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Nov 2


Posted on Monday, November 2, 2009 in Family, Strange and Unusual

I don’t get it!

I just joined a group on d’Fb called ‘Campaign against cutbacks in Crumlin‘ and did a bit of mooching to see what all the mammies and daddies had to say.


Small children and long waiting lists… cuts on cardiology and Orthopedics, to name but one or two, the coiffers apparently empty.  I remembered suddenly a flashback of a news article about a brand new hospital in the City Center, due to start at the end of next year.  How can that be?  It’s to be a state of the art sort of place, with ‘up to’ 399 beds (each with its own en-suite bog), entirely covering an area of one million square feet of shiny angles glinting all over the kip. €750 million is how much they *think* it will cost, but given that the Luas’s grand total outweighted a space mission to Mars, I’m a dubious on-looker.

Pants. I’m not a patron of Crumlin, we attended the other two. It all started for us in Temple Street Children’s Hospital, a bizarre building full of stairs and corridors and lifts that can’t remember where they’re supposed to be. Statues of Mary and prettily hung pictures of pasta and paint and glue adorn the place and it has that oh-so-familiar smell of cafeteria and pee.

Then we were promoted to Tallaght Hospital for sick young ‘uns and were introduced to a mecca of enormous corridors and lifts that served us coffee. All you need to do is zoom in on the M50 and you’re laughing.

This new place is pretty much next door to Temple Street though. Just one hospital, to swallow up the existing three, in the worst place possible, right smack in the middle of Dublin City. It’s a complete bitch to get to, what with wrestling one-way streets and badly timed traffic lights and busy traffic sludge… with the added stress of trying not to crash into Luas drivers who shoulda gone to Specsavers… it’s a nightmare.

I’m sure it’ll be very pretty an’ all, but the only catch is, they have to sacrifice a load of today’s babies through lack of care, to do it. That’s sort of Satanic if you think about it.


And we’re all just standing here watching and saying ‘Ah jayzus isn’t that scandalliss?’.

I don’t get it.

Bring on the comments

  1. Our only hospital’s an hour and twenty minutes away. When you stay there you feel like you’ve been sent back in time to a Victorian asylum for the insane, it’s that welcoming.

    I’d guess that if the Powers are planning this new Dublin hospital for next year, they’re out buying their lotto tickets now.

  2. Being a revolting colonial who is, however, on the dole and with a Special Needs son, I sympathize with their plight.

    It’s a bit incomprehensible to me how a Catholic country that is against abortions has no problem (seemingly) let the kids who are already here cark it. I fail to see the logic, Captain. And before anyone starts slagging off America in retaliation, believe me, I’ve already done it, and with more curse words per sentence.

  3. Baino says:

    Kate don’t be too hard. Imagine living in a country the size of Australia and needing the services you need. They’re good, they’re available, they’re quality but for many they mean a helicopter or plane trip, family separation or accommodation in major cities.

    I live very close to a huge children’s hospital at Westmead. NSW biggest children’s hospital. They treat kids with all sorts of issues and from as far outback as Alice Springs. They have family accommodation (thanks of all things to Macdonald’s) and it’s not home but it’s close. You are only a couple of hours away. I’m sorry if I sound harsh but the quality of care is more important than the distance travelled. Just ask some of the outback families who have been able to stay for free in a suburban Sydney hospital while their kids are going through hell. Take heart dear one. Some of these families travel over 3000 kms to be with their babies.

  4. K8 says:

    Susan; Maybe they’re going to legalize Monopoly money as legal tender! I hope they do.

    Fat Sparrow; I’m all about the revolting, in the most passive and cowardly way. Good point about the abortions! Human rights are a bit skewed these days.

    Baino; 3000km?! I had no idea! Would the service be subsidized by local clinics? The position of this hospital is a secondary gripe of mine though.. the main problem is the heartbreaking interviews on television about countless smalls all waiting on life-saving operations, or even just a hospital bed. These are denied because the funds aren’t there, so how are they funding this massive hospital??
    Funny you mention MacDonalds… they’re funding a bit of the plan too! Fair play Maccy D.

  5. Holemaster says:

    The HSE are letting the health care system deteriorate to a point where the only answer is private healthcare. It’s an unstated policy to separate healthcare from the State in order to create a huge new enterprise similar to the US. Our often championed captions of enterprise like JP McManus and Dermot Desmond are the circling vultures who are investing the several private hospitals and clinics being built around the country right now. It’s disgusting and I’d say they bought off politicians and public servants to sing their song for them.

  6. K8 says:

    Apparently €400 million is to be State funded though… the rest comes from charitable donations, Ron Mc D, and car parking fees. Private my arse.

  7. Holemaster says:

    Eh, meant to say Captains not captions.

    What will eventually happen is most people will go private in order to get faster care in more comfortable surroundings because the public health service will just get worse.

    I was in hospital when I was five for a minor op and I can remember it vividly. I was in Our Lady’s and they were brilliant. No scary memories at all, all good.

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