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Apr 17

How the button found its way into the piggybank

Posted on Friday, April 17, 2009 in Quickie

You know when you’re clearing out the stuff drawer, or searching for fallen batteries underneath the couch or de-cluttering windowsills and you find bits?  Screws, paperclips, strange coins, hinges, BB-gun pellets and batteries (that could be dead or fully charged, it’s anyone’s guess), y’know, that sort of thing… what do you do with them?  I’m dying to know.  Do you have clutter jars full of odd things growing dusty or do you pocket them till you find their homes only to have to empty your jeans at night into a miniature bedside skip?

Or…do you just throw them out?  But *gasp* what if you need them later?!  What then?  WHAT THEN?!?!

Bring on the comments

  1. Baino says:

    I have a basket on the kitchen bench. When it’s full. I chuckit! Although anything I find under Adam’s bed isn’t even fit for Maxi Cane!

  2. unstranger says:

    I fill the bin. Couldn’t be arsed dragging my clutter with me. While my clutter was mooching in another space and oblivious of me, I had no use for it!
    How could I even consider retaining it once I found it again? No thing is of that importance.

    Consider the life of Paul Erdos (pronounced Erdish). his entire life to when he died in his 80s he carried all he had in one small suit case. Never owned a property and never kept money, just gave it all away.

  3. I have several bowls of such collections. Every now and then, when I’m feeling brave, I weed them out and throw most of it away… except things like screws because I get nervous about where they might have come from in the first place! One day my house will probably fall down…

  4. Mr Toys says:

    Well, the way I look at it, putting stuff in the junk drawer is the best way to make sure it is never needed because one thing is certain… as soon as you throw it out, that’s when you realise it’s the bit missing from your wailing 2 year old’s favourite toy.

  5. Jo says:

    No binning. JUST like you said.

    Terrible. I wish there was an inbetween.

    A detritus amnesty.

  6. I have clutter boxes. An official clutter box; a big wooden box with a lid. And other ones, if I need to do a bidy I just grab a cardboard box and chuck everything into it. Makes tidying so much easier to worry about the crap in the box after everything else is tidy but invariably I just end up with boxes of crap. There’s a few of them up in the attic. I’m a bit sick of ‘stuff’.

  7. Natalie says:

    It all depends, I bin a lot because I am not sentimental about THINGS…but if they belong to one of the girls or the man of the house they end up in an empty red flower pot for a while! Eventually I hand it out or throw it out so that I can begin again…

  8. Holemaster says:

    Stuff drawer, heh. I maintain small piles of unopened bank statements in various locations around the place. Under the stairs is a mess of useless cable crap like SCSI to USB, USB to Firewire, Firewire and SCSI back to USB to Christmas Lights connected to headphones, extension cables, multi-sockets with old chargers in them and a couple of old mobile phones on the end all underneath a couple of tents and sleeping bags and with dead spiders and dried beer.

  9. Grannymar says:

    I put them in the Nut tin!

  10. TheChrisD says:

    Wait, why were there BB pellets there as well? :?

  11. K8 says:

    Misfires. I like to pelt TAT while he plays the xbox sometimes to put him off… heheh…

  12. K8 says:

    Squirrelly! Nice.

  13. K8 says:

    Dude put all them things together and wire yourself together the best damn camping experience ever.

  14. K8 says:

    But what about the elastic bands?

  15. K8 says:

    The attic. *shudder*

  16. K8 says:

    Yeah but at least waste pickups are cheap!

  17. K8 says:

    Murphy’s Law, there’s no escaping it.

  18. K8 says:

    I think stuff also reproduces in small containers when nobody’s watching, producing mutated gizmos that could be useful for something interesting-looking… you never know.

  19. K8 says:

    See, there’s a man who knew the mathematical probabilities of shrapnel.
    That’s an amazing bio! I can’t imagine watching a three year old suddenly discover what a negative number is. They don’t put that stuff in baby books generally…

  20. K8 says:

    I was going to ask, but… I’d better not.

  21. Quickroute says:

    I used to throw all that stuff out but I might start ebaying it now I’m strapped for cash!

  22. Hails says:

    I used to be a terrible hoarder. I would keep every ridiculous object I found, “just in case”. I can no longer do that since everything I own now has to fit into my backpack! And I have to say, it is very liberating to have hardly any possessions… I just throw things away now without a second thought. All I need is a passport and a change of clothes… ;)

  23. K8 says:

    ‘Neon paperclip $25 – Once touched by Elvis!’

  24. K8 says:

    But what about the weird coins and receipts from memorable lunches with bizarre people? What about those things?

  25. Brianf says:

    Timely question. I am in the throws of deep spring cleaning and have found a bunch of those items. Nuts, screws and bolts go into the assorted nuts, screws and bolts box in the basement and the rest goes into the junk drawer. It is in the kitchen. It is full of thing-a-majigs, dohickeys and I wonder what that was fors.

  26. Hails says:

    I haven’t got the space to keep receipts and mementos and souvenirs and the like. I can only keep stuff I genuinely need from day to day. That is a downside, I suppose. But the coins… I’ve currently got 4 currencies in small change in my purse, and probably another 2 or 3 in the flat in Tallinn. No idea what to do with those when I next move!

  27. Natalie says:

    How do you know about the elastic bands????? LOL…bobbins actually but I rob those and keep them in my handbag because I am ALWAYS losing those!!!!

  28. Annie says:

    We have a stuff drawer in our house for this very purpose or as I prefer to call it – ‘the man drawer’. Michael McIntrye has a great sketch on the random things you find in a man drawer, that you hold on to forever because you’re afraid some day you’ll be screwed if you can’t find it.

  29. Tinman18 says:


    Sorry, but I’ve meme’d you.

    Please feel free to ignore it if you’re doing anything more important, like, say, getting married…

  30. Granny says:

    I am ruthless when it comes to getting rid of stuff, just make sure the coast is clear!

  31. I just put it back in the stuff drawer. Guaranteed if you throw it out, you will need it approx 45 seconds after the binmen take it away

  32. If I comment here, will a little Canadian flag come up by my name? Or will “it” know that I am English and put up an English flag? Curiosity has got the better of me……

  33. K8 says:

    Gah. Double memed. All the ‘I’m way to cool to do memes’ people are doing this meme. Bizarre!!!

  34. K8 says:

    I’m marvelling at the fact you could be arsed bringing nuts screws and bolts all the way down to the basement when the bin is so much closer. Fair play.

    Doohickey. My word of the year.

  35. K8 says:

    Heh. Binmen are so metaphoric the way they drive off into the horizon with your stuff.

  36. K8 says:

    Are you doing this on everyone’s blog? Srsly though I’m amazed my wordpress yoke didn’t recognize your accent.

  37. K8 says:

    What a great big commenty mess…

  38. I found your blog and read a few of the posts. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to checking out more from you in the future.

  39. K8 says:

    Thanks Robert!! The kettle’s always on.

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