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Aug 28

Hiya Hun!

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009 in Rantings, Strange and Unusual


The most overused word amongst people around these parts, it does my head in.  It ends almost every sentence, drawn out in a sort of nasal yuppy whine… ‘y’okay huuun?’

I was okay until you associated me with one of those crazy nomad invaders of 4th century Europe, I’m nothing like those mad bastards.  Nor am I a Korean wind instrument.  Moreover, how is it a nice thing to be synonymous with a Gray Partridge or a Rangers football fan?!

I have friends who are also highly intolerant of this sort feminine shmooze who would happily smack a ‘hunner’ upside the head for degrading them so.  One such friend received a ‘Good Night’ text from me last week which was followed by a few X’s for good measure.  I thought nothing of it, sure everyone X’s at some point or another.

She replied quite promptly with; “Fuck off ya big lezzer!”

If I had dared to wish her a good night with a hun stuck on the end instead of the inevitable triple X, I fear she would have hopped in her car and driven straight over to my house to deliver a swift kick in the boobies personally.  I wouldn’t blame her.

That’s it.  No more triple Xs from me so, and a kick up the hole for anyone who mentions the H word, too.  From now on it’s zero tolerance hun-wise.


Bring on the comments

  1. Sinéd says:

    Could’ve written that myself, a hate afaketionate crap! Go Kate!

  2. tuli says:

    Excellent post. A good reminder that not everyone likes terms of endearment from strangers OR friends.

    But what sticks with me most about your post is the VIBRANT WHITE TEETH of your Hun. Dude shoulda sucked some dirt before he allowed himself to be photographed.

  3. I don’t mind ‘hun’ too much actually… what really irritates me is ‘babe’! Eww, that one just makes me feel really uncomfortable… though why it’s any worse than anything else, I can’t quite say.

    I’m not good with using terms of endearment myself. They all just sound wrong as soon as they pass my lips!

  4. unstranger says:

    p.s. had to change my e-mail address

  5. Baino says:

    Oh God. Guilty as charged. I blame the American contingent and it’s just contagious. I must ‘check’ myself . . often. Have a good weekend hun!XXX

  6. Jaysus! You hit the nail on the mother bleepin’ head! I absolutely despise the term, if you want to call it that. I know a chick that says it way too much. It’s unnerving!

    Every time someone uses it, I’m reminded of a madam of a house of ill repute that gave me piano lessons. That, and women that work in greasy spoons.

    According to, it is used as an offensive term towards Germans. If you ask me, it’s not only demeaning to the person being addressed but also the person verbalising the shite. :)

  7. I admit to many pet names, anything from chicken to petal to hun, but I have a good reason. I used to work in childcare and when you have five million brats running around ya its easy to forget names so you end up calling them pet names. Sorry hun K8

  8. AHH my strike through didnt work on hun, whoops

  9. K8 says:

    Sinead; Yay! Cynical biotches unite!

    Tuli; Heehee well spotted! Maybe he invented bicarb of soda?

    Jenny; Maybe it’s because the word ‘babe’ is a right, not a privilege… only allowed by lover type people. Yer wan Kathy Burke on Gimme Gimme Gimme uses ‘babez’ to perfection!!

    Unstranger; Booyah!

    Baino; Dude I’ve never ONCE heard you hunning. Are you sure you’re not just hearing it in your head? You’re more of a chuck person ain’t ya?

    Jefferson; Piano lessons from a prostitute? How excellently quirky!! Did she teach you how to play Lady Marmalade?

    Jelly Monster; Yeah but saying “c’mere fuckface” to three year olds gets you in trouble sometimes (damn adults and their extra-sensory earwigging abilities!)

  10. Maxi Cane says:

    I just kind of glanced over this.

    You’re a lezzer now?

    That’s awesome hun.

  11. K8 says:


    You shut yer yap and go buy yer missuz a dog.

    You’re obviously not doing a good enough job as her bitch! Heehee…

  12. warrior says:

    Hiya Hon,
    it aint because you come from Hungary we call you hon, it’s because you are as sweet as Honey, just like me maith. Sorry Babe I won’t hon you again darlin, I promise, all right luv?
    te ra chicken.

  13. Kirk M says:

    Since everyone else used up all the good puns and obvious come-on’s I’ll refrain from repeating them.

    Take care m,y little soup turine.

  14. K8 says:

    Warrior gets a free slap from the department of disgruntlement.

    Kirk M; Soup turine… I like it. It may stick!

  15. Kirk M says:

    “It may stick!”

    That depends on the kind of soup. :P

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