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Aug 27


Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 in Family, Rantings

Our new house is finished.

It’s beautiful… they’ve put hoists and a power shower and a huge walk-in wardrobe into Laughingboy’s room, and they’ve planted troughs full of rosemary and lavender outside our front door.  They even made us a wee patio right outside the french doors in the back garden. 

We did a bit of breaking and entering lately and spent a while wandering around the bare shell of our house dreaming and planning – revelling in the excitement and feeling that this huge frustrated wait has finally come to an end.

Except that it hasn’t.  We’ve been bugging the council for months, trying to annoy them into giving us a key date and finally, we got a definitive answer this morning.  It’s very accurate.

“Uhhh… don’t hold your breath”  they said.  How scientific.

Apparently the builders and the architects are having a fight about who’s daddy is bigger and meanwhile our new life has officially started elsewhere, leaving us in limbo.

Laughingboy’s school bus service has officially started, miles away from where we presently live.  Puppychild will start playschool soon, in a school many miles away from here.  I’ll have to quit my hours of taxi driving just so that I can bring my kids to school and hang around on a doorstep somewhere until they get out so that I can bring them back to our place of limbo.  I’m a latchkey mom.

It feels like we’ve been wandering in a desert for the last three years and we’ve finally found an oasis, but there’s a big fence around it protected by sleeping guards.  We’ve been so thirsty for so long that the idea of kidnapping some architect’s child until the snag-lists are complete doesn’t sound like such a far fetched idea after all.

I’m a woman on the edge.

Bring on the comments

  1. That’s shite, sorry.

    I could launch into one about councils and all that, but I think we’d be better served if I tried to remind you to hang onto the excitement and the dream scenario.

    Keep positive, and ye’ll get there.

  2. Grandad says:

    Sure, aren’t you coming to your mammy’s for a few weeks?

  3. I’d say the fight is about making sure you get a good house from a bad builder.

  4. Grannymar says:

    Keep your heart up, it will happen.

    As Xbox says hang onto the excitement and the dream!

  5. Maxi Cane says:


    Grab an oozy and hit the council offices. And just as you’re smoking every one in the room get a quip out like:

    “Put this on your snag list.”

    You’ll be the action hero you always wanted to be and you’ll get yer gaff, or a record. I forget which.

  6. Baino says:

    GAH! How frustrating. Who needs a key, just go in through the bathroom window! Time to put the pressure on K8 Pitch a tent on the back patio and wait for the news cameras!

  7. Jo says:

    Hmm, I don’t like the sound of an oozy – or grabbing one!

    Awful Kate, I hope it all comes together soon. Maybe it’s like childbirth, and once you’re back in, the pain will fade into a distant memory.

    Is school in Bray? Feel free to come hang round with me if needs be :)

  8. Hi there

    Good to hear about your good news and im actually quite upsetabout hearing you quiting the taxi business you will be certainly missed by me sob.

  9. the builders are coming? ……the nightmare begins

  10. Wassat vicky……. leaving….did I miss something?
    You didn’t last long K8!

  11. K8 says:

    Xbox4nappyrash; Thanks, I know, it’s better to look forward really. I’m scraping the bottom of the optimism barrel though!

    Da; No reply for you because you’re not even there and I know because I’m sitting on your throne right now. I’m remodelling your ass-groove as I type.

    Bock; Fighting a bunch of oxymorons, so I am.

    Grannymar; You’re right, in fact I shouldn’t be bitching at all, I’m seriously lucky and humbled that we’re being given a house. I’m a spoiled brat sometimes but you know that anyway :)

    Maxi Cane; I have a weapon far more powerful than an oozy – a pre-schooler hepped up on cola and sherbet dip! I’ll let her loose on them for a few hours and then we’ll see. That’s what got us on the housing list in the fist place!!!

    Baino; You know what? We just walked right in. The key was on the inside of the back door! Anyone can walk in! How wierd is that? Might start me some squatting practice.

    Jo; *giggle* We do lunch? Yaw?

    Vicky; Not quitting!!! I’m hooked now. Just a severe alteration of hours. Looks like I may be on the 1am to 6am shift. Yuck.

    Roy; Leaving?!?! Never. I’m only gettin’ started! I’ll be known as red-eye girl, but not as the taxi driver that almost was.

  12. Quickroute says:

    Just had our place painted by “pro’s”
    6 visits to point out the gaps, blotches, black marks and arguments to get the job done right. Doesn’t match your frustration but I can empathise!

  13. K8 says:

    *gasp* I would’ve done that if you’d asked! I’m an excellent painter. Last year I whitewashed a shopfront over very knarly bare wood and was commended for the fact that 5 coats later, there was not a single drop spilt on the pavement. I love a bit of paint, me.

  14. Quickroute says:

    Now you tell me! – where were you 2 weeks ago – i would’ve flown you over to avoid the headaches I had with these morons this week!

  15. K8 says:

    I would’ve built a bridge out of paint I’m that good.

  16. Warrior says:

    this is a job for Pat Kenny or Marianne Finucane or Gerry Ryan, ( not the sexy babe from Star Trek) or someone, go public and make a goddam fuss, do it when you are sick so you sound all teary. Get a campain going…. or just move in and change the locks then you will have the keys.

  17. K8 says:

    You know what? The HSE has me freaked out. I’m afraid that if I kick up, they’ll take the whole lot away! Sounds far fetched, but not unlikely given their track record. Thanks though for your kind indignation :)

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