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Feb 16

Means to an end

Posted on Monday, February 16, 2009 in Jobs, Little known facts, Something to think about

I swore I’d never write anything politically orientated again, but I can’t help it.

Anyway… this is more anti-political, for those like me who have a thin patience for the bullshit.


In the words of Billy Connolly;

“I think, roughly, the desire to be a politician, should ban you for life for ever being one. Don’t vote, it encourages them.”

I’ve had conversations with plenty of people about this country, comedians are loving the constant supply of new material.  I’m fed up trying to figure out who’s actually voting for people like that Cleverly Fluthered Bint or whatever her name is, because it’s not me, and I do vote.  The common opinion seems to be that we, the four million bogdodgers of Ireland, should have more of a say with what’s happening, should be privy to the way our highly coveted cash is spent… we should be given a chance to convey for ourselves why we thought the Lisbon Treaty concept failed, for example.  Instead we are made look like fools by people who can rarely be bothered turning up for Dáil meetings.  There’s far too many of them in there anyway, if you ask me.

There’s a certain unanimous frustration with our socio-political situation (marmalade… that’s another big word) which seems to be itching under the skin of this country… it’s like there’s a gas leak waiting for a spark.  The laypeople, the ones underneath, they want to have their say and they want to line the bankers up.


A buddy of mine (a poker playing/band playing/lumberjack friend who’s responsible for The Accidental Terrorist’s apt naming and definitely not the violent type) set up a facebook group last week.  He named it the Irish Democratic Revolutionary Party.

We will be set on the overthrowing of the Irish Ruling Elite, through peaceful means, by popular consent.

We shall reinstate the meaning or the word Republic, as defined as, For the People By The People.

Our revolution MUST be carried out through peaceful means. The rule of law MUST be respected. Our revolution will NOT become an excuse to attack any vulnerable targets in our society.

It has forty four people so far, so a visit is worth it for the comments alone!
I wonder if anyone will take it seriously?

Bring on the comments

  1. Peaceful? Really? No junta? Hmmm. Well if you insist we’ll try it your way first, but I look good in a facist uniform and thin little moustache!

  2. Kirk M says:

    I saw that while perusing Facebook yesterday. Do you have to be Irish?

    There’s an old saying (yah, one of those) that goes something like this:

    Those that desire political office should never be allowed to attain it. Those that want nothing to do with politics are the ones who should be there.

    Sometimes revolution can be a healthy thing?

  3. K8 says:

    Positivity so far! Whaddya know? I was expecting the first comment (if any) to say “Yeah, see you in jail”!

    All you need is an affinity to Ireland I suppose, you don’t have to live here. And Thrifty, at the marches you can wear whatever you want – point of note though, fishnets get the headlines ;)

  4. Nick says:

    Just finding some mechanism whereby we could actually control the ruling elites and prevent them ripping us off and feathering their own nests would be a good start.

  5. Well, cycling has given me the legs for it……

  6. Baino says:

    Have to say I wondered why the place is so quiet about the Public Service Levy, our lot would be on strike it’s so discriminatory. Good luck with the uprising . . I know of at least three would be benevolent dictators that would like the senior possie if it ever happens!

  7. Quickroute says:

    I don’t think the gandhi approach works anymore – bring back the guillotine!

  8. K8 says:

    Nick; It’s a pretty tough bubble they have surrounding them though, it would take some amount of voices to pop it. Need ideas!

    Thriftcriminal; If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

    Baino; *sigh* We’re also used to taking it on the chin and not saying anything. Something needs to change, as soon as possible.

    Quickroute; It’s the facebook approach – One and a half people gathered outside the Dail, all poking the Taoiseach :)

  9. Brianf says:

    The Ghandi, non-violent way is good but why not take over a post office in Cavan or Gort or someplace like that. Then afterwards, while in jail, you can all wear blankets and go on a hunger strike.
    Nah! That’ll never work.

  10. Queenie says:

    Fluthered who? Not B Flynn my ‘most admired woman in politics’ by any chance?

    I’m in, I like a ruck, anyway, if I do go to jail, I can claim racial discrimination, or something.

  11. holemaster says:

    Damn, I don’t want to join Facebook. He’s saying all the things I’m thinking though.

    Maxi and I might set up a separate revolution Blog and interact with Jos to get it going so.

    Will I look back in ten years and laugh? Maybe.

  12. I saw this on Facebook too. Probably a bit much for me to join, seeing as I’m not Irish, but call me a sympathiser, at least x

  13. K8 says:

    Brian F; C’mon warmonger… tell me how it COULD work?

    Queenie; Nobody’s going to jail. I hope.

    Holemaster; He’s saying the things we’re all thinking. A revolution blog has bin on my mind!!! If you’re serious, I may throw an aul’ email your way?

    English Mum; Sympathizers are welcome. More than welcome. Numbers are floating our boat right now :)

  14. Holemaster says:

    English Mum, if you live here, you’re entitled to be part of it and more than welcome. Doesn’t matter what nationality you are. This is a global problem anyway. Other countries will go the same way.

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