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Dec 22

Why isn't ice cream covered on the Medical Card?

Posted on Monday, December 22, 2008 in Family

The doctor’s surgery was impressively festive this afternoon, I noted that it’s a shame that Poinsettias don’t own their own smell, there were so many of them dotted around as I manoeuvred Laughingboy into the waiting room.

“So how are we today?” the doctor smiled.

“Ahh not too bad…” I began unbuttoning the child’s many layers. “…I’m concerned about his oxygen saturation levels, since last night I’m guessing they’re hovering somewhere around the 82 mark. Would you have a pulse oxymeter gizmo lying around by any chance?” The doctor began to root, and emerged with a wee box attached to a clothes-peg which he clipped to Laughingboy’s index finger. The digital numbers began to count.

“81.9!” he exclaimed, sticking his lower lip out and making an impressed noise. “Any other symptoms?”

“Difficulty breathing, excessive mucous excretions from pretty much every orifice, restlessness and nausea. I administered a dose of 10ml purified water through his nebuliser last night which seemed to do the job. I reckon the kid has an upper chest infection going on, which seems to be creeping into the lower quadrants. I want to whack it on the head before pleural effusion takes hold. Maybe a dose of Augmentin Duo and a few vials of Combivent would do it?” The doctor mucked about with his stethoscope for a bit and stood back.

“Umm… yes that’s pretty much on the ball, let’s do that then.” He began typing. “Ever thought of entering the nursing career?”

“Yeah, I dunno… I’m just waiting for the right sign I s’pose. And money would help.”

“Here’s your sign right here,” he ruffled Laughingboy’s hair while Laughingboy frowned indignantly. “there’s your prescription, I’m sure you’re well accustomed to the doses and things? I might as well give you some signed prescription pads, sure!”

“Sweet, yeah I’m smashed broke at the moment, that’d be great!” A moment passed as he considered that fact that I might be serious, then he broke into a grin.

“So take care, now.”

“And a Merry Whatever!”

“And a Merry Whatever indeed.” the doctor grinned and went to lunch.

Meanwhile Laughingboy wondered when his ice cream treat was coming to him just as I considered the very same thing.  Ice cream always comes first.


Bring on the comments

  1. The things we have to learn as parents to care for our kids is sometimes astounding, but we do it don’t we.

    Love the Snow Cream! Made me chuckle.
    Merry Whatever!

  2. Merry Whatever K8!!

  3. I’m constantly amazed by the things that ‘lay’ people learn in the course of their lives, just day to day, doing what they have to.

    And, I know it’s not what the tone of this was at all, but when you see someone display those skills like that, it’s very attractive.

    Merry whatever K8, to the whole bloody lot of ye!

  4. Jo says:

    Icecream is snow man poo?

  5. Jo says:

    Hey, I love how asked you if you’d considered being a nurse, not a doctor…

  6. K8 says:

    Going like Sixty; You too, friend, you too.

    Ms Barbara Jane; Where’dya get those hearts? Cyawt!

    Xbox4nappyrash; I’m sure it would’ve been more attractive if there was more sleep to be had, sunken eyes and a monotone know-it-all voice can be a bit creepy. Merry whatever to all of yours too!!

    Jo; I noticed that too but didn’t mind a jot. I’d prefer the burdens of a nurse over a doctor any day, more personality involved maybe.

  7. God you’re clever! Merry Christmas Nursey (TAT might like the uniform too?!)

    Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas in your fantastic new pad with your impossibly adorable family. You deserve it!


  8. Baino says:

    Right that’s Mr Whippy off the menu!

  9. cream.
    Mmmmmm …blank prescription pads.

    I signed up for nursing school on Friday.Finally getting around to finishing something I started a long time ago.

    So would they be Poopsicles?

    Merry Whatever yer having yerself missus.

  10. K8 says:

    English Mum; Thanks dahling :) I hope yours is a magical buzz too!

    Baino; Cheeky little number?

    Hangar Queen; Fair play to you! Takes a lot of gumption to jump back into the studying pool. I wish you the best of luck, and happy spirits in the meantime :)

  11. TheChrisD says:

    You lost me with all the hip young medical mumbo-jumbo-lingo… :S

  12. Medbh says:

    That picture is fabulous!
    Frosty Poo!

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