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Jul 26


Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2008 in Family, Rantings, Taxi driving

Taxi driving is turning out to be a tough job.  It’s not the punters, it’s the lack of work.  We have to put in serious hours now that the hotels are quieter and people are guarding their money because of this imaginary recession. 

It balances out, though.  Driving is such great fun around Wicklow, the roads are interesting and there are thousands of undiscovered quirky Wicklowisms hidden down windy roads and behind dense thickets.

TAT found a most excellent quirky Wicklowism on his travels last week!

The Accidental Terrorist and I are best mates.  We already feel married, but have been putting off the dirty deed… the knot-tying itself, for 7 years just because nothing felt right.  It doesn’t seem right that we should have to sign away an arm and a leg to some swanky hotel and make such a big deal out of everything when it’s just really only about us, and our ickle family.  We thought about eloping, threatened weddings in France and even considered Gretna Green… anything to get out of surrendering to the cash-pit that is the buzz-word ‘Wedding’. 

Is it really so hard to find somewhere unique and intimate?  Apparently so.

We already have a spot, it’s a patch of grass under enormous trees by a river with a permanent burnt patch in the center.  I’d love to get married there.  This is my tree:

This used to say ‘Happy 21st Kate love…’ (but oh look, the name’s chipped off.  TAT he remains so.) and was carved on the day he proposed to me with the ring-pull from his can of Miller.  I prayed for that tree and hugged it and apologised to it for carving into its flesh and I think it’s forgiven me.  It must have liked the warmth of our campfires for it’s still alive and thinking.

Thing is though, we can’t get married there because it would involve hiking with generators and boxes of lights and boxes of sausages and tea-bags, but we discovered the next best thing!  There’s a nudist colony just up the valley hidden at the end of a very long windy road so we’re getting married there instead.

I would so dearly love to link to this place but I don’t think they’d appreciate the publicity, besides, I don’t want you all gate-crashing stark bollock naked.

Yep, we’ve finally set a date to get hitched!  We’ve got nine months to get our act together and then BAM! we’re official.  Sweet.

I might need help with this.  I don’t do the whole ‘organizational skillz’ thing because I can’t think past tomorrow generally.  It works for me for the most part, but the idea of sorting out a wedding scares the bejeebus out of me.  This might be the wedding blog of Bridezilla for a while, I’m sorry about that but tough shit.  Extremely helpful people will get a pass into the nudist colony for a week.

Peior est bello timor ipse belli.

Bring on the comments

  1. Baino says:

    Well big fat congratulations but please don’t invite me, I wouldn’t wish my nudity on anyone!

  2. Nudist colony? I figured as much. ;)

    Congrats gurly! :)

  3. Will Knott says:

    Check the legal situation, I suspect that you *might* be able to get married at the tree… but never mind.

    2 questions come to mind? Will the bride wear white, or just not get a tan
    I assume none of the wedding photos will make it to the blog.

  4. Grannymar says:

    Hearty congratulations to both of you!
    Simplicity is the key.
    Enjoy the planning.

  5. kerryview says:

    congrats. where will the best man keep the ring? does the wedding it involve your favourite auntie turning up? why not put a cam on line and charge/advertise? – you’d make a mint! I put my jammies on with the light off.

  6. I say get married under the tree.

    Congratulations ;0)

  7. Congrats, best of luck. Organising is all about making lists, delegating is what you need to learn :-)

  8. You probably know from my blog posts last year that I saved a ton of money in planning my wedding, so if you want any tips/ideas, you know where to find me…

    Massive congrats from me and George to you and TAT – just remember, it’s only one day, have fun and don’t let anyone stress you out!

  9. Oh well done!

    We ran away and got married, so I’m no help I’m afraid!


  10. Medbh says:

    Congrats, K8.
    Keep it small and simple and you’ll be fine.

  11. Kirk M says:

    Ah, good news at last! I’d give my congratulations but I never could spell the word. I’ll lift a good scotch to ya’ instead.

    Don’t mind being nude at all. Doesn’t bother me a bit although it may bother a few others. I have to bring my cane though, perhaps I’ll stick a bow tie on it. Can I come? I’d have to mug a tourist in order to get plane fare and talk Grandad into putting me up for a few days though.

  12. K8 says:

    Thanks everybody!!! Well chuffed, me.
    Life seems to have shifted up a gear all of a sudden! Moving house, starting Puppychild in school and getting married all in one year?! *passes out*

  13. K8 says:

    Will Knott – (Any relation to Neville Knott by the way?) I’d have a tough time convincing an ageing priest to go wandering around on dirt-tracks, besides, the church is sweet and holds the bones of my history so it’s meant to be :) Re. nudistry: I’m guessing that white garters and nipple tassles are allowed, and yep, you assume correctly.

    @Kerryview – You pose interesting questions… I will get my helpermonkey right on that and get back to you. I’ve always wanted to be on MTV. The old MTV that is.

    @Elly – Oh thanks a million, you’ll be very sorry you said that ;) I’m scanning for your planning posts at the mo!

    @Madbh & Grannymar – TAT is turning out to be a very enthusiastic planner… the type to invite everybody he meets! He counted 80 people right off the bat when we first thought about invites so I am afraid. Very afraid.

    @Kirk M – Of course you can come, but I would have to shoot you afterwards.
    Stick a bow tie on what?

  14. Kirk M says:

    Why for you have to shoot me? I won’t take any pictures or anything like that. I promise I won’t post anything about the whole affair either.

    On the cane, lady, on the cane.

  15. Kirk M says:

    Or did you mean take my picture? Don’t expect to use it for blackmailing purposes though.

  16. Brianf says:


  17. K8 – no problem at all, glad you found that post and I do mean it, drop me a mail if you have any questions!

  18. warrior says:

    they are only words on on legal piece of paper, you are married in spirit all ready. But wait, are you telling me people walk around naked in Wicklow? But it s freezing…jesus at least go somewhere warm, oh I guess you will both be having a trim ( see your previous post) now that it will be on show :-)

  19. Granny says:

    K8 and Tat ye are as married as you will ever be! Like two peas in a pod! Kick one and the other limps! The rest will fall into place but make Ellie your new best friend!

  20. Kirk M says:

    I agree with Granny (Hi Granny, took long enough for me to catch on). Just like me and my lady. We’ll be legal someday, if we live long enough that is, but there’s no real hurry.

    Tell me, when you were first pregnant, did Tat have the morning sickness by chance?

  21. Grandad says:

    I meant to say this when you were here, but be very careful when you are putting the ring on TAT. He has to wear it wherever you put it, for the rest of his life.

  22. Granny says:

    Kirk M It was more fun when when it was illegal. Feck the begrudgers!

  23. Congratulations Kate, the biz will pick up soon too… worries

  24. jen says:

    Congratulations Kate!

    Don’t worry about the bridezilla thing – it happens to us all…

  25. K8 says:

    Aww fuck it go on so… yiz can all come to my nudist wedding. Even you, mammy.

  26. Quickroute says:

    No – Keep it private and sell the pictures to a magazine like em….Hustler!

  27. Quickroute says:

    …and Congrats to you both!

  28. Deborah says:

    Hey K8, catching up on blogs after a hiatus. Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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