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May 21


Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2009 in Strange and Unusual

We palefaced people in Temperate climes aren’t the only ones unhappy with our lot!!  This amazes me.  We Irish pay an arm and a leg on St Tropez tanning products and tanning booths for that bronzed healthy glow, in fact the first thing I did upon reaching this side of the planet was leg it from the plane into broad Thai daylight screaming “Burn me!!  Burn me now!”

Here’s the gas thing though… upon switching on the TV, I’m bombarded with products appealing to Thai ladies not for skin darkening, but for skin bleaching!


Yep, ironically, the land of balmy sunshine is full of women who hate darkened skin, who just like us but in reverse, are spending a small fortune in the effort to become as pale as a Tescos checkout operator, and are wondering why on earth all us reddened bikini-clad Westerners are beating each other for the best benches when we’re all (according to them) perfectly sexy to begin with.

Isn’t that mental?!

I think we should choose a new colour, a nice shade of cyan perhaps.  That should even things out nicely.

Bring on the comments

  1. Grandad says:

    Next one you meet – tell them I’ll swap with them. They will be dilirious in the wet, cold miserable sunless climate here, and I will suffer in silence while getting a tan.

  2. Hails says:

    That is fantastic!! Just goes to show – be happy with what you’ve got and who you are and all that. Someone else would spend (and probably *is* spending) a lot of money to look like you do right now! This is good news. I’m pale and proud from now on. :)

  3. Grannymar says:

    I win!

    My freckles take on a greenish hue after a day in bright sunshine. :D

  4. GrowUp says:

    Cyan? Smurfette then? Hmmmmm.

    Perhaps some sort of skin exchange program?

  5. K8 says:

    Pop- Great news… there are local shopping markets for Thai brides here, farangs like yourself are marching proudly about with their purchases and bringing them home. Best of both worlds!

    Hails- Do embrace the whiteness!! It’s also a lot less painful. Ow.

    Grannymar- That’s it!! Everybody should move closer to Sellafield!

    GrowUp- Haha I’m picturing groups of disembodied skin wandering around airports looking for directions to their host families. Epidermis Lost.

  6. Jo says:

    I read a blog post about this, alright, but about the Philippines. I find it horrifying. Post colonial self hated, inernalising of white racist values.

    I don’t know if that applies in Thailand. Maybe we just all want what we can’t have. I find the orange is slightly less alarming, it’s not BLEACHING your skin and it’s more cosmetically than racially motivated.

    Still, it’s all so sad.

    We should be after health. Not this self hating crap!

    I don’t know if that applies to

  7. unstranger says:

    Excellent K8. First thought into my head having read this post was of the book Gulliver’s Travels! Did you ever read that?

    Travel does reveal the strangest things. I wonder if Jonathan Swift ever visited Thailand?

  8. jen says:

    hi there,
    Just goes to prove that there is product available to make everyone feel insecure about their appearance. All hail the marketing departments…….enjoy the rest of your trip (and congratulations too) – loving the blog.

  9. Quickroute says:

    I step away for 5 mins and your wandering the earth like a nomad – belated congrats and have a blast!

    p.s. the pasty Irish look is SO in these days!

  10. roy says:

    I’m with quickie, gimme a pale Irish lass anyday

    I hope you don’t mind if I throw in a quick advert?………..????

    Save blogger taxis now!

  11. warrior says:

    Yeah we could all just piss on each other that should do the trick.

  12. Baino says:

    Actually the Koreans and Japanese value pale complexions (and did long before European contact) it’s a sign of wealth – no toiling in the fields etc. My neighbour would mow his lawn fully clothed, gloves and a massive sun hat to avoid even a tinge of a tan!

  13. That’s crazy! I had no idea about that. Just goes to show that the advertising giants really do have us all wrapped around their little fingers.

  14. K8 says:

    Thankfully though, not many women seem to have fallen victim to the advertising and seem to embrace their brown-ness, but the kids are suckered! Little girls bouncing around the markets with their faces caked in talcum-powder are a very bizarre sight indeed.

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