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Jul 12


Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2008 in Family, Jobs, Philosophy

It occurred to me tonight how very similar blogging is to brushing my toddler’s hair.

I keep meaning to approach it but end up having to put it off until such a time as I know I’ve left it too long, by which stage it’s time to either launch into the knarliness until it’s done, or just cut the whole lot off altogether.

So, I get all my bits together and begin the job.  Roughly fifteen minutes in I then realise that it’s a bigger job than I thought and that it’ll be a long session, usually with much objection from the hardware in question which complicates matters even further.

Then I realise that my problems are probably due to length, at which point the scissors come out and the subject matter is shortened but not quite in the fashion I’d imagined… to avoid further damage I quit while the going’s good, knowing that I’m probably going to get some very strange comments indeed, but hey, maybe it’ll work out better the next time.

Most of the time I just sit and stare at it, wondering how other people manage to incorporate plaits and twists and pretty pink bows not just occassionally, but every single bloody day!

Bring on the comments

  1. Ugh…Join the crowd. :) So much to say and so little time to say it in… When I write about whatever it is that I am passionate about, it is usually long and very few people will actually read more than 500 words on a blog. It is the constant conundrum that is the blogosphere. :)

  2. Yeah, but she’s your baby…who cares what other people think?

  3. I know that feeling well (although less the toddler side of things)!

    What I always wonder is, how interesting is what I have to say anyway, given then if I haven’t written it within a day anyway, even I’ve lost interest in it!?

  4. Maxi Cane says:

    Self doubt is a disease that can take over.

    Who cares what you write? None of us started writing based on what others might think.

    Why start now?

    I love your blog K8, whether your post is funny, topical or whatever, it always gives me something to think about.

    Put the scissors away!

  5. Doc says:

    Short and sweet (or sour) is good.

    Lengthy is also fine.

    I do both and, as I write for myself, neither one is a bigger bother than the other.

    Time -as in a posting schedule- is irrelevant. Those who read you will continue to do so regardless of the frequency of your posts.

    Relax and enjoy.

    Oh…almost forgot; Grandad tagged you with a meme – get on it, girl!

    (payback for something, i’m sure) ; ‘ )

  6. You’re a working mother of young children, K8. Give yourself a break. Try not to let blogging become just another chore for you, though, hun. Let it be about our own relaxation and fun instead. Don’t sweat it. We’ll still be reading!

  7. Grannymar says:

    Write when you want to and are in the mood that way it will come easily. Think of it as having a pint with friends.

  8. Medbh says:

    We’ll read whatever you post, K8!

  9. K8 says:

    Jefferson; Yer up, yer down, yer in, yer out… oh wait, that’s Poker. A new computer would help.

    Queen of Clean; Yes but her fringe is all wonky!

    Jenny; Half my problem in life is losing interest in things. It’s a miracle this blog is still here!

    Maxi Cane; I write based on what other people think all the time! It’s quite annoying. I’d love to be able to let-rip like you do.

    Doc; It needs a facelift I reckon. Someday when the planets align and the ninth virgin gets lucky, I will have broadband and will be able to face-lift the aul’ blog. It just feels so same-ish!
    The same goes for introducing Puppychild to a hairdresser without major implications.
    I’m still pondering on the meme… I have a lot of time to think on a taxi rank, my dislikes are very important to me and deserve serious thought.

    Sam, Problemchildbride; It’s not a chore at all when I know what to say! It’s just the inbetween bits when it all feels so cringeworthy. Like Puppychild’s wonky fringe. I’m too scared to fix it ’till it grows out a bit!

    Grannymar; You’re dead right… maybe I’ll go back to publishing the first thing that comes out of my head :) Scary thought. I usually wake up after a few pints with friends and wondering if I said something stupid!! At least then I’d know ;)

    Medbh; Thanks Medbh, fair play to you, it can’t be easy making sense of this blog :) I just feel like I need more experience in life to warrant interesting reading. Or a big spliff, either is good.

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