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Jul 10

Easy pickings

Raining cats and dogs as usual, business tends to be quiet on days like this. 

I pulled up at a taxi rank just after lunchtime and noticed that all the other cars were deserted, bar one – a people-carrier into which was crammed at least eight taxi drivers.  I knocked on the window and was let into the secret smoky underworld that is cabby conversation.  I sparked up a schmergel and listened.

They had the newspaper out and were reading about this rape incidence in Dublin, yet another excuse to be paranoid about foreigners.  I learned many interesting things (and heard much racial hatred which I won’t be repeating here) which blew my mind, to give examples…

Apparently forgeign nationals only need to get 30% of the Public Service Vehicle test correct, as opposed to the 70% us nationals need.  Also, foreign-nationals aren’t asked for a back-ground check before they enter the taxi-driving business, yet we Irish need full Gardee clearance.

They say that this is to give foreign nationals a hand-up, an easier way to score employment.  That’s all very nice and stuff, but these people aren’t thick… with a bit of practice and a year or two living in this country they’d have it down no problem.  It’s only the rules of the road and a rough knowledge of city layout… hardly astrophysics! 

Besides, isn’t this sort of stuff important?  I would have thought a knowledge of roadsigns would be rather helpful for driving?  And as for the back-ground check… are they kidding?  They’re asking the people of Ireland to just ‘trust’ their taxi driver?

Is it really true that complete foreigners can land in the country and just dive straight into the taxi-driving business, winging it the whole way?!?  I can’t imagine having the guts to go to say… Nigeria and start charging poor unsuspecting punters for trips to places I can’t even pronounce, let alone find.

Pure madness.

I feel so sorry for foreign national taxi drivers today.  Nobody’s going to want to use them now as they’ve all been tarred with the same pidgeon.  They’ve busted their chops trying to learn the ins and outs of the cabbying business so that they can feed their families in this God-forsaken economy of ours, and now they are to us what the Al Quaeda are to the Americans, just because of a stupid head-line and the usual short-comings of our Irish Big Brother.

I’m laughing though.  Who’d suspect an innocent looking female taxi driver of evil intent?  Nobody, that’s who. 

I could have fun with that…

Bring on the comments

  1. Brianf says:

    Little LaQuan’s first experience with DWB!
    (Driving While Black)

  2. Maxi Cane says:

    Hate to piss on the chips here K8, but 12 foreign nationals were busted only last week for operating the same taxi plate in shifts. I watched it happen in the apartment car park opposite me.

    Turns out the person who owned the plate and license was not even in the country any more but was renting the plate to the tenants of the apartment. None of the twelve had any description of a drivers license to speak of, let alone any right to be driving people around the city for monetary reward.

    Everybody in my building were interviewed and asked if we had seen any weird habits in their movements and schedules. To be honest I hadn’t noticed before as I keep myself to myself, but I was a little shocked to find all that out.

    Like the drivers in your post, shocked but probably not surprised.

  3. Quickroute says:

    I have little or no pity for the foreign nationals who abuse the social welfare system and don’t make an effort to integrate into Irish society.

    I have a huge amount of respect for the foreign nationals who work like demons scraping a living together often doing the jobs Irish don’t want to do.

    I have nothing but contempt for the Irish who rose from the depths of poverty in the 80’s who are now so high and mighty and biggotted they refuse to let “bloody foreigners” share in the spoils.

    Sadly we now have a reputation as a nation of hypocritical racists!

  4. K8 says:

    Brian; Is yer man in the picture that fella off d’tv – Scrubs, wannit? (Whatchoo talkin’ about, Willis?)

    Maxi; At least they got busted! I heard of a similar though unrelated scam where forgeigners bring their kids over for a wee holiday here, register them and start claiming benefits. They then send the family back home, so Ireland ends up effectively funding another country. Loopholes.
    I gotta say, where there are loopholes, the system will be abused, and not just by foreigners.

    Quickroute; Yep. Your comment. Pretty much what I was trying to say!! The biggest racists are the taxi-drivers, at least some of the dudes on the ranks here! Talk about falling into the lion’s den…

  5. Sean Hyland says:

    I have nothing but contempt for the Irish who rose from the depths of poverty in the 80’s who are now so high and mighty and biggotted they refuse to let “bloody foreigners” share in the spoils.

    I know we owe a lot to the USA etc…can you tell me how many Irish made it to Nigeria?

  6. Baino says:

    Foreign nationals here (other than genuine refugees) have to bend over backwards to fit the system whether from the UK or Afghanistan . . .although it is unfair that one event can tar the others with the same brush . . but doesn’t that happen across the board? I actually agree wholeheartedly with Quickroute . . .over hear we’re all invaders so who are we to get on our high horses about immigrants?

  7. K8 says:

    Sean Hyland; Thanks for commenting! Sure you know how us Irish are… our blood seems to have a lower boiling point – we’d never survive over there!

    Baino; The Irish are losing their identity and are blaming immigrants for it. Nothing a few Irish language courses wouldn’t fix!!

  8. What you need is Southern ‘Merkan foreigners to really muck up the place. :) “How Y’all’s doin’?” “Where wud yu’ins, be’s wantin’ ta go?” “Hollywood, aye?” “Off to Holywood, County Down we’s agoin then”. It’d be quite entertaining. :)

    The photo is hilarious!!! :)

  9. conortje says:

    innocent looking females are the very worst. Ever heard of nuns?

  10. Deborah says:

    It’s a tough one K8, really is. My husband manages a shop and would rather have an all Polish staff than one Irish person. The Irish are constantly calling in drunk, I mean sick, they complain, they have bad attitudes etc. then get upset when they are passed up for promotion. It’s a sad affair altogether.

    Don’t you love how the papers use those terms Foreign national (Polish), non-national (African) to describe perpetrators of crime? The other 90% of crime stories don’t describe the perpetrators as Irish nationals. Hypocrites. It’s almost incitement of hatred. Almost.

  11. I recently told a story about racism on my blog, I don’t know how you held your tongue…not something I am good at, maybe you could give me some lessons K8 on how to keep my gob shut?

    My husband quite likes racists, he finds them really entertaining, after years of trying to change the world, he decided that it was better to make them squirm. Once into a conversation that is turning a *bit* hateful of anyone that isn’t white, he tells them that his wife is black/asian/Polish whatever the conversation is about….usually works, and they shut up.

  12. K8 says:

    Jefferson; He’d keep driving on the wrong side of the road too, which would make things really interesting…

    Conortje; I was educated by them. I could never figure out how they manage to float instead of walk. It’s quite creepy.

    Deborah; I hadn’t noticed that so much until you said it, you’re so right. It smacks so much of ‘us’ and ‘them’ which only perpetuates the divide.

    Queen of Clean; Dude! I need lessons on how to defend my beliefs… I’m usually such a sad-sack I just sit there and let the racism just soar over my head. That’s worse. Way worse.

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