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Oct 5

Open minded

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2009 in Family, Quickie

Puppychild has fallen in love with a little traveller-boy from down the road; I caught them kissing behind the bin-shed yesterday, and today they spent three hours together in her bedroom.

I sat quietly in the kitchen picturing a nasty argument in twelve years time involving her daddy laying down in no uncertain (and severely politically incorrect) terms who she should and should not date, leading her to elope and run away to a halting-site in Kells.

Then I wandered in to check on them and found the wee lad dressed from head to toe in a fairy costume and high heels with a pink handbag over his shoulder and realised that I’m probably over-thinking things after all.

Bring on the comments

  1. How cute! My two year old boy got naked with my friends 2.5 year old girl recently! He pulled off his clothes and his nappy and she followed his lead. A great story for later on…

  2. Oh can I be there when you tell his father?

  3. Jennifer says:

    brilliant. so cute

  4. Maxi Cane says:

    Don’t worry about the lad, same thing happened me when I was growing up and I turned out just dandy.

  5. K8 says:

    Irish Mammy; That’s an image for a tee-shirt photograph on his 21st birthday alright! Heee!

    Xbox; I dunno if I even want to be in the same county when that happens.

    Jennifer; He brought her a teddybear today! This coud get ugly.

    Maxi; Great. A potential son in law with a foot fetish. I’ll have to buy a safe for my flip flops now.

  6. Holemaster says:

    I knew travelers were into fairies but not that type of fairy.

  7. Not a big fan of kids in general but that is the cutest story ever!

  8. Jo says:

    HA! Deadly.

  9. What a pair of lovely wee humans! So cute.

  10. Kirk M says:

    I see the young lad is learning early–never, ever trust a woman (no matter how young). You’ll always end up dressed up as a wee fairy in high heels with a pink handbag over your shoulder.

  11. Kirk M says:

    At least that’s what happened to me.

  12. Brianf says:

    I hope this kid doesn’t turn 16 and find this post and turn into an axe-wielding homicidal maniac!!!

  13. unstranger says:

    I’d say it isn’t from the wind she gets it! God help the young fellas when she discovers her full potential!!!

  14. warrior says:

    Kids are afraid of nothing and no one, how come we all got so screwed?

  15. ahh how sweet young love eh? i wish i was that age again.

  16. K8 says:

    It rings the doorbell at 7.30am. It picks the flowers. It wipes its nose on the curtains.

    It is not suitable husband material.

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