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Oct 4


Posted on Saturday, October 4, 2008 in Little known facts, Quickie, Taxi driving

I have it on good authority that despite offering low petrol/diesel prices, many fuel stations around the country are putting dilutants and additives into their go-juice.  Hardly surprising really.

The side-effects of these additives are damage to the engine, less mileage per gallon, and I was told that there were even a few incidents of cars blowing up in the UK, but I’m sceptical.

So, my tip to all drivers out there is: Avoid Tesco, Applegreen and Topaz pumps like the plague, and stick to Esso.  It may feel more expensive to fill a tank, but at least your car won’t explode.

Bring on the comments

  1. Jaysus, don’t fancy that much. What about Maxol? The one in Harolds X has always been cheap, though our local one requires pure gold and a small segment of your soul as payment. I think he’s making a horocrux.

  2. Utter scum.

    Although it’s amazing how often I’ve found my bike to get a punture as I pass a bike repair shop…

  3. @Xbox: You’re in Holland, there’s a bike repair shop every 10m!

  4. Exactly, filthy opportunists!

  5. Maxi Cane says:

    It’s rubbish.

    Topaz bought up most of the stations and pumps either way and statoil still supply the oil and petrol, which goes go all Tesco and Topaz owned pumps and their mostly owned by Shell shareholders anyway.

    I’m waiting until Christmas and I’m going to hijack Santa’s sleigh and kidnap Rudolph. I doubt they worry about fuel prices.

  6. stipes says:

    I was with Maxi on this one, then I thought , what if I lived in the border area?

  7. Baino says:

    You talking about ethanol? Here you can buy four grades of petrol, Ultra Premium Unleaded, Premium Unleaded, standard unleaded or unleaded with up to 10% ethanol. But if ethanol is added, it has to be declared at the pump and it’s cheaper! Vehicles built before 1986 should not use any ethanol but those built after shouldn’t have any problems. Brasilians use it all the time. If I drove a taxi, I’d convert to LPG.

  8. K8 says:

    Thriftcriminal; So does that mean that you get to live forever or your car does? I’d visit that petrol station if it were the latter!!
    As for Maxol? Dunno, mate.

    Xbox; Maybe they put thumbtacks outside on the pavement. That’s what I’d do if I owned a bike repair shop.

    Maxi; Yeah but you can’t write off Pixie Dust against your V.A.T. I know, I’ve tried.

    Stipes; Collect free plastic bags and sell them in Tesco in the south for the low low price of 10c?

    Baino; You’re dead right, I’ve thought about doing that but it’s like everything else… someday I’ll get around to it.
    I did hear though, that ethanol can have detrimental effects on one’s fuel tank over a long period. Could be wrong?
    This isn’t ethanol I’m on about though, because they’d mark it on the pumps. This is something more sinister. Rat blood maybe? Smurf tears? I’ve no idea.

  9. robert says:

    No need to worry K8!

    Petrol is petrol however you look at it. But! Some petrol is more equal than others. (Diesel doesn’t matter.)

    Topaz bought the Shell and Statoil Franchises and to the best of my knowledge Esso left the market long before that, If you see an Esso station it just hasn’t been rebranded yet. One of two of my local former Esso stations is still branded as esso despite Ted Castle tankers paying frequent visits. The other has been rebranded Vivo.

    Anyway, back to petrol. Most petrol sold here in Ireland is either Regular (90 – 95 Octane) or more expensive Premium (98 Octane+.)

    Octane can best be described as how explosive petrol is. This explosion subsequently makes your engine purr along. However some cars need fuel that burns at a higher temperature to avoid what is known as pre-ignition. This is where the engine runs so hot the fuel ignites in the wrong place causing major problems.

    It can be best summed up as thus, if you have an Aston Martin then you need to fill up with Premium. If you have any ordinary car from a Ford Fiesta to an Opel Vectra then regular will do.

    Some service stations do provide petrol with additives. Typically these will be formulated to “clean” your engine by dissolving carbon build up etc. But I can lend my own experience..

    If I fill my car up with 57 litres of 90 Octane fuel I will get about 390 miles before I have to fill up again. If I fill up with a slightly more expensive 95 octane then I will get about 450 miles.

    If you fill up at Tesco, Amber, Great Gas etc, you aren’t losing out. The fuel isn’t tainted and you can’t ‘water down’ petrol. Like I said at the start some petrol is more equal than others.

  10. Oil companies are inherently evil! They bribe/buy off every decent alternative that comes our way. I wouldn’t be suprised that they would add bad additives.

    We are having a petrol shortage here. I had to drive 15km the other day to get gas, and it was 10% ethanol! Seriously! :)

    They say we are having a gas shortage due to the hurricanes. Bullox! The same pipeline that supplies the Northeast, which is not having a shortage, is the same line that runs under my city. Hmm…me thinks that something is a bit fishy about that situation.

    I say we do away with all of the vehicles and start walking. :)

    Interesting facts about Ethanol:

  11. Sorry K8…… but that’s bullshit!

  12. K8 says:

    Robert; Well explained, thanks! Pft. This information came from a mechanic in a well known manufacturer’s service depot – your comment makes total sense, but if it’s that black-and-white, I’ve no idea where their idea came from. Chinese whispers, perhaps?

    Jefferson; Ah, another sceptic! You’re dead right about ditching the motors, though I don’t fancy taxiing people around in a rickshaw… I’d be wanting seriously excellent runners for that gig!
    Thanks for the link! That’s exactly what I was on about when I was replying to Baino :) Internal corrosion… coca cola for cars.

    Roy; That’s gas! (sorry) I must get TAT to read these comments… he’s convinced otherwise! My question still stands though – how do you really know for sure?

  13. Lottie says:

    Gosh darn I have enough to be paranoid about.

  14. King Bob says:

    It is bollocks, however there was a case in the UK about 18mths ago where the supplier for Tesco had a batch of contaminated fuel, with the result of misfires etc. You can get your petrol tested if you have such suspicions. A colleague of mine drives a 1974 Car and swears the petrol at Tesco is shite, his car definiely does not run correctly, however it is a British car so that is probably the reason.

  15. K8 says:

    Lottie; They’ll be telling us next that sleeping is harmful :-/

    King Bob; I remember that Tesco scandal alright, it was just around the time they started appearing here. I just have a thing about Tesco, I’ve no idea why.

  16. King Bob says:

    Probably because they rule the world, I was in Bratislava, and one of the first things I saw coming through from the train station was a bloody Tesco

  17. Esso Employee says:

    To Robert, If Esso have left the market, I don’t know who’s paying my wages. It says Esso on the cheque and there’s a big Esso sign on the wall.
    You’re an idiot.

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