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Sep 10

Tomb raiding

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2009 in Jobs, Little known facts, Strange and Unusual

I wrote a while ago (here) about my search for a Dolmen.

I failed this search for a very good reason; there is no Dolmen.  There is instead a megalithic tomb, or *happy claps* possibly even a chambered grave.  Thanks to the combined efforts of my dear old Dad, my neighbour, a website (what are the odds?!) and Google Earth, we found it.

Today, being the second day of our Irish summer, I decided to go and explore it.  Yes, I have been given a myriad of household things to be done at Headrambles Manor, but… call me Ms Croft, the curiosity of ancient history got the better of me.  Sorry Dad, the cesspit can wait.


Not much to look at, is it?  Hidden in plain view by a thick blanket of raspberry brambles and nettles, the knarly looking Hawthorne tree should have been a major clue.  My neighbour, before she moved away, wanted to visit this place at midnight on a full moon with me.  I thought she was a bit touched for wanting to do so at the time if I’m quite honest, but today when I went to visit the tomb, I could feel what she was talking about.  I felt like I was trespassing, dancing on somebody’s grave.  It was not my place to explore… call me quirky, but I felt a very weird condensed sort of energy surround this place.

Armed with a pair of secateurs,  hedge-clippers, gardening gloves and a ribbon, I attacked.  No… wait… that sounds quite violent – of course I asked it for permission first.  I’m not stupid.  Just because I might not believe in something, doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true.  1,000 ancient Irish Druids can’t be wrong, I’m not about to go inviting faery curses upon my family, thank you very much.


This is the tomb after an hour’s worth of pulling brambles apart.  The ribbon on the left tied to a branch is a gift, I thought it couldn’t do any harm.  The wee hill in the background is Carrickgollogan, or Catty Gallagher, if you ever wondered how Katie Gallagher’s pub beside Bray’s Dart station got its name, now you know.

At one point, a very loud “MUUUERURURRR” sound from behind startled the Bejeezus out of me.  Turns out I’d attracted an audience.


After two and a half hours I had to quit to collect Puppychild, but I’ll be back.  Apart from all the embedded thorns which I’m having a lot of fun tweezing out, I consider myself extremely lucky to have such an unusual pile of rocks near my gaff.  Cleaning them out and taking care of them is kind of nice in a painful sort of way and besides, you never know when the Council may sneak along on a dark night and bulldoze the lot… somebody needs to classify it and protect it.  That’s me I suppose.


Parknasillogue Megalithic Tomb: After a haircut

Bring on the comments

  1. tuli says:

    What a wonderful find! Can’t wait to hear more about this.

  2. GrowUp says:

    There’s a good one on top of Seefin and also on Seefingan, bit of a trek though

  3. K8 says:

    Tuli; Isn’t it?! I can’t wait to see if it’s possible to wander around inside.

    GrowUp; Up in the Wicklow wilds! I’m always looking for new spots to bring El Doggo, thanks… well worth the trek I’d say. The one that impresses me most is the Dolmen in the middle of that council estate in Ballybrack – Cromlech fields. Completely untouched by vandalism, that’s some shade of respect, that is.

  4. Oh no! The tree fell down!

  5. Brianf says:

    How fuckin’ cool is that? Very, I say! Hot damn I wish I had ancient ruins in my neighborhood. More pics, more story!!!

  6. K8 says:

    Jelly Monster; But it’s still ALLIIVE!! Ancient powers n’ stuff maybe. I like to think so.

    Brianf; Very fuckin’ cool I also am reckoning! More pictures tomorrow if the rain stays away. And… I can invent a story if you like? ;p

  7. Granny says:

    Be careful where you trespass! I am reading a book called The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. It’s a ghost story and it’s really got me spooked. It may also be to do with the fact that our French Chateau reminds me of a converted church?

  8. K8 says:

    Ghosts are a very misunderstood species. All they usually want is somebody to talk to, or a light for their cigarette. I can relate to that.

  9. holemaster says:

    You gave it a Brazilian K8.

  10. K8 says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if Veet works on undergrowth? It’s fcuk all use on mine…

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