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Nov 11

The defenstration of Maxi Cane

Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 in Humourarse, Quickie, Strange and Unusual, The Great November Blog War

There is much rejoicing in K8opia!

In the guise of an innocent peace-offering, we managed to smuggle several brave soldiers into Maxiland, hidden in a giant ‘M’. Based on the knowledge that none of the residents of Maxiland ever went to school, he would be unprepared for this tactic, and guess what? We were right!!!


Maxi has been captured, and his various parts will soon be on display in our gift-shop.

Medals of valour will soon be presented to our brave officers…

Grandad; Army Chief of Staff, for a perfect infiltration plan.
JackMcMad; For his epic rage against the SUCK.
Jefferson; For his undying loyalty against the endless siege of abuse
Kirk M; Because every war needs a puppy.
Roy, English Mum and Brian; For excellence in bombing.

Tune in for the playful torturing of Maxiland’s remaining lapdogs!!!

Bring on the comments

  1. JackMcMad says:

    Whoo hoo we won!!

    Wherever there is injustice you will find me, wherever there is suffering, I’ll be there……. as long as it’s not teatime.

  2. Huzzah! Go us! I suffered a severe hit, but I’m happy to take one for the team. Down with Maxiland!

  3. NaRocRoc says:

    Any images of the captured despot? Have all MiniMaxi followers been captured also? We need more info!!!

  4. […] Word is reaching us across the wires of a victory in the short-lived war between MaxiLand and the State of Cackaloo. The Cackaloons have been victorious it seems. No images reach us yet. And we’re not sure yet if it is just propaganda. We hear there is much rejoicing in K8opia. Celebratory sambuca is flowing freely. […]

  5. A. Friend says:

    What about me?

  6. K8 says:

    JackMcMad; Don’t be too hasty… we must wait until the chloroform wears off and Maxi wakes up, things may get a tad ugly.

    English Mum; That was a brave hit you took – it takes a strong woman to withstand dodgy poetry.

    NaRocRoc; Alas, Amnesty International prevents us from publishing the pictures of disembowellment, but you never know… further information MAY be found in Facebook, so I’m told.

    A. Friend; Ahh yes, my intelligence. I may have further uses for you. At least I now know that you are not who I first thought you might be. This is good news.

  7. I’m very impressed by this… I have to say.

  8. Kirk M says:

    We’ve got the minor flooding under control that occurred when one of maxi’s clowns attempted to impale my sub as we came to periscope depth with a harpoon gun fired from a rowboat (the rowboat didn’t survive the attempt). The crew (and myself as well) laughed so hard we lost control of our respective bladders hence the the minor flooding. We’re all cleaned up now.

    All hail our glorious (and amazingly good looking) leader.

  9. TheChrisD says:

    Did you steal the big M from your local McDonalds? :/

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