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Nov 23

Random mind meander

Posted on Sunday, November 23, 2008 in Rantings, Something to think about

I’ve been hearing a lot of bitching lately about the people who run this country.  Quite rightly, too.  The conclusion I’ve come to – after not thinking about it very hard at all – is that what we have, is not a Banana Republic, but a Westlife Republic.  Bear with me, it’s a potato-peeling sort of thought.

I didn’t vote Westlife into the charts, but unfortunately there is an enormous demographic out there who did, and that’s obviously what counts.  Same with the government!  Some people in Ireland just don’t have a political note in their heads, so they vote purely because the words sound pretty, then they get all broody and defensive when you suggest that what they’re listening to is pure unadulterated shite.

This brings me to the point that music, like politics, is far too loose a definition of quality.  To think that Westlife and Tchiakovsky fall into the same category… it’s a travesty.  To think that activists like RedMum, and idiots like Mary Harney are effectively working under the same umbrella… that’s a tragedy.  It shouldn’t be allowed.

We need somebody with a good ear.  Someone who hates modern politics enough to rally everone into voting it out of the charts completely.  We all have something to say, by the looks of things, but I’m getting so tired of hearing the ranting!  It’s everywhere you look, whether you’re a musician or not… complaints by the sackful.

Why hasn’t our Westlife Republic gotten the hint yet?  Shouldn’t they be off finishing college and letting the professionals take over?

Bring on the comments

  1. Maxi Cane says:

    DÁIL Idol,

    That’s what we need.

  2. Negative freedom, I believe. The advent of the economic storm could galvanise (cue chemical bros) the populace into a shift to positive freedom with appropriate leadership. But like all things, balance is required. I would have said the greeners had a good mix before they let FF drop the hand, but now we need a new party, a party that doesn’t just look after their mates and doesn’t go ’round saying “Sure aren’t we grand the way we are, careful now or we’ll have the wicked ’80s back again. [adopts ghostly voice] Wooooooo, 80s, Woooooooooo”

  3. K8 says:

    Maxi; Heh! I’d say that’d be about as entertaining as salting a bunch of slugs to watch them explode. Mind you, I spose that’s pretty entertaining in its own way.
    There’s always ‘You’re a Spa’…

    Thrifty; All I remember about the 80s are Boy George and the Lolo ball. I like the idea of a noughties party, can’t be much worse!

  4. Jo says:

    LoloBallYou’reaSpa, I’d watch it.

    God, imagine Brian Cowen on a loloball.


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