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Sep 2

Aww, thanks lads!

Posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 in Awards!, Family, Quickie

This is just a quickie to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my post to win blog post of the month, I’m such a happy little egg.  I got me new phone today – it’s an Ericsson W980 with a whopping 3.2 megapixellatory stuff so muchos gracias to O2!  I tested it out…

… this is round one of Wouldye -vs- Sandy, with Puppychild acting as referee.  She is clearly biased for her own dog though as you can see so the round ended prematurely.  The look on Sandy’s face at the end is priceless.  “Emmm…. intervention, please?”

Bring on the comments

  1. manuel says:

    yeah well deserved……..

  2. Natalie says:

    Congratulations, not at all surprised to here it! Love the girlie giggles…nothing sounds as sweet as young kids laughing!

  3. Nice one!

    Any chance O2 run a ‘repetitive fecker of the month award’ ?



    Great chuckle in the video!

  4. WooHoo…Congrats K8! You deserve it. :)

  5. Grandad says:

    Heh! I won’t say I told you so, ….. But I told you so. :lol:

    You have no idea of the trouble I went to to find somewhere to write this.

  6. K8 says:

    Ah yiz are all sound as a pound!
    Especially to you Da, for braving the elements in an unforgiving foreign country on your mission to find an internet cafe:)

    Xbox; I dunno, your blog smells extremely awardish… if not for your stamina alone.

    Just checkin’… you can see the video bit too, right?

  7. Granny says:

    Farty bonfratulations drom France. I iz well pride.

    I thunk my vine iz spikeddd


  8. Baino says:

    Haha I couldn’t see the video yesterday, just the sound byte! Fantastic, nothing like a giggly kid to put a smile on your face! Is that Bruno hiding under the cushion? Afraid to come out perhaps?

  9. aww kate thats great congrats i love your little girls laugh so cute just brings a smile to my face. what kind of dog do you have there i think i need to get me a big bundle of fluff and soon. Sorry i havent been online i have been sick with cold and a chest infection.

  10. Awwwwww Puppychild’s tinkly laugh made me chuckle out loud. Go Wouldye!

    And well done. You deserved it. xx

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