying for my parking ticket.  I stood for a while wondering what to do, then I saw the wallet lying on the parking machine.  An ID card lay inside.

“LINDA!!!”  I shouted into empty space.  A lady turned around from the other side of the parking lot, caught luckily by the accoustics, and returned to reclaim her wallet very thankfully indeed.  She gave me three euros… more than enough to pay for the ticket.  Strange.

Later on, I won a game of poker at home against The Accidental Terrorist, and Billy the Stoner.  I won because my good day had given me the confidence to bluff well, and wound up with twenty euros in my back pocket.

So… effectively, Billy the Stoner paid for an ex-heroin addict to cycle to Cork, and THAT, boys and girls, is Kismet.

Bring on the comments

  1. What a great story of a day! I love how it ended.

  2. Wow! What an amazingly serendipitous day! I love stories like this. Maybe you should have played the lottery…

  3. Hails says:

    Loving this post, K8! You’re such a fab storyteller. The last line made me laugh out loud – thanks for giving me a nice start to my day! :) And I wish you many more days like that…

  4. Fantastic post! I love days like that.

    Your day yesterday was the complete opposite of mine. It must have been karma! :)

  5. Jo says:

    Nice! I hope you have another one tomorrow.

  6. ahh what a great day that you must have had. nice one on winning the poker with the boys.

  7. K8 says:

    Susan; :) This would’ve been a B+ day in the kiddie diary (grades deducted for stubbing of toe.)

    Jenny; I don’t believe in gambling! heehee

    Hails; Nice one :) Right back at you.

    Raving Dave; If it’s any consoloation, I broke the coffee jar, the plug under the sink, and the toilet-seat today! Yay, my mojo’s back to normal.

    Jo; Sending happy karmic ESP thoughts your way too – if it works, I want 15% of the winnings ;-p

    Vicky; Thanks!! How chuffed was I? I’m usually a rotten bluffer.

  8. Kirk M says:

    Tell you what, you tune that kismet to my wavelength for a bit while I buy a lottery ticket (worth about 12.8 million USD take home). That way when Laurie and I win we’ll come to Ireland and personally hand you a million bucks or whatever the exchange rate is for the day. Okay?

  9. Brighid says:

    Your stories are often too funny. Just what I needed, a good laughing fit. Thanks!

  10. I laughed, it was good.

    Yep, here in the States you have to be 21 to drink, I was getting carded up to the time I was about 33 or so. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?

  11. Kate says:

    Thats the way K8 – we just take each day as it comes x

  12. Now THAT is one crazy awesome day.

  13. Ian says:

    Ah, Lord Nelson’s second last word!

  14. Nick says:

    Funny how good luck and bad luck goes in strings like that. Just how does that happen? Maybe Pluto’s aligned with Uranus and your astral body’s aligned with your karmic essence? Yes, that must be it.

    But how fabulous to be told you look far too young to imbibe. Oh happy day….

  15. K8 says:

    Kirk; Awww… thanks, but I don’t need a million bucks, just a box of jaffa cakes and the energy for a good natter will do nicely! :)

    Brighid; I’m glad you liked it – Billy the Stoner sure didn’t. Heheh…

    Fat Sparrow; There’s nothing like a baggy sweatshirt to hide southward bound parts!!

    Kate; Sure what else can we do??? :)

    Kelley; Yeah, any day that ends with bloke moaning about being out-smarted by a biotch is a good day!

    Ian; Poor Hardy must have been fierce confused when he said that.

    Nick; That’s good. I was beginning to think my astral body had left the building years ago!

  16. A baggy sweatshirt may get you carded, but a push-up bra will get you carded and get a drink bought for you ;)

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