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Jan 23


Posted on Friday, January 23, 2009 in Quickie, Rantings

Water is bad for you.

Back in the other house, the water was soft and pure.  Here it’s hard as nails and smells funny.  Probably from all the rusty cars and Grandad’s tourist dump sullying the groundwater.

AND it’s costing a fortune.  I have to use more shampoo to get a lather up, more washing up liquid, more bubble bath (as soon as I clear all the boxes out of the tub) and I fear my kettle and washing machine will threaten to defect if I don’t start buying those rip-off calcium tablets.

From now on I’m protesting… no more washing, no more drinking re-cycled wee-wee.

It’s Vodka for me from this point forth.



Bring on the comments

  1. susan says:

    Excellent! Now start making your own and imagine the savings!

    You’re right about bad water; it’s a misery. After a few months in our current house we put in a water purification system and it was well worth it. No more filtering water in jugs, or rough hair and itchy skin, or scrubbing white crap out of pots. Bliss.

    Expensive bliss, but.

  2. What a great idea. I’m sure vodka makes your hair shiny too. Mind you, by that stage, you probably won’t care :)

  3. Grandad says:

    Will you stop blaming me for everything! My landfill is below your house so it has nothing to do with it. The only thing above your house is my septic tank, and no one has ever complained about that….

  4. Maxi Cane says:

    That’s the spirit!

  5. warrior says:

    There is a ceramic water filter that attaches under the sink somewhere. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows to where to get one. but I am sure you could google it. They last years and filter everything. They are used in africa and can extract clear drinkable water from mud. Check it out!
    Vodka will make your skin all wrinkly , your boobs hang, blur your vision, give you red rimmed eyes, a hell of a headache, ulcers and kill you by the age of 54. You could try H2o and and anything else.

  6. TenaciousT says:

    Ohhh yeah- now that is giving me a Friday feeling! I only moved across the burb and finding the same problem- water in old place so soft it didnt show up on litmus paper and now you could use it for a hammer. MUST get me one of your Absolut coolers though!

  7. Kirk M says:

    K8; I’d take warrior’s advice. I mean look what it did to the Russians?

    I heartily suggest a good bottle of Scotch instead. No headache, no hangover (to speak of), keeps your vision clear albeit a bit wobbly, considers any ulcers you might have your own business, keeps your boobs nice and firm or they seem that way anyway and you’ll live as long as like…until you pass on that is.

    It might also give you an irresistible desire to stand outside at night in a kilt, tartan and mantle while not wearing underwear and yelling war cries in an unintelligible language. Brandishing a sword or halberd is optional and not generally recommended if you’ve had to much “water”.

  8. TheChrisD says:

    Why not try some liquid H2 or liquid O on their own? If they won’t work together, try them separately! :D

  9. Baino says:

    I thought it was Guinness that made your hair shiny? Our water’s pretty good but we do have a ceramic purifier under the sink for drinking water. Not too exe but won’t solve your ‘lather’ probs. Actually, ‘lather’ isn’t necessary for cleanliness, it’s a surfactant additive that just makes bubbles, not necessarily clean (learned that working for a soap manufacturer for many years!) That’s why front loader soap powders don’t lather. Another useless fact brought to you from ‘useless down under’.

  10. K8 says:

    Susan; Brewing equipment for Vodka’s expensive too. Hmm, if I had to choose between the two? Umm…

    English Mum; Dreadlocks.

    Dad; The landfill is AROUND my house. I wondered why they got the land so cheap. Stephen King would have a field day with you!

    Maxi; Alcomentary?

    Warrior; My skin’s already in bits, I waved my poor boobs goodbye with the birth of the chisellers, my eye prescription’s been -6 in both eyes since the age of nine, I’m an insomniac with red eyes anyway and the rest sort of come and go as they please. Sure I was fucked already!!! Thanks for the info on the ceramic yoke though, I’ll look it up.

    Tenacious T; It gives you the Friday feeling every day!!!!

    Kirk M; Useless trivia: The Irish for Whiskey is ‘Uisce beatha’ – literally translated as “Water of Life”. Funny that ;)

    TheChrisD; Liquid Hydrogen!!! How much fun would that be armed with an Oxygen mask? Yeah. Must try that.

    Baino; But I LIKE bubbles.

  11. Jo says:

    I have tasted that water.

    It is weird, it tastes like cress, or alfalfasprouts.

    I’d gowith the filtration system. Or at least a filter jug, for now.

    One of the slightly fancier Neutrogena shampoos beats the hard water issue. Can’t remember which one though. But when I lived in England itwas thesame straw hair thing, and after Irobbed some of my (gay male) housemate’s it was silky silky!

  12. vodka is also my beverage of choice. I’ve got to get me one of them thar dispensars!
    peace to you from Indiana, USA, mTw

  13. K8 says:

    Jo; I dunno, there might be something in it… after a month of drinking it I’m feeling rather strange, sure we’ll see what it does. I’ve always fancied being a mutant.

    Mike the Waiter; Welcome to Casa K8 :) Peace back, Indiana.

  14. Now thtas a water cooler I’d hang around ALL day !!

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