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Aug 8

Story of my Life

Posted on Friday, August 8, 2008 in Family, memememememe, On the box

There are some fierce creative memes flapping about recently, aren’t there?  This one is from Squidward and here are the rules:

If you had to select celebrities/actors to play the parts in the story of your life today (including yourself!), who would it be and why – this can be based on looks or personality!

The Rules!

1. List the people who would play you, and the key people in your life.
2. Give credit to the person who tagged you.
3. Link your answers to the original blog, that’s here (!
4. Tag four new people to participate.


Right so…

I’d have Mary-Louise Parker play myself (as long as she can do me accent!),  because I related to her character and her family in ‘Weeds’ a little bit too much.  It was quite scary how similar we seem to be, except that she can give a mighty verbal ass-kicking which is a subject I am studying.

The Accidental Terrorist would be played by Keith Duffy, because no foreign actor could act a true Irish lad’s lad, the type of lad that you find annoying at first until they grow on you and you find out that they’re great craic after all, and are handy with a spanner. 

My father would be played by John Cleese.  I often wonder if they’re not one and the same person in fact – Grandad’s blog-vs-John Cleese’s blog… see?! I am Cleesedad’s offspring.

My mum would be played by Brenda Fricker because she would nail the part.  She has that earthy mammy quality about her, but with a dark and twisty edge.  I yearn to be a Fricker type lady when I grow up.

Laughingboy and Puppychild are tough, that kid Emma Bolger is one amazing actress, but too old for the part.  I suppose we could just use sound-effects for Puppychild, maybe a Jack Russell?  Otherwise she’d have to play herself which she’d probably love.

Laughingboy would also have to play himself (unless there is one extremely talented 7 year old out there?), but his story would be amazing on film if he had a voice-over… an inner monologue maybe.  I crave a voice-over of his inner-monologue in real life more than anything else in this world, and I reckon Daniel Day Lewis is best for that part.  No, I’m not taking the piss, My Left Foot is pure coincidence I swear.  That lad can act.


I hereby stuff this meme in a bottle of petrol, light it and throw it at:

BainoEnglish MumFrom the Living Room… and Xbox4NappyRash.  Suck it up!

Bring on the comments

  1. Baino says:

    Oooh love a meme especially a decently creative one. I was stuck for the Friday Fuckwit apart from those American cyclists who got off the plane wearing Michael Jackson’s face masks! So I’ll do it over the weekend. I thought of Daniel Day Lewis before I read the last para! ‘avagoodweekend!

  2. Ooh, I’m on it. Struggling with the Disreputable One though… Bert will have to be Santa’s Little Helper, obviously!!!

  3. […] with pictures this week, I’m cheating slightly with the Friday photo.  Both Kates: Kate and K8 the GR8  set me a little challenge.  And you know how I love a challenge – it’s just got to be […]

  4. Darren says:

    As you speak about the inner monologues, K8, have you seen Stranger Than Fiction? Will Ferrell has Emma Thompson narrating his life but he can hear the whole thing. Genius movie.

  5. Quickroute says:

    WOW – This meme is doing the rounds – I got nabbed a few days ago!

  6. Oh mother of Jehova….

    I’ll put this on my to-do list, just under get wife knocked up.

    That okay?

  7. Grandad says:

    Mary-Louise Parker is just like ya, but I still say amy Winehouse is a better bet.

    Thanks for the John Cleese. I’m flattered. And stop calling me Squidward.

  8. God damn it! Now I have to think! Alright, I’ll have a go…

    I really like Mary Louise Parker… or perhaps it’s just her character in Weeds. I always have to pretend I can’t see how my other half is looking at her though!

  9. K8 says:

    Good onyeh Baino :) Bottoms up!

    Englishmum; Tagged twice! Ouch :) Beautifully excecuted but. Isn’t it a shame that there aren’t more famous greyhounds?

    Darren; Yep I agree, it was a pretty excellent idea for a flick… wouldn’t o’ thought Will Ferrell was best suited for it but he surprised me!

    Quickroute; No complaints about it either, it’s a darn interesting one.

    Xbox4NappyRash; But… but… you could give each one of your swimmers a voice over, ‘Look Who’s Talking’ style!

    Squidward; Thanks! You think this looks like me?!?!? Ouch, daddy, ouch.

    Jenny; I can’t figure out whether I fancy her or just want to be her. It’s quite disturbing.

  10. Grandad says:

    I think the tattoo may have something to do with it? There is a resemblance there….

  11. Yeh, nobody quite like Bert!! Jumping Jehovah – Amy Wino? Shirley not????

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