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Jul 13

Fossett's Circus levitates terrorists

Posted on Sunday, July 13, 2008 in Family, Little known facts, Strange and Unusual

I don’t like the circus.

Apart from the fact that they let clowns run around willy-nilly all un-restrained like that and the whipped animals that look like they could use a year’s timeout in St. John o’ Gods, it’s the lack of eye contact, the feeling that you’ve been robbed of something – part of your soul perhaps – as you walk out of the tent at the end.

So, thusfar in my kid’ses life, the circus is the Accidental Terrorist’s department.  I got a text earlier on today while I was skulking on the streets of Bray;

“We’re at d fossett circus rathnew.  Ringside for free!  Lovin it”

I called him up to find out what the craic was with the word ‘free’, and learned that TAT had tried to pay entrance for himself and the kids, only to be ushered through straight to the ring-side seats without any payment at all!  They spoiled my family rotten.  They dragged TAT into the ring with some other unsuspecting audience folk and performed a levitation trick that left Puppychild in awe of her daddy, and had excellent escapades with motorbikes in cages, apparently. 

Best of all?  Not an animal in sight, apart from one or two Shetland Ponies (which are only mythical creatures anyway…) so no animals harmed here then.

I was so impressed with the sound of it all. 

Fossett’s circus is run by an Irish family, who are now the proud recipients of a grant from the National Lottery and Arts or something like that, being that they’ve recently been bumped to the bonafide ‘artists’ category, so they’re the real deal and stuff.

They’re in Rathnew for a bit.  Might even pop in meself which would be a berry big deal for me.

Here’s a happy picture of some crazy people.  Please ignore the weird colouring, photoshop hates me.  Also please ignore the VPL.

Bring on the comments

  1. Grannymar says:

    Big shout for Fossett’s Circus! Memories are made on day like that!

  2. Not a big fan of the circus myself, I’d hate to see the tradition die though
    Bit of a contradiction??

  3. Cool, good for them! I remember going to see Fossets in Cahir when I was a kid, all the excitement was in advance of the event really, I mean the circus was fine, but I had grandiose images in my head (probably from the secret seven books or something). Glad they don’t have any (non-mythical) animals these times.
    There was a circus beside Leopardstown a while back, but they did a kids show in the early afternoon with people dressed up a Barney and Bob the builder etc, the little-uns enjoyed that ,but feck do they know how to charge for popcorn!

  4. Deborah says:

    OMG We went when it was here a few weeks ago and himself also got dragged up by said gay clown. He is very shy by nature and was not impressed to say the least. Kids enjoyed it, but I had to leave when the second motorbike came into the globe of death… I just couldn’t handle it. So freaky. Love the picture btw!

    I’m with you on the animal thing, but the kids were so not impressed by the false advertising! There’s a huge picture of an elephant on the outside, but not an elephant in sight. Everytime a new act started they were all “is the elephant coming now?” :)

  5. King Bob says:

    As I drove past I was saying to my other half, who the hell still goes to the circus? Now I know.

  6. Granny says:

    From the age of six I wanted to run away with Fossett’s circus. Working in R.T.E was he next best thing! Lots of clown’s there. Still some demi-God’s though! Lovely photo! Puppy child looks quite at home.

  7. Maxi Cane says:

    I know Eddie Fossett personally and I’m resisting the urge to bring down everyone’s opinion of him here.

    So I won’t.

  8. Baino says:

    Clowns scare the shit out of me! Too many Stephen King novels maybe. Glad the munchkins had a good time but I hate front row seats for that reason, someone always gets dragged up and made out to be a fool! Gotta say, I love a good circus. Animal free is best and I’m an absolute ADDICT of Cirque du Soliel Anything free has gotta be good right? Circuses would be great without the carnies . . . they scare the shit out of me too!

  9. K8 says:

    Grannymar; They did a great job of tiring the kids out… all 2 1/2 of them :)

    Roy; Me neither, but in the age of TV and games consoles, you’re right… it’s good that oldskool survives.

    Thriftcriminal; I was checking out their line-up for the summer… they perform pretty much every day and are constantly on the move. They must be knackered but boy must they roll it in!

    Deborah; Circuses should be about human acts, animals belong in zoos and safari parks, not caged and whipped. I met a circus elephant in a field in Galway once, his hide was covered in scars and he looked half demented. I’ve become seriously left-wing about the whole idea since.

    King Bob; Everyone’s a sucker for the seedy underworld of magic I suppose.

    Mammy; That’s her first ever candy-floss in the picture :) Stickiest stuff in the world, that… had to chisel it off her later!

    Maxi Cane; Spill!

    Baino; I hate clowns and carnies too. I have visions of them sleeping upside down from the rafters after a show. Ronald McDonald didn’t exactly help when I was a kid. *shudder*

  10. Maxi Cane says:

    First of all, Eddie Fossett doesn’t even pay his performers minimum wage as he feels that the drafty caravans and left over food he gives are ample.

    His animals were never cared for properly, so I can only guess they were taken off of him and given to a zoo.

    Next time you go, have a look out for a cash register in the admission tent, you just won’t find one. Which means that he has no records of the amount of tickets he sells in a night/season. How does the tax man know how much to take?

    Not much point in that now, as he’s been classed as an art form which he campaigned for very publicly after he brought his tax collection letter into the pub I managed for all to see declaring “They’re not getting a penny”.

    His family lot in Lucan/Newcastle is acres of unused land where old Fossetts vehicles sit and rust because he won’t pay a scrap yard to take them away. He’s probably since sold the whole place to developers of Adamstown. He and his whole family live in caravans all year round so he has no mortgage, or bills. He doesn’t pay tolls or rents to the sites he camps on.

    When he plans a show itinerary he wonders how he can cut corners and give the bare minimum. I know, I’ve seen him do it.

    The performers are also the people who lug everything around and put up and take down the massive tents. With the money he got from the arts council, he gave himself a brand new car, and a holiday.
    The only thing he did to improve his business was give a paint job to the fleet of old banged up vans and trucks that aren’t road worthy.

    The thing that annoys me most about the whole circus thing is that we suffer from a massive lack of proper entertainment in this country that when people pitch a tent in a field and charge us €20 for the privilege, we praise and chant just because we didn’t see it on TV.
    We have Fossetts in the summer and Funderland in the winter – do me a favour.
    Go and support your local amateur dramatics society instead, they’re more entertaining and I happen to know that nearly all of them aren’t getting a cent from any arts council.

    He knows all of this himself and boasts about it during the many lock-ins he has with his cronies.

    Thriftcriminal is right, Fossetts are rolling in it and they don’t pay a penny in tax. They never did, but at least now they can do it legally.

    Sorry about that, but I hate that man.

  11. Quickroute says:

    At least it’s only people who are getting screwed over now (tax man, punters and minimum wage employees.) At least they have the choice to act or walk away if they don’t like it.

    Back in the day the poor old bedraggled animals were kept in awful conditions and lived and died a miserable sad existence. Cirque du Soleil is more my cuppa!

  12. Maxi Cane says:

    That’s a fair point

  13. Biano says:

    Sorry Kate, Missed your b’day. . .belated happy!

    Ah that reminds me, must get Cirque tickets, Dralion is playing here until September!

  14. Gaye says:

    Hi K8!
    Just popped in to say Happy Birthday. Wishing you all the best and many happy returns. :)

  15. A Chara

    manys a time I wish I was in a circus…

    great article.

  16. K8 says:

    Maxi; Not really surprised in the slightest, for carnies are just one step above you-know-who but at least they give something back… there’s more of a sense of timeless tradition about the whole thing.

    Quickroute and Baino; I’ve never seen Cirque du Soleil, but I’ve heard lots about them… must definately see them now!

    Thanks Baino and Gaye :) I got myself my first ever facial yesterday. Now I can see what the big deal is. It’s quite pleasant, blackhead squeezing aside…

    Peter Donegan; Thanks for commenting:) I like your blog… needing gardening ideas about now for my new house whenever it arrives… great insider tips!

  17. kate the great says:

    Ech hem…. I’m Kate the great! sorry- we cant have it! there ya go now. I’ve put it out there and I’m not taking it back!!!! ya motha licker!!!!

  18. K8 says:

    Fight ya for it!!!!

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