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Mar 4

Revolution – now or never.


I mentioned it before, and the concept is on everyone’s minds.  Bloggers alone have had a field day writing about government grievances, if I linked to them all it would take up the whole page.  This one is just a taster: Living in a Banana Republic.  The general consensus seems to be that we are heavily depressed about the fact that we’re being kept in the dark about most decisions, that the leaders of this country don’t give two flying f*cks about the public.  They are the exceptions to their own rules, and Robert is dead right, it is depressing, this lack of control that our so-called democracy has.

Herein lies the problem.  The facebook group which started this idea is barren.  With 116 members, you can practically hear a pin drop on the message boards.  Nobody has any ideas, no suggestions, there is no way of finding out how we can all collectively make a change because everyone’s being to damn quiet.  Are they scared, or just lazy?  Are people waiting for someone else to do the work, or are they waiting for a written constitution that they can get their heads around?

Here is a very eloquent post that I robbed from Maxi Cane, below.  You can see it at his site, or at the Blog pound, or at 1 Blank Page.

He’s looking for your help.  I am looking for your help.  Soon, there will be something concrete on the web that everyone can contribute to, but we desperately need your thoughts.  Serious thoughts and suggestions.  Links.  Ideas for public protests… anything.  If you’ve had enough, channel it.  Now’s your chance.


Imagine that Cowen and his whole party of a backslapping, brown envelope stuffing, self righteous clique were thrown out tomorrow.

Imagine that before he could even try it, we stopped Kenny and his bunch of not much betters from rubbing their hands and taking control.

Imagine we had control.

Imagine YOU had control.

The reality would be that you’d have no money and the people who do have it are increasingly worried about giving you any.

  • The country is angry.  Not because we’re an angry people, but because we’re scared.  We’re scared that this time last year only the people in charge new what was coming.

We’re scared about what they’re keeping from us now.

We’re scared that we’re losing jobs, homes and things that we worked hard for and assumed would have been safe, because the people in charge would do their jobs.

They haven’t.

  • The country is angry.  Not because we’re an angry people, but because we’re unsure.  We’re unsure about what to plan for this time next week, never mind next month or year.

We’re unsure about what they’re keeping from us now.

We’re unsure about the future of our education, health and welfare systems that we worked hard to pay for and assumed would be managed and governed properly because the people in charge would do their jobs.

They haven’t.

  • The country is angry.  Not because we’re an angry people, but because we’re tired.  We’re tired of hearing the same excuses and blame games.  We’re tired of being told to tighten our belts when we have no choice as dole queues grow and incomes drop.

We’re tired of information being kept from us now.

We’re tired of mini budgets and incompetance.  We’re tired of worrying about where our next euro is coming from.  We’re tired of having to beg for social welfare payments and benefits.  We’re tired of the people in charge defending the elite and blaming us.  We’re tired of electing people into power who promise to do their jobs when they never do.  We want to be lead by people who instil confidence.

They haven’t.

We have to act.  We, not them.  We need to rise above this anger, uncertainty and worry.

Now, this will seem like asking a 6 year old what they’d do if they were King for a day kind of an idea, but hear me out.

If you were standing in front of the Dáil and its members who were prepared to legislate and stand behing one point of action that you demanded, what would that be?

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get this done, because the people who have the power don’t use it for the better.  Regardless of your political backgrounds or beliefs you can’t deny that action is needed.

It’s our time.

What do you feel we need to get sorted first, and how?


Bring on the comments

  1. susan says:

    I just came from leaving a message on Maxi’s, loved seeing this!

    I must admit to hesitating on Facebook beyond that one half-assed reply I left on the discussion board, waiting for some sort of hmm, manifesto or platform or Declaration of Independence I suppose.

    Or is that what we’re working on now, here?

  2. robert says:

    The usual problem will rear its head K8. It is something that has always blighted the inhabitants of this country and that is apathy :|

  3. holemaster says:

    Robert is right APATHY. That’s what’s been used against us since pre 1922 and then by our own kind since 1922.

  4. K8 says:

    Growup; I love the idea of putting some poor soul on stilts in the midst of the fray to keep the road clear of traffic! Bags that be you ;)

    Susan; Yep that’s exactly it. It might be arrogant to assume the wants and needs of people out there, hence the facebook message board. Before setting up a site, it makes sense to put the feelers out. The silence on Facebook was just creepy though.

    Robert; True, very true. Mind you, sometimes strange things happen when the mass collective get focussed. You never know.

    Holemaster; I’m sure we can use that somehow, we all know we’re guilty of it.

  5. Maxi Cane says:

    I will admit that the fear of apathy really does send shivers. But if we don’t do something now we never will.

  6. holemaster says:

    I’m guessing the Facebook page is quiet because people posting under their own names might be afraid of airing political views in public which is sinister. I think people are a bit nervous of repercussion. There is Fianna Failers fucking everywhere, say the wrong thing and you’re marked down like yer man in the Lives of Others. No promotion for her or I’ll keep an eye on him and arrange a speeding ticket, etc.

  7. Grow Up says:

    OK, but be aware I have a small bladder.

  8. Jack McMad says:

    I agree with Holemaster. I don’t think Facebook should be the medium. (I don’t have an account anyway). I work contract in a politically charged, heavily unionised atmosphere. I wouldn’t want it getting out that if I had control, I’d have half of them publically flogged for what I see as the blatant misappropriation of public funds. Damn!! I’ve said too much!

  9. unstranger says:

    I am inclined not to do a whole lot on that facebook stuff as mentioned above by holemaster but was interested by the fact of its being there, still am.
    Good idea in that piece from one blank page. Will give it some ruminationing when I regain my focus, a bit frazzled at the moment but should be able to come up with something.
    Good blog

  10. Clare says:

    I’m sure you’ve already heard of this, but if you haven’t you might be interested in

  11. K8 says:

    My brother-in-law loaned me the SAW trilogy box-set last week. I have respect for its ethics, that people should be put in the position to judge themselves, but I wouldn’t involve so much ketchup, of course. If only it were applicable in this situation.

    There’s a website on its way, she should be viewable within a week.

    If you could march, would you march?

  12. K8 says:

    Clare – thanks for the link! I stumbled across it on Maman Poulet’s blog last week, it’s a brilliant idea if it’s being managed properly. I have linked it on a ‘certain’ website I’m writing!

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