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Feb 2

The arch of my foot is itchy but I'm wearing converse runners and driving really fast.

Posted on Monday, February 2, 2009 in Family, Rantings

Niggle niggle niggle.

First the wedding plans collapsed.  Ms. Cheeky Bitch of reception venue called me last week to tell me she’d (oopsie) double booked us.  Translation – a better deal came along?!  Yeah so we cut the budget by half (a week in the sun is worth the sacrifice) and thwarted her menu ideas, but really.  There’s no call for that, lads.

Much nail biting this weekend.

Then TAT and my parents and my best bud all began to place ideas in a bucket until they soon expanded like a volatile gas and exploded with a glorious sticky sugary goo all over normal wedding conceptions.  And we still get to go to Thailand.  Bonus.


Then there’s the blog.  Yes boring subject I know, but in my defense, the theme that appeared for a day or two… while it was lovely, it was niggly.  It niggled me for ages.  The type was too small, the layout too white, the spacing too sporadic.  It was a designer’s layout, not a hopeless hippie layabout’s.

It’s back to wood for me, so.  Cozy and content, dark and slightly chilling.  That’s me.

Besides, I’d written to yer man what designed it and he very kindly told me what nonsense I should be editing in the nonsense fields, so if he were to visit and find that I’d poopoo’d (sorry but that’s the best word I can think of) the theme completely, he may just order a hit on me.  I can’t stand to hurt people’s feelings.

Besides, just look at the name of this theme… ABSYNTHE.  Isn’t that the most un-niggliest of words you’ve ever known?  I always like at least some aspect of this blog to be hallucinogenic in some way.  That’s who I am.

Bring on the comments

  1. Kirk M says:

    Ah, that’s so much better. There’s nothing like a backroom (feel) and good friends about you to make you feel comfortable as hell. “Pretty” (niggly?) never stacks up against making you feel warm and welcome.

    And if you put the hex on her menu plans then I guess she shouldn’t have double booked you, right? No excuse for that whatsoever. Give me her address and I’ll send her this awful disease my wife and I have…after you’re done using her of course.

    And that’s one heck of a title. Wish I could come up with titles like that. I’d probably have to start another blog in order to use such titles.

  2. Kirk M says:

    Umm, perhaps “disease” wasn’t quite the correct term I should have used. “Some type of horrid flu thing” is a much better choice I think.

    Now I’m wondering why yours is the only blog I’ve managed to comment on when I barely managed to get through the news for the past several days. Maybe it’s because you have teddy bears giving you IT/programming advice. I can relate to that.

  3. Nope. Miss Cheeky Bitch didn’t double book you.

    Miss Cheeky Bitch entered into a binding, enforceable contract.

  4. Kirk M says:

    Bock! Such words you’re using!

  5. yes. Scary, curse-words for idiot cheeky-fuckers in hotels who just got their bosses into deep shit by contracting to provide a service and then defaulting on their commitment.

    Stuff that could get their bosses successfully sued, and get their stupid arses fired.

  6. K8 says:

    Kirk M; There’s always a lazyboy and a six pack for you over here. Can I adopt you?

    Bock; Yep, I’ve been through the hate phase already, but y’know what? It’s probably for the better, the whole set up was romantic but a bit fucking ridiculous. Point of note: It wasn’t a hotel, but a youth hostel we were renting out for the night, of which she is owner. That’s what surprises me. She’s just lost a whole lot of money and that’s comeback enough for me.

    She just doesn’t know it yet.

    I’m looking forward to the grovelling when she realises I’m not willing to change the wedding date. Squirm, bitch.

  7. Queenie says:

    Oh that’s better, I like wandering around DIY stores, it reminds me of my mothers love for wood panelling when I was a kid, and I always come away with something useful….bit like visiting your blog really!

    Anyone who duplicates a booking here has to walk on their hands for a fortnight!

  8. Ugh, wedding plans. Having that headache myself. Get this: we looked at this one place – little country house that you can hire (if you cater yourself, etc) – and we thought it was such a sweet, fun idea…a load of friends and family all together in a pretty house for the evening until (*needle scritch on record*) she told us the price. Seven grand. Seriously. Seven grand. Are these people crackers???

    So come on, then, dish the plans already…

  9. K8 says:

    Queenie; Ha! I like that idea. Upsidedownness is underrated.

    English Mum; Seven grand?!?! See that’s what’s wicked, as soon as you mention the W word, they rub their wallets with glee. Scroungers.
    We’re going to do the church thing, then go for a meal with close family and friends, then have a party in England (where most of TAT’s family lives and our ex-pat friends), then bugger off on honeymoon. Then we’ll have another party when we get back!!

    Can’t have enough parties y’know!!!

  10. I like it. We’re going Church => pub (well, it’s a little hotel and they’re going to put some food on for us and scootch everyone up so we can fit a band in), which seems rather similar to yours. Except we’re shipping our rellies over on Ryanair. I like the honeymoon idea. Can one do that when it’s just a blessing, I wonder? Hee.

  11. Kirk M says:


    Adopt me? Would you get decent tax breaks if you did? Sounds like a lovely idea though. I do dishes too!

  12. I feel like I should be wearing burberry.

  13. K8 says:

    English Mum; Sure what better excuse?!?! Mind you, I’d say four sneezes in a row would be a good excuse to go on honeymoon too – gasping for some UV, me.

    KirkM; There are no dishes on this blog. I put them on the floor for the dog to lick clean, or I smash ’em up and make murals. I do need a fellow layabout to make me look less lazy. How does that sound?

    Xbox4NappyRash; …and sipping baby tears from a top hat while listening to Jazz. Yeah…

  14. Kirk M says:

    Let’s see now…

    Six pack
    Be a consummate layabout

    Sounds good to me! How do we get this started anyway? (this isn’t a Facebook thing is it?)

  15. Jo says:

    Well,commiserations and congratulations about the wedding plans,I suppose.

    You be sure to postpics of you in your frock, mind.

  16. Absynthe? Does it make the heart grow fonder?

  17. Amanda says:

    This is fantastic, I might have to quote the ‘niggly’ bit on my theme’s site if you don’t mind. From what I’ve read this theme does seem to fit you more! :)

  18. K8 says:

    Kirk M; Good question… I’ll have to do you up a graphic and allocate you a spot in here somewhere :) From then all you need is iris identification, a fingerprint scan and blood type analysis to get in.

    Jo; Ok will do, unless we decided to revert back to the nudist idea. In which case there may still be pictures, just not of me!

    Moodog; Absylutely!!

    Amanda; It was a seriously tough decision, the choice between these two themes. Yours bowled me over straight away, right up my street – I love the doodles! Then I read the long boring bits of prose I’d written through the eyes of your theme and realised it just wouldn’t work. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your stuff! Good luck with the niggly bits :)

  19. Kirk M says:

    Fine then. I’ll just have the VA draw an extra pint then when I head down there next week. Do I send the blood sample off to you then?

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