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Apr 10

Germs in funky tights

Posted on Friday, April 10, 2009 in Something to think about, Strange and Unusual

I think it’s a given that there’s not much on TV these days.  I’m tired of panel shows, fed up of re-runs, I’m even bored with ‘Friends’ which is really saying something.  Then came Eden, a channel with digital dinosaurs, volcanic adventures and insect sex, to name but a few subjects it covers.  No more purple-headed warrior mumbo jumbo, gimme nature in it’s raw state and I’m nurtured.

One thing scared me though…

Humans.  Of all the species on the entire planet, we’re the most successful.  This is old news!  Of course it is, but the extent of it is fairly alarming.  The human population of this planet increases by two million people every ten days.  Given that Bono is still clapping and people are dying every second in third world countries, it’s still nowhere near enough to tip the scales.  We as modern people are shocked by death and will do anything to prevent it, but in order for life to thrive there must be death, but there is not enough of it and so we expand as a species like bacteria.  That’s how they put it.  Humans in their success as a species are exactly like bacteria.  That’s creepy.  I walk down Grafton street and that’s all I see.  Germs in funky tights.

It’s enough to turn a person into a psychopathic maniac if you think about it.  Maybe you don’t think about it, but I do.  Mowing several million people at a go into oblivion with an atomic bomb… it’s still nowhere near making a dent in the obliteration of the human species.  Not that I’d want that of course!!!  But, it would be nice to give those rare animal species a chance to catch up instead of murdering them for their hides on our stupid over-populated cat-walks.  PETA mumbo jumbo maybe… I just feel unwanted all of a sudden.

Think of it like this:

The growth of bacteria in an organism can be simplified to a model composed of 4 stages:

-Lag; Slow growth as the bacteria gets used to its surroundings and knocks down its competition.

-Log; Exponential growth, fast.

-Stationary; Overcrowding and lack of resources (because they’ve been burned up) where death rates equal birth rates… then…


If humans are like bacteria, where exactly are we on the curve?

What’s the point in my existence?  To have children, so that they can have great-great-grand children who eventually fall foul to an ice-age?  Arrgh.  I feel like I’m up in an aeroplane looking down on billions of tiny people milling around like mad eejits and I’m still.  Silent.  Wondering.

Then I find a blog like Amy’s.

Once upon a time there was a snail and a beach. The snail was named Gary. The beach was so much fun. Gary played and played until he got tired. So he decided to rest in the sea. But he almost got washed away until he learnt to swim then he was safe after that.

There were some fish on the beach and Gary felt hungry. He also rolled in the sand and he loved everything. The sun was lovely and warm.

Amy is an autistic kid who writes stories that take me away.  She might not post stories all that often but when she does, they mean more to me than the whole entire content of the Irish Times.  Amy keeps me sane.  Call it escapism, call it naivety, I don’t care.

She to me seems real.  Truly real.  Reality is hard to find these days… if Amy is not bacteria and my kids and my lover and you, the reader… if we are not bacteria then who is?  Who am I to judge?!?

Another sleepless night for me.


This thinking lark is over-rated.

Bring on the comments

  1. Holemaster says:

    That’s another fine post you got me into.

  2. K8 says:

    Yay! Sleep is for pussies :)

  3. Jo says:

    Yep to Holemaster’s comment, but also stop that thinking to much, look after your own little corner, not much else we can do.

  4. Germs in funky tights is a great image! Scary though, you’re right.

    In my more nihilistic moods, I think we’re just on our natural path: like germs, we will live until life becomes unsustainable, and then we will fade away and make room for something else. I’d be fairly happy with this arrangement if it wasn’t for all the nastiness we have to go through first to get there… that and the fact that we’ll never get to see what the world is like when the cockroaches take over…

  5. K8 says:

    Except blame the weather.

  6. K8 says:

    Yeah… those damn cock-a-roaches and their anti-holocaust devices. Bah.

  7. susan says:

    Ok, so we’re Germs In Funky Tights = we’re each a G.I.F.T.!
    Think of it that way.

    I’m in love with Amy; she made up rhymes including “it never ends to be friends”. Aawwww. Funny, but today I have an autistically inspired post too.

    Happy Easter K8 to you and the kids and all yours!

  8. That blog is lovely, I have a similar one hidden away somewhere by a young lad called Charlie. Must dig it out for you.

  9. unstranger says:

    K8, sounds awfully like you ‘still haven’t found what your looking for’! (tee hee)

    Seriously though, you have a fertile imagination and what’s more you no longer rely on TV to entertain. That alone is a milestone so many never arrive at.

    As for Amy’s blog, it’s excellent. Thanks for putting it up.

  10. Grow Up says:

    “A Virus Mr. Anderson.”

    We are irrelevant except in our own heads. Ironically our own heads encapsulate the only relevant reality (to us) so that makes the first statement irrelevant. It all gets a bit head-fucky after that.

    There are too many of us though. That’s why we have economic issues, because it takes such a relatively small number of us to provide the lower part of Maslow’s hierarchy for the rest of us, then everyone else has to be employed in make-y up-y jobs that aren’t really important or vital, so when we feel one of the lower needs under threat (security) we drop the higher ones, resulting in unemployment. Equilibrium is needed, but that is an anathema to humans, we want change, especially social mobility (ooooh, rank, status, barf). Perhaps a Brave New World is the way forward? Or an asteroid hit.

  11. Baino says:

    Yep, it’s something I think about all the time actually. We are a virus, we’re infecting everything and no matter how green we pretend we are, we’re still doing damage. I have a brother who’s decided not to have kids for that very reason . . depressing really init.

  12. Flour beetles are the toughest critters on the planet, atleast when it comes to radiation.

    We are aggressive species. We wipe out other species without giving any thought to the consequences. The homo sapien gene pool is a freaking nightmare, and it’s getting worse all the time. :)

  13. Quickroute says:

    Makes me think of 2 things – can we bloggers make a difference and if so how much or are we just pishin’ against the wind ? – i like to think that we can somehow make a difference

  14. K8 says:

    Next meteorite I see, I’m flaggin’ it down.

  15. Rua says:

    So we’re fucked right? Meh, somethings gonna kill ye regardless so why worry. In the great tradition of Man, let me just say that “it’ll be grand” and leave it at that

  16. Kirk M says:

    Alright, so we, as in us, are the world’s biggest hassle. As Pogo once wisely said; “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”.

    Yeah? So we’re here nonetheless so what’s to worry? I say this because I’ve thought about the same thing all my (thinking) life but it’s just one of those many mysteries that life throws at me that I’m not going to get any answer to–at least not in this life I’m not.

    The real challenge I’ve found is to be able to contemplate these types of conundrums yet not let them get to you–even if you’re a loving mother which, of course being a man, I can hardly contemplate myself.

    But I can understand where you’re coming from which is another one of life’s little conundrums. ;)

  17. Ow. My head hurts now. Yay for Amy though. xx

  18. Jennifer says:

    That blog is great and always makes me smile too.

  19. K8 says:

    But I want to know, dammit.

  20. K8 says:

    Ahh I don’t let them get to me, I just like to spew them on this here blog instead… it’s very cleansing y’know!! Not for you maybe though – sorry about that ;)

  21. K8 says:

    I like to share my head-wreck, I’m very considerate that way. :)

  22. K8 says:

    My favourite was the cat in the pet-shop. She’s a parallel writer and a half.

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