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Sep 22

In dire need of a nap

Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 in Family, Strange and Unusual

Laughingboy has discovered the roof of his mouth.  He wrote a song about it last night which was 182 verses long, and being the clever kid that he is, he knew that in order to get the entire song finished before school, he’d have to begin at 4am. ‘Iggle iggle diddle iddle iggle iggle diddle iggle…’ ad finitum.  It’s very pleasant to listen to, but not in the wee squishy hours of the morning.

Then I discovered in my sleepy crankiness while loading Laughingboy onto his schoolbus, that somebody had come along during the night and torn my sapling plum tree to shreds.  It’s literally in ribbons all over the front garden, with just a wee pathetic stalk jutting out from the ground where the tree used to be.  It yielded three plums this summer, they were delicious.  What sort of cretin tears up a baby plum tree?

Then I was treated like a lazy boyfriend at the opticians and was badgered into giving a reason as to why I haven’t called them in such a long time.  They told me I have Blepharitis.  I didn’t even know I possessed a Blephar.

It’s going to be a weird day.


Bring on the comments

  1. GrowUp says:

    No call for that plum tree business, tempted to plant another and then stand guard with a bow and arrow at the ready. Not a sharp arrow, one with a lead weight on the end that’ll leave a well nasty bruise.

  2. So at least tell us that the Blepharitis isn’t going to be a big deal and you’ve got drops for it or something??

    My deep sympathies on the plum tree. We have three baby apples and a cherry, and nurturing them through the first few years, seeing their first tiny apple, then the next year a few more, really does create a weird bond. Our pony went after one of the apple trees and though he only got a few branches, it was upsetting to discover it like that.

    On a happier note, congratulations to Laughingboy on the new song! I hope you get some good sleep soon.

  3. Stuff like that makes me so angry. The plum tree, that is. Why? Just why? Sympathetic anger coming at you from London… does that help any? :)

  4. Holemaster says:

    Mindless vandalism. I can really never understand it. That and Bleparitis.

  5. unstranger says:

    My connection is back up today. I see you’ve been busy writing, and as good as ever too.
    Plant more trees.

  6. Baino says:

    Blepharitis my sweet thang is crusty eyelids. Warm water or saline compresses 4 times a day. And it’s not a job for an optician, you need to see your GP or an opthalmologist. Probably sleep deprevation!
    At least Laughing Boy isn’t singing Ten Green Bottles or The Song That Never Ends!

  7. warrior says:

    Blephartis? The opitican told you that? Sounds like a proctologists diagnosis if you ask me…
    Sorry I haven’t been around.
    Any chance Blephartis plays for Arsenal?

  8. K8 says:

    Grow Up; Ha! I wonder if giant venus fly plants grow well in Ireland?

    Susan; I think Blepharitis is a fancy way of saying I’ve been staring at a computer screen too long! Either that or I have to remember to blink more. Thanks for the tree sympathies :)

    J; Thanks, yes I’m feeling your angry sympathies loud and clear! I’m so happy people understand, I was thinking I might be an oversensitive sap. Gettit? Sap? Sorry.

    Holemaster; Thanks for your sympathetic confusion!

    Unstranger: welcome back from oblivion! More trees it is, so. Trees with booby traps.

    Baino; Thanks mommy :) Crustiness thankfully isn’t an issue (gick), but I’m glad I understand finally why people kept asking me why I was crying. Blepharitis is just a fancy way of saying Pinkeye I spose.
    Ten million green bottles? Been there! *sigh*

  9. K8 says:

    Warrior; Don’t aplogise, sure I’m the flakiest commenter there ever was! Thanks for reminding me how nice it is that I’ll never need to tell a proctologist to ask me arse.

  10. Kirk M says:

    “Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelash follicles, along the edge of the eyelid. The cause is overgrowth of the bacteria that is normally found on the skin.”

    Actually I always thought it was someone attempting to describe a rare disease to someone else while they were terribly drunk.

    “(hic!) it wasth bleferritis I (hic!) tell ya’. That damn blef(hic!)eritis!”

    My condolences on your plum tree. must have been the same bastards that keep knocking my wife’s business sign out of the posts.

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