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Aug 4

Sean cairdeas

Posted on Monday, August 4, 2008 in Something to think about

I ashamedly didn’t own an English-Irish dictionary until a few weeks ago.  (My school copy is in attic limbo somewhere…)

Then, just as I was agreeing with TAT that we should at least make some sort of effort to re-engage the language in our lives, I found one amongst the other old free books at our local recycling centre.

This poor Irish-English dictionary has been gathering dust on my shelf until tonight, when I opened it to help me with the translation of Íomhá an lae, an excellent blog written as Gaeilge.  It makes me want to learn all over again, and I’m delighted that there is such a funky resource out there to help me.

I opened the front cover of this old book, to see if there were any scribblings to show its history (as you do), and was bowled backwards to find this:

It’s hard to read, but it looks like the owner of the school dictionary had a friend called Rosie, who wrote something along these lines on the 6th of February 1976 to what I assume is her best mate:

Hi gorgeous The word gorgeous is scribbled out in red ink

I’m going to write you a memo.  I don’t know exactly of what, but don’t worry, I’ll think of something.  As you see I had the foresight to right this in pencil as you can rub it out.  Imagine having this scrawled indelibly *BRAINS* (I’m not too sure if you can say that or not, but not to worry!) How’s the crack?  OK, so that’s a stupid question; I hope your nerves regarding Sunday are a bit better than what they were when I was last talking to you – it must be nearly 2 hours.  Such a parting!!  Seeing as this is a memo I suppose I’d better make it one, if you follow my logic!!  In memo of being in 6th year, that should last you all your life!  Five months we’ll be left school for good and i’ll be exactly 18.  Gee whiz, ah!!!  Even be aible to vote – don’t mind the gammy spelling.  Ciao baby.  


This discovery means a lot to me, recently my own best mate from school called me to tell me she’d found a stash of passed notes from school… she assures me that I was just as mental then as I am now… that’s very comforting, I’m glad it wasn’t a result of all the drugs I took in later years.  She had me in stitches with the memories.

I hope Ann and Rosie are still friends.

Do you have any written records of conversations with your buddies from your school daze?

Bring on the comments

  1. My friend Kathleen and I used to make wee cartoon strips in maths and pass them to each other. Brilliant memories – thanks for jogging them, K8.

  2. The only record I have is more ‘graphic’ than written.

    I have two compass point holes in my right buttock from the git.

    Scarred for life.

  3. I have an old copy of Wuthering Heights with cartoons of our english teacher in it. He had a terrible comb over and we called him brendan bondage, based on the theory that he used the really long hair on one side to whip the wife into a frenzy.

    One thing I lost was a thing I wrote called “The cycle of the Maoir”, based on the cycle of the werewolf (Stephen King) but featuring characters from my school. I used to write chapters of it and pass them over the my friend Kieran. It went missing, I reckon it fell into the hands of some people who were not favourably portrayed (anyone in it pretty much), but my name was not on it. Wish I had it now for a laugh.

  4. warrior says:

    Maith an Calín, tá tú go h-iontach. I completely agree with the language bit. I have an Irish English Dictionary but living in the south of France the only time I get to use it is when I say Oiche Maith, Codladh samh, Fecifidh me tu amarach, to my son when he goes to bed. I am pretty sure neither he, nor my partner have the remotist idea of what it means, just like I can’t spell it either, Ta fonn orm a labhairt as gaelige, with someone so I could re learn it.

  5. Maxi Cane says:

    I have a love note that I wrote to a teacher but never gave it to her. I didn’t have to, the class twats found it and put it up on the blackboard with the projector for her and everyone else to see.

    I still have my copy. I doubt she has hers.

  6. K8 says:

    Problemchildbride; Yeah it gave me the fuzzies too :)

    Xbox4NappyRash; I hope you turned the other cheek?

    Thriftcriminal; You just brought back memories of Wonky Wig! That poor caretaker got so much guff.. I so hope your story shows up someday!!

    Warrior; Oh hey fair play to you for keeping it alive! You could buy some schoolbooks online and try and learn it together… learning with a kid has to be the best way :)

  7. K8 says:

    Maxi! Hey how’d you slip past me there? *confused*

    Aww though. I bet she keeps it folded up small and hidden in a matchbox somewhere to this day :)

  8. Quickroute says:

    No emabarrasing notes but there were more scribbles and pictures on my school books than my essays and exams.

  9. Granny says:

    Go neirí an bothar leat a Cáit!

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