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Jun 20

Empty urges

Posted on Saturday, June 20, 2009 in Family, Rantings

My house is psychotic at the moment. It has split itself into two entities… sparse and pretty, and a horrific mess that looks like the set of a cardboard snuff film. Each room can take on either appearance, but there’s no way of knowing what to expect. There is the kid’s bedroom, which is slowly being emptied of auxiliary toys (I hate that part) and clothes and general collectibles. The master bedroom just about fits a bed into it, so keeping that clean is pretty easy. The garden’s got a brand new A-Frame for Laughingboy’s swing (which involved cement and paving slabs and a serious amount of head-scratching), and a massive wooden shed to build our dreams in… or probably just to be full of junk. The sitting-room has been visited by The Dude and now has pretty swanky looking wooden bits to hold everything up. He even made us a new computer desk which might be worth showing or might not…


The Men want me to paint this white, but I’m having none of it. There is a better colour than white, I just can’t figure out what it is yet?!?  I took this picture because it won’t look like this for long… soon the books and the gizmos will creep in until I’ve had my gumtree way with the lot of it.

In the midst of it today I felt the urge to buy stuff, something to interrupt the chaos.  Thing is, Thailand and the wedding lark sort of killed the buzz in the bank department so I’ve had to enforce frugality.  No buying things unless other things are sold first, that’s our new boring rule.

But!!!  I found a loophole.  I can buy things, as long as they are things that you can put other things into!


Ok… maybe not that cool, but plastic boxes from that new storage mecca in Carrickmines is good enough.  Pretty plastic boxes too.  And things that sucker themselves to your bathroom wall to hold other things and a few boxes within boxes within boxes for the craic.  I feel much better now.  They entered me into a competition to win U2 tickets, but  I don’t know how I feel about that.

Bring on the comments

  1. Granny says:

    Maybe a pale mushroom colour? Keep it light to enlarge the room!

  2. unstranger says:

    Excellent as usual. Your activities are most interesting and normal Not sure about the hand grenade though!

    As for the colour choice, I believe you’ll find it in the painting just sitting there on that wonderful green-coloured fire surround.

    p.s. tear up the raffle ticket ’cause if you win tickets and then go to U2; you’ll end up in therapy!!

  3. Kate says:

    Everything takes time Kate – wait a while, the wedding and the honeymoon are still fresh in your mind – enjoy the memories, and while you’re doing that save for the things you want!

    U2 mmmmm not sure either…

  4. Kirk M says:

    Oooh, I’ve just have to have one of those knick-knack grenade things. I mean so what if the drawers on the bottom tend to slide out overnight or whenever the cat plays with it. Wonder what happens if it blows up with all your stuff in it?

    I’d also mention to you that sitting back, relax and take things easy for a bit but Kate said it already so I’ll just add my vote to it.

    And I’m also iffy about the U2 tickets.

  5. K8 says:

    Granny; You can dress up ‘cream’ with any word you like, but it’s still cream. No cream or any cousin, brother or aunt of cream shall be allowed. It’s too boring.

    Unstranger; You’re so right. That painting is the answer. I knew it. I just needed somebody to say it.

    Kate; No time to relax!!! Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s planetary alignment or something. Stuff is falling in line and I have nothing to do with it whatsoever, I’m but a facilitator.

    Kirk; The bottom drawers must be for snacks I reckon.
    Everybody’s iffy about the U2 tickets. It’s not the music I’m worried about, I love their music (you startin’?) it’s the crowds I can’t stand. Crowds of D4 heads. *shudder*

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