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Sep 22

Pass the cheese

Posted on Monday, September 22, 2008 in memememememe

Me dear old Dad passed this meme on to me a while back…

I get to throw a dinner party and invite eight people with presumably endless amounts of booze and the finest grub there is – it just so happens that when I first read Squidward’s attempt, I had a crazy dream that happily did all the work for me!  I love my sub-conscious.

The Rules:

– Pick 8 people you’d like to invite to dinner, dead or alive or re-animated / resurrected.  (I’m adding fictional at this point… because I can.)

– Say why

– Link your answers back to HERE

– Give credit to the person who tagged you

– Tag three others


Right so… here’s how my table would look;

tatThe Accidental Terrorist, because we hardly ever get to eat out at the same time these days!  Also he’s great craic.
Brian the dog from Family Guy because he strikes me as great company and might be able to teach me a thing or two about jazz.brian
tolkienJRR Tolkien would be an incredibly interesting sort of chap to talk to.  I’d imagine he’d be great at the drunken sing-songs afterwards too.
I’d love the chance to pick Bob Marley’s brains about his attitude to solving the world’s problems with music.  Also I would like to steal a dreadlock on the sly for my keyring.marley
Rasher (Mark Kavenagh)
is a dude from Bray who is producing painted masterpieces by the dozen.  I am in serious awe of his talent, but that’s not why I’d ask him.  I’d get him to doodle on a few napkins so that I could frame them and make a mint later on.
My entire lymphatic system.  What better way to thank it for sorting out that last bacteria-fest than to take it out to dinner?!?chip
buddhaSidharta Gautama.  Just… because.
Mary Harney.  I wouldn’t allow her to order or eat anything, any sort of talking is also right out.  She would just sit there for the rest of us to flick peas and laugh at.harney


You can imagine what sort of messed-up dream that was!

Now to tag…

Vagab0ndage  (what the fuck is a meme you might ask?  Wouldn’t blame you.  Answer here)

Lorna (as an apology for not doing the ‘7 things’ meme :)

Coffee Helps (my favourite place to lurk lately)

Bring on the comments

  1. Maxi Cane says:

    Can I flick shit at Harney instead?

  2. That looks like the Buddha on top of Lantau Island. Been there, pretty cool.

  3. Sorry to be picky and all that, but I’m not sure your lymphatic system really counts. Not that it’s not a very nice lymphatic system, I’m sure. And what would you feed it?

    Ooh, and would you serve that chilli beef thing? That was yum ;)

  4. Kelley says:

    So you don’t want to dine with me? Hrumph. Or however you spell that noise you make out your nose while flinging your hair in the air and attempting to cross your arms over your boobs.

    And I would have stayed sober till at least the soup for you too.

  5. K8 says:

    Maxi Cane; Maybe not during the meal, but I’d be all on for setting up a firing squad afterwards! I’d even feed chilli to the dog beforehand for that extra-special touch.

    Thriftcriminal; Dude, Glendalough is pretty cool. I’d imagine that Lantau island is completely fucking amazing. Someday it’ll see me. Someday.

    English mum; I’d feed it saute’d echinacea flowers with a Manuka honey sauce with a nice cold pint of Guinness on the side. Did you really make the chilli? So delighted :)

    Kelley; What?! Allow some good-looking chick to bust in and ruin my chances with Brian the dog?! I think not, matey. Pffft.

  6. Warrior says:

    thank god you didn’t thank me, Love the Harney one, that just shows your wicked side…..

  7. Warrior says:

    jesus what did I write, thank, I meant tag, sorry rough weekend celebrating turning old and all that.

  8. manuel says:

    I’m available for serving duties. reasonable rates and wont steal the cutlery…..honesthehehehehe

  9. Hats off to the lymphatic system.

  10. Conortje says:

    I’d want to go and spy just to see Brain the dog alone!! I wonder what problems with music you allude to…

  11. K8 says:

    Warrior; Hehe well thank you anyway! I’ll be sure to tag you for the next one ;)

    Manuel; It’s okay, I don’t believe in cutlery, and I know you… you’d probably spend most of the time smokin’ doobs with Bob out the back!

    Raptureponies; Yep! She done me proud.

    Conortje; Well… he did such a great job with Africa Unite… I’d be curious to see if he could come up with any songs about fluctuating diesel costs and the like. Motorists Unite? Ah no seriously… I’m a huge believer in the power of music to unite people towards a cause – Bob was the king in that department so he was.

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