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Aug 31

Brain diversion

Posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 in On the box, Philosophy, Something to think about

In my heightened state of snottiness, my attention span wanes.  I become a chronic remote control flicker, fed by the sheer monotany that is television.  Last night I watched 15 minutes of film after film after film, but nothing was satisfying enough… then I found the perfect flick.

Vampire in Brooklyn… cheap laughs, Eddie Murphy and a prophetic painter.  Visual bubble-gum.  What more could a body ask for?

No plot breakdowns from me, though… couldn’t be arsed.  Instead, here’s a rather inspirational speech that Eddie made while dressed as a vampire pretending to be a Pastor.

We come here time after time and we talk about the same old same old.
– We talk about Jesus. – That’s right.
Jesus said and Jesus wept.
Jesus heard and Jesus walked over.
I don’t wanna talk about Jesus.

Cos as the big man teaches us, there’s two sides to every story.
Not one but two. A story is not one-sided.
A story has duality. There’s two sides to every story.
Which brings to mind the phrase “necessary evil”.

I know many of you hear that phrase and say,
“That don’t even make no sense to me.
“Can’t be no such thing as necessary – how’s evil necessary?
“That don’t match. That’s plaids and stripes, evil and necessary.”
You see, because without bad, there is no good.
Without light, there is no dark, you need both these things.
You hear what I’m saying?

If every day is a sunny day, well, then, what’s a sunny day?
Well, the bottom line, what I’m trying to tell you tonight,
is that evil…eeeevil… is necessary.
Evil is necessary, thereby, if it’s necessary, evil…
– Evil… – …must be good.
Evil is good.
That’s what I think. Evil must be good, must be good.
– Let me hear y’all say it… – Evil is good.

Don’t be ashamed of yourself, boy.
Don’t be ashamed cos you went out and got you a little ass!
– Ass is good! – That’s right!
I know many of y’all may be saying, “How can he say ass is good?”
How y’all think y’all got here?
Ass is good! Evil’s good and ass is good.
And if you get you a piece of evil ass…

You have absolutely no idea how entertaining that speech is to a girl hepped up on cough-medicine.

Bring on the comments

  1. Maxi Cane says:

    Never mind the speech, that picture is fairly entertaining to me alright!

  2. Baino says:

    Haha try Travel Calm . .Adam and I got high on the stuff yesterday! We all got here by getting a little ass? Euuuwwww! (Americans do it funny)

  3. 7 and a half years living near Amsterdam and I don’t think I’ve encountered any substance that would make Eddie Murphy entertaining…

    Post over some benelyn will ya?

  4. Medbh says:

    Eddie Murphy has his moments.
    His speech reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s in “The Witches of Eastwick.”

  5. K8 says:

    Maxi; yes I painted that with my earlobe last night.

    Baino; It’s the child that needs sedation… there are only so many horseback rides that a snot ridden germ bag can take!

    Xbox4NappyRash; *gasp* Non believer!!! I’m a firm fan of Eddie’s and Richard Pryor’s… they’re da bomb. My benelyn. Mine.

    Medbh; See, you’re a girl of sharp taste ;)

  6. I’m with Maxi on this one! I forgot what the post was about once I saw the picture. She’s hawwwtttt! ;)

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