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Feb 23

The Irish Blog Awards '09 and some more dead braincells

Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009 in Awards!, Family, Little known facts

I fell in love on Saturday night at the Irish Blog Awards.  When his big brown eyes locked gazes with mine… I almost dropped my cocktail.  It would have been improper to approach him though, for he had important work to do but  happily, later on in the night, he approached me!  Or rather his owner did.  Digital Darragh, you have the most beautiful Labrador in the world and it was wonderful meeting you both.  I would’ve loved to speak to you and Emma a bit longer, but there’s always next year.

I got to play mindgames with Tinman18 at the start of the evening.  How do you recognise somebody in person from their writing style?  It’s not easy, unless you have their mobile number and you know you’re both in the same room.  All you need to do is to some kinky texting, and watch out for the giggling bloke.  Thumbs up.  What a sound character!  Thanks for the juice, dude.

I stuck by Robert Sweetnam for a good while, completely addicted to his Corkish accent, but I’m totally at a loss trying to remember what it was exactly that we spoke about.  That’s a sign of a good night.  I robbed this photo while he wasn’t looking:


Point of note… that’s the Accidental Terrorist second from the left.  He is responsible for Rick O’Shea’s beard, though it’s a little known fact.  There’s nothing like a bit of fuzz to boost a man’s sex appeal, I was beside myself from hugging them both on the night, I’ll never wash these cheeks again.

I also got to see a bride on a bouncy twister castle.  I’ve scrapped the wedding plans and have re-arranged them from scratch.  I am that inspired.


This bobbing bride is Ciara Crossan of Wedding, I got so much great advice from herself and Ellybabes, the support bowled me over.  A definite highlight of the evening was Elly’s surprise gift… a handmade choker (something new!) to go with my wedding dress… it’s beautiful, I couldn’t believe she made it just for me.  Thank you so much again, Ellybabes.


Here’s a rather nice shot of Darren Byrne’s arse…


…and a photograph of some people blatantly ignoring the rules of bouncy twister:


And a shot of Grandad delivering the punchline to what was probably a filthy joke to Robert Sweetnam:


The rest of the photos are somewhat blurry as my demeanor got more and more hazy throughout the night, but I do remember swaying to Bock the Robber’s theories for a better world through a haze of Jack Daniels and laughy tears, and being poked fervently by Darragh Doyle, not for the first time either I might add.  The following is his Wossy/Brand YouTube pisstake made with Maxi Cane… it was an honour to have my reputation so blatantly flaunted like that baby yeah!!!

The night was brilliant, thanks to Damien Mulley and his crew… I was bowled over with my award for best post (Thanks to KRO IT Solutions for sponsoring!), but even more so by the well wishings I got from people, it was an atmosphere dense with serial friendliness.  Although I got to meet some of my favourite leg-ends… John Braine, Elfinamsterdam,   Nick, Lottie, HairyBen (gorgeous he is) and Willknott (thanks for the badge, dude!) and Grannymar, I was gutted to have missed out on meeting some other fine heads I heard were there.

I honestly have to say I was equally gutted to find Xbox4NappyRash, the Sexy Pedestrian and Manuel so cruelly robbed of their trophies, for I was rooting for them something rotten, but blogging is a fickle thing and I know their time will undoubtedly come again.

Mostly I want to thank everyone for nominating The Secret Fire… the world seems dominated by paranoia and negativity, for they are the things that catch the headlines.  To have so many people recognise the goodness in the little things, the fleeting beauty that can be found in the strangest of places… it’s wonderful to see.  I hope, if anything, it gave people the ability to open their eyes and search for these tiny things, these small redeemers of humanity, for they are everywhere if you look hard enough.  Blogging is a powerful tool… use it for the greater good.  Follow in the good footsteps of Maman Poulet… we all have a voice.

Bring on the comments

  1. Maxi Cane says:

    I’ll have to go next year and poke you for real!!!

  2. robert says:

    I can’t remember what we were talking about either so you must be right about it being good!

    It was one of the best nights I’ve had out in a long time. I’m still suffering. TAT is a legend, I can’t remember much of what we were talking about but I distinctly remembering it being legendary!

    Anyway it was great to meet you all. And of course it was great to see you win the best post award too. It was well deserved..

  3. I’m so delighted you liked the choker – as I said on the night, for some reason when I was thinking of the design you kept coming to mind, and vice versa – it was just meant to be!

    Congrats on the win for best blog post!

  4. Nick says:

    That was a wonderful post, I’m glad it got the appreciation it deserved.

    Nick was there? That’s funny, I don’t remember a thing about it. It must have been the Other Fella.

  5. I now have to spend the next week going around the blogs of people who were there and professing my jealousy.

    I’m so thick.

    Thanks for your lovely comments, here and everywhere today it seems.

    and again, well done, well deserved.

    Next year it is then!

  6. K8 says:

    Maxi; Nice – I thought I might have to lure you ’round to the idea with my twitts.

    Robert; It was legend all right! I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye (or did I?!) but I got drunk from the legs upwards and collapsed in the wee small hours upon finding a pillow and a remote control.

    Elly; You’re the cat’s pyjamas, you are!

    Nick; Where do all the Other Fellas go when the lights go out?

  7. K8 says:

    Xbox4NappyRash; I’ve ordered a hit on your opponents… you’ll have no troubles next year.

  8. Darren says:

    “Here’s a rather nice shot of Darren Byrne’s arse…”

    Don’t you mean, here’s a shot of Darren Byrne’s rather nice arse?

  9. K8 says:

    Don’t be cheeky!

  10. Quickroute says:

    great to see some of the photos which graphically display the pish up yiz had – congrats !

  11. Baino says:

    Big congrats and well deserved. And sorry, but I have the most beautiful labrador you’ve never seen!

  12. Jo says:

    Oh God, Kate, er, photo, er, anonymity, like… oh dear.

    I will treasure the sound of Robert S saying ‘€1.20, for a Kinder Bueno?’ in tones of gentle dismay at 3 am in the morning, I have to agree about the lovely Cork accent :)

    I didn’t realise your necklace was a pressie, how lovely!

  13. robert says:

    @Jo – I’m blushing now :)

    I’d forgotten all about the Kinder Bueno!! I think I ended up settling for a bag of salt and vinegar Tayto’s!

    OMG, it’s all coming back to me slowly now..

  14. Lottie says:

    Lovely to meet you (briefly) again. Such a fun night!!!

  15. Natalie says:

    Congratulations K8! It was a post I will never forget.

  16. Hi K8, loverly to meet you and TAT. I’m well chuffed to be one of your leg ends.

    Congrats again! Deloirah to see some of my favourites winning.

  17. Em-J says:

    Hey! The Freddie pup even got the first mention on the post! He told me that he is thrilled.

    Congrats on winning. You deserved it!

  18. Well done on your award and well deserved an’ all.

    Great to see fotas from the night for those of us who weren’t there:)

  19. Congrats K8, i’m so happy you won :)

  20. Congrats K8! Glad to see that you all had a blast. Keep the brilliant post coming. :)

  21. I’m With Jefferson, Congrats K8,I’m proud of you. Keep up the good word.can’t keep the Fire secret, Best o luck for the future. Davy

  22. raptureponies says:

    Although i did see you from afar, and have some pics of ya, Sorry I didn’t get to actually have one of those meeting thing yokes.

    Very well done on the award, well worthy.

  23. Grannymar says:

    I am very late catching up.

    Very well deserved win K8. May it be the beginning of a wonderful year for you. Enjoy!

  24. NaRocRoc says:

    Most excellent result. Very well deserved indeed.

  25. K8 says:

    Quickroute; Thanks! Pity there aren’t more photos though… they got kindof blurry after midnight.

    Baino; Aww, I hope I get to meet your Labradoodle some day.

    Jo; Fixed!!! Dodgy photos make the world go round.

    Robert; Haha – it’s very hard to put a price on Kinder Bueno at 3am, but Taytos are your only man for beer absorbtion.

    Lottie; Twas a quality session. Long live Lifeline tablets I say.

    Natalie; Thank you :) Deloireh I was.

    John Braine; I was just sorry we didn’t get to talk more, it was all so fleeting and imbibed. Damn booze.

    Em-J; Aww bless! You should have him do a guest post :)

    Moodog; It was all a bit pear-shaped but WELL worth the road-trip. Two day hangover how are yeh?

    Green of Eye; Thanks a million!!

    Jimmy; Thanks dude :)

    Dangerous Dave; Aww cheers mate, back at you in spades.

    Raptureponies; You too! I was delighted you scooped a trophy :) Felt like I should have launched a ship with that mega Heino bottle, but drinking it was fun too.

    Grannymar; Not late at all, it’s slow getting back into the swing of things, luck afforded me the time to write! Thank you so much for the wishings :)

    NaRocRoc; Muchos gracias!

  26. Ruairi says:

    Hey K8,

    Congrats on the win and thanks for the thanks! Someone wants to use the pic of me and you when you were getting the award and I just wanted to run it by you and ask you something else. Give me a call if you don’t mind – 043 3321627.



  27. Darragh says:

    Are you kidding? The last time he wrote a post on my blog I was picking big lengths of blond hair out of my keyboard for weeks. Oh, and I couldn’t get him away from it then.

    You really deserved the award. Well done.

  28. Aww, thanks K8 and CONGRATS! God I look drunk mid-jump on the Twister.

  29. Kirk M says:

    Okay, so I’m late. Just got back from…hell, I can’t remember where I was.

    Anyway, a big resounding YAY for you! Great pics and write up by the way (as usual). I’m honored to know such an award winning family. :D

  30. I say it every year but I’m deffo going to go next year. Even if I have to leave the sprogs with D-next-year and come home to find them playing with the chainsaw or whatever. Congrats, girl. I knew it would win xxx

  31. K8 says:

    Darragh; Thanks dude :) I’d imagine Freddie would make a brilliant prose writer, even if he IS blonde. (hee hee)

    The Sexy Pedestrian; It’s really hard NOT to look drunk on those yokes. I vote for a giant ball-pool next year!!

    Kirk M; Aww thanks dude, feel better soon.

    English Mum; Thank you! You know I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to arrange a kiddie room in the hotel somewhere with games and DVDs and munchies for next year? It might help solve sitting problems. We only made it with the help of a dedicated (but inexperienced) friend which I’m so grateful for.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Hi K8. Well done on the award. Great post. Well obviously everybody knows it is now.
    I’ve seen your name on so many people’s blogs but never really read your blog properly. I’m kinda newish at this and have hundreds of blogs to catch up on. Anyway I love it so far.

  33. K8 says:

    Hi Jennifer – happy belated birthday! I’m chuffed you like it around here and chuffed to meet a new blog buddy too… good luck with the writing!

  34. K8, a very, very deserved win for a beautiful post. Shame I didn’t get to meet you but there’s always next time.

  35. Rick says:

    You were beside yourself from hugging me?

    I was honoured….


  36. Ben says:

    Was great to meet yerself and TAT!

    Im sure i spent far too long trying to impart my never ending wisdom on XL Bacon Double CheeseBurger meals when both ya’ll just wanted to go upstairs and put on some Barry White music…

    Congrats on a well well well well deserved award! :)

  37. K8 says:

    Sinful Origami; (Such a great blog name!) Such a serious amount of people at that gig! I wasn’t expecting that from the impression I got. Next time I must leave Jack Daniels alone so that my mingling potential gets better :(

    Rick; Totally worth the beard rash! (Sorry about that by the way, I forgot to pluck.)

    Ben; Oh God I’m scarlet!!! We should’ve stuck around and talked – I so wanted to chat with everyone but… booze+ no kids+ award buzz= well – you know what I mean. You caught us rapid :)

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